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Found 11 results

  1. Unedited: Edited: Ender Dragon rig goes to @ky_09095 When I looked at @Menace "Dragon" wallpaper, it inspired me to do this. I tried a online editing program to finalize the wallpaper, and I would love to have someone tipping me on this, that, and there.
  2. I'm sorry, because my personal fault caused the previous content not to have English, so I edit it again. 大家好,我是来自中国的城北徐公,这次我为大家带来的是使用Modelbench制作的一个MOD生物Pack希望你们喜欢,奇异鱼类是一个关于水下生物的mod,里面包含了一些鱼类以及一些其他的海洋生物. Hello, I'm North Xv from China. This time I'm bringing you a mod creature pack made with Modelbench. I hope you like it. Strange fish is a mod about underwater creatures. It contains some fish and some other marine creatures. 鱼,在水里随处可见的普通鱼类 。 Fish, common fish found everywhere in the water. 北梭鱼 Barracuda 其他鱼类,模型几乎都是独立的一些鱼类 其他鱼类模型几乎独立于某些鱼类物种。 其他海洋生物,除了鱼类以外的生物 除鱼类外的其他海洋生物。 护士鲨,一种温顺的小型鲨鱼,模组中身边围绕着两条小鱼 Nurse shark, a meek, small shark surrounded by two small fish. 鲨鱼,这么帅气的生物当然是作为压轴登场了 ? Shark, such a cool creature is the last to play.? 附录(appendix): 我不擅长英语,所以文本由软件翻译,如果语法上存在错误还请见谅 I am not good at English, so the text is translated by software. If there are errors in grammar, please forgive me. 下载地址:百度网盘 Download:MEGA 使用时请注明作者,谢谢 Please mark the author when using. Thank you.
  3. Sloth This was my attempt at making a sloth, hence the name... But instead, you get this thing... Please give me some constructive criticism, any rude comments will not be replied/acknowledged by me
  4. Cyclope So, i made this because i like the character but im not like to play mobile legend. This rig for Mine Imator 1.1.4 >>>Here to Download<<< ~~~~Enjoy~~~~
  5. Here is the first part to my new comic called Space! This is episode 1- the creature! Hope you enjoy! Episode 2: Want to be in an episode? Submit skins here:
  6. A while ago, I started a Rp called "The fallen world" (). Unfortunately, it died. Therefore, I decided to make a new one, with some small changes. Nothing that happened in the original has happened in this version. It's basically a new rp with the same story. Story: Rules: No OP If you want to permanently leave the RP, do it in a sensical way i:e killing off your character, leaving the group, etc Form: Name: Age: Skills: Items/Equipment: Powers (Optional): How do you look like? Backstory (optional, but encouraged): My Form: Name: Ezile Moon Age: 17 Skills: Stealth, agility, archery Items/Equipment: Bow, Diamond Daggers Powers: Can transform into a wolf, super fast as a wolf. How do you look like? Profile Pic Backstory: http://mineimator-roleplay.wikia.com/wiki/Ezile (With some changes to fit the rp)
  7. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I had not posted any new rigs! Here I am for the beginning of a long, long journey through the creation that we can provide mine-imator! I started to create mobs mod Mo'creatures, and begin quietly, I suggest rats mod that I have carefully created for you! The link to download the .object: brown rat: http://www.mediafire.com/download/63yd872kk6smte9/Brown_rat_-_rat_marron.object.rar black rat: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fmdmcivibf55lyi/Black_Rat_-_Rat_Noir.object.rar But some people do not know how to import a .object on his map, so I'm here to help you: 1. Go to the workbench without clicking 2. Click Import an asset 3. Then you'll just have to open the .object you download 4. ENJOY! If textures rats do not appear, it means you will not retrieve the archive or is that you will not put the texture in the same folder as the .object
  8. so this is my oshawott rig so far: dowload: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ef8crd3xf6toqjq/Oshawott+Rig.mani
  9. Hi Everyone, MagicMation here once again, and this time I'm here to bring you my creature rig pack! Here I will put hostile and passive mob rigs, as well as custom animal rigs! here's what I have so far! Skeleton: Fish: When animating: head is the fishes tail and the feet are the fishes jaws. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mnbrc4wvvnfweyl/Creature_Rig_Pack_(MagicMation).ZIPhttp://www.mediafire.com/download/mnbrc4wvvnfweyl/Creature_Rig_Pack_(MagicMation).ZIP Tell me what I should rig next!
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