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Found 13 results

  1. Laugh at Batman“ ”Keep laughing! The disaster continues!” The model has been published for free!
  2. Laugh at Batman ”Keep laughing! The disaster continues!” I hope you like my model If there are serious problems, please tell me immediately and I will correct them You can use my model for free, just write the link here at the bottom of the video. But please don't publish the model elsewhere and claim it is your own! -Model link
  3. My third Batgirl render! This time I decided to get out of my comfort zone a bit and have her fight crime. Onto the render: Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated!
  4. Well well, it's my first time posting here in a while. I hope everyone here has been doing pretty good! Any who, onto the render: My main inspiration for this was the recently revealed redesign of Batgirl for the current run of Nightwing and the upcoming Fear State event in DC Comics. While I don't really keep up with the comics themselves, I really liked the design so much I had to do a (hopefully) awesome render of it! Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated! (I could use it for this one, since this is one of, if not my most ambitious render.
  5. Hello again! The warm reception I got from my last wallpaper, "A Gotham Knight", inspired me to make another Batgirl render, so here we are! Render: Credits: As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated!
  6. Sir Lagsalot


    This is Rorschach from Watchmen made in mine-imator by me. Or some of it is made by me. The original skin is here http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/rorschach-the-watchmen/ and the steve rig is here I made the mask and the hat. The ink on the mask can move around. I you use it please credit me Have fun! Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5ocqw82q5fzys8l/Rorschach.object
  7. The Super Hero/Villain Colab Details The most overdone colab idea yet, the Super Hero/Villain colab... So, the video should have a hero facing a villain(or a Villain facing a Hero) in an epic battle. You can choose the the participants and even make your own! Have one of the two participants win or have it be a draw! Requirements 10-60 seconds (shorter the better) Fade in and out (to black) Custom Watermark (not required but, will make my life easier) Rules Follow Mine-Imator Rules At least Two participants No harming that of animals No movie spoilers Enter by Clicking Me!
  8. ANOTHER Rig Today: Its Batman Working Cape https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/1970s-batman-1389919/ <Link to Skin ANNND the Rig: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1upyxhhoTiMjJg5HJMboky9wcNKvDzZ__/view?usp=sharing (edit: Also it has a Mouth its just closed in the 360 image)
  9. Yay! I actually made a batman rig! After that horrible batman beyond rig.. shiver anyways, pics first amirite? editors note: the gliders were resized to be smaller in this pic, ok continue on scrolling i know i said suit only but, i mean.. these are suit-built into gadgets so it doesn't count! C; INCLUDES: Batman A Cape obviously A Mask thats actually made of cubes! A Belt Includes opening pockets! Boots and gauntlets/gloves A HUD system gadget thing A Rebreather for going underwater Download: Credits to @SKIBBZ Since his face rig plays a big part of this rig. oh and also for the light room.
  10. umg i dun even now if ppl stil wolepay Hey Guys ! I have not roleplayed on this forum in a while, I read comics lately and wanted to make a comic inspired roleplay based on "Justice Leauge: War" comic and the "X-Men Apocalypse" movie. Seriously it's been 2 years since I've roleplayed and I hope to see people do so! R u l e s : 1. Even though this is mostly based on DC, do not be too op. 2. Don't control other characters, if you attack me and I block it, then I blocked it. You can't say you defeated me unless I somehow fall. 3. Related to Number 2, think of reality, if someone does their most powerful move, you're probably hurt. If Goku does kamehameha on you, you're obviously not gonna withstand it, you'll get hurt. Please don't be that person. 4. I'll be part narrator, so I'm in control of the story, not you. 5. You can also be a villain/monster or superhero. 6. Feel free to bring your Minecraft OC's into this, just don't get too Minecrafty, adjust it a little. 7. This is for random people, If you just wanna join in the roleplay for 3 minutes and be a random citizen, feel free, you don't need to apply for that. Just know that if you're doing this you're only a citizen, nothing op, just a random citizen. 8. Multiple characters are allowed(3x) 9. You can get your powers as you go through the roleplay, it's optional. Story: Forget everything you knew, on Earth, there are humans, and "special" humans. Humans who are mutated, powerful, strong, different, etc... people take this to their advantage to be a hero, or a villain. Life has been like this for a millennium. The cavemen had "different" people who helped fight animals. In Ancient Civilizations, there are people who fought crime. Today, there are people who fight crime, do crime, help the world, or end the world. There's just one legend that stood out in history, Moarke, an ancient beast that can destroy anything, even the strongest metal. Though he has been sealed deep underground in Antarctica, something horrible happened, a crack. Moarke's tombstone has been exposed to sunlight, now it's the roleplay that continues this story. Application: Superhero, Villain, Non-Super Hero, Bystander : Powers/Abilities : Backstory : Looks(Picture or just describe) : Age : Hero Name : Gender/Species : Current Location : Weakness : Intelligence Test, whats 1 + 0? : My Application: Superhero, Villain, Non-Super Hero, Bystander : Superhero Powers/Abilities : Superspeed, Wing-Chun Martial Arts Backstory : My name is Joon, I was born in San Francisco, raised by my only family that I know of, my mom, she was a scientist/engineer. When I was 15, my mom and I were just looking at the stars at night. At approximately 8:05 PM, a blurry man fell down from the sky landing and murdering my mother, the only thing he said was, "For your own good." and disappeared. I wasn't sure what that mean't but I was crying and called 911. They did believe me, but couldn't figure out how to get her back, I was crying and sleeping at my friends house. When I woke up, leaving the house on my way to school, it was 8:05 AM. Suddenly I was struck by lightning, and was in a coma for 6 months. I woke up at TRON Laboratories, I immediately ran into a wall in a millisecond. From there I was trained by a wing chun master, and became a crime fighter known as bolt. Looks : http://imgur.com/a/j5w5C Age : 19 Name : Joon Peters Hero Name : Bolt Gender/Species : Male/Human Current Location : TRON Laboratories in New York City Weakness : Ice Intelligence Test, whats 1 + 0? : 1/1 + 0/1 = 1/1 = 1 I will start once the first application has been accepted.
  11. Hi, The Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen is a DC superhero, he also has his own TV show too. This rig is a mix between the tv show version and the rebirth version. DOWNLOAD 35KB If you missed this, here is a demonstration of the rig in action.
  12. Hi everyone, here is a quick animation that I tried to do. PLEASE GIVE ME FEED BACK!!
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