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Found 18 results

  1. USTICA MADAM A4 UPDATE V5.0. Gonna be Public soon.... I was thinking to not post my final redesign model to the public until I make a music animation video that include the car in so it supprises the audience. But since I have short film project and school, I don't have time to make the music video so I choose to just post it now than never. And here is the render of the car that I made since 2020 till now 2023. ENJOY! (Keep in mind that this render is just a raw fast forward work render) I think this is the first car that would be fully customizable from paint job, wheels/tires, interior designs, addons, etc. And that's why I made each texture for body, interior, machine separately so it can be customized or just drag and drop the png files to the directory. There are also bunch of colors variation from default (Silver) to Red above. I'm sure it's not gonna be released to public right now but I think this year should be out for public. And here is the comparison of my car redesign from 2.0 below and 5.0 above:
  2. "After Keisuke's defeat, Ryosuke began his plan to avenge his brother, but during this practice, another racer with a thirst to beat that 86 appeared." After 3 months, my newest animation, and next part of the "Battle Stage Project", is ready, FC3S vs R32, an impromptu battle were Ryosuke Takahashi will face the challenge of a new challenger, Takeshi Nakazato in his Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R. Hope you like it. Narrator: @ZackuALV Song: Sex Crime - ODA Resources: -Initial D First Stage Act 5 & 6 Cars: R32: Darksupercool FC3S: Darksupercool Skins: Nakazato (Edited): TheCustomerMan Ryosuke (Edited): wes2 Vento (Edited): Ingeniero Main Others: Darksupercool
  3. sup! finally i released another rig after a century :D' i've been so busy lately so i have to delayed the rig a bit anyways here is the images! |WARNING| before you download the rig, i just want to remind you that this rig will cause lag to ur mineimator program. so if you have low-end pc, please do not install this rig and also, this rig shape is kinda weird and the interior is empty. feel free to add some details to the rig or maybe remake it! but do not reupload! anyways, here is the download link https://www.mediafire.com/file/kckdf7ll98qcwmx/rolls_royce_wraith.zip/file feel free to contact me if you have problem/question with the rig but do not expect immediate response from me cuz im busy. anyways, check the poll if you wish to choose the next rig
  4. sup! finally after centuries of creating this rig i've manage to finish it! this is my first car rig so there will be a lot of problem. i'll talk bout it later here are some preview to the car rig ok thats the preview! now lets talk bout whats wrong with the rig 1. the shape is weird and kinda inaccurate liek i said earlier, this is my first rig. a mistake will happen! 2. if you parent ur character in the chair, character will be big as heck suggestion is before parenting turn off scale 3. changing its color is hard as heck! yes. ight thts all i guess, feel free to reports any problem bout the rig in the message! so yea, have a nice day! oh ya dont forget to check the poll and vote the next car! big thanks to @niam for giving me tips and help me a lot with dis rig! thamks niam :D' btw please do not reupload this rig or claiming it was yours. stealing rigs is not cool. :[ download link https://www.mediafire.com/file/hgllvwk44xv4am8/cybertrocc.zip/file les make this the most popular creation :]
  5. This is a AUDI A9 CONCEPT CAR. MADE BY ME WITH MINE-IMATOR SOFTWARE. I made this model From Audi A9 Concept Car Design. I really like this futuristic Car. So I made the Car MI object. I worked on this Model In 2 Days, 25+ Hours. I hope you guys Enjoyed This Model. And don't forget to subscribe to my channel. That is LacaMenDRY. For More Information. README In the ZIP File. Considering to Upvote This Topic. Thanks. You Can Choose to credit me,Or Not. But I Really Happy,If you Credit Me. Thanks Again. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/t0hbmua511nexgu/AUDI_A9_CAR_RIG.zip/file
  6. Feels free to use them as Wallpaper Car rig by: @Zantrius
  7. Hi everyone! ? Remember that car rig I've made a week ago? Well, now you can break it! because here is the "Small car rig BREAKABLE!" I've also made a video: To download it, just click here Also, please credit me if you use it on your animation! EDIT: the tutorial is now available!
  8. https://imgur.com/5DbvCmS RIG TEST ANIMATION SUV WIP
  9. Audi R8 Rig/Model!! Pictures ^ This is my first schematic rig/model! If your wondering why I call it a rig/model is because some people get mad when you call it a model even though it dose not require rigging, there for it is Model not a Rig! DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS RIG EVEN IF EDITED! NO CREDIT NEEDED BUT APPRICIATED! Cons: Some Schematic Mess ups! May need some scale tweaks to fit your human in it! Glass in the windshields don't have custom textures! Download it here! DOWNLOAD! Like this rig and want more? Follow me and click> HERE! Make sure to on your way out! I DO NOT TAKE FULL CREDIT FOR THIS RIG! MOST OF THE MODEL WAS INSPIRED BY THE FOLLOWING ANIMATION!
  10. Car Rig Download Link A lot of stuff is movable in the car it's good for decoration, i haven't tried animating it because i cri when i watch my stiff animation :-1 it's an old rig that i never released because i didn't bother would really appreciate if you credit me if ever used Example of use
  11. Guest

    Car Rig

    Her is my new car rig pics+ download Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q1ooz4qab6hbb5r/boxcar.mproj Pictures http://imgur.com/a/yBynO anyone enjoy? please leave in comment.
  12. No need to explain things here... oh yeah, I'm testing a new signature format though, well, enjoy the show!
  13. Hello, this is my car rig! This took a while and I don't know if the .zip for the 0.7 DEMO file works, if it doesn't load the schematics, reply below. This rig was inspired by Download, animate, do whatever you want with it. If you animate with it, make sure to credit me. This is my first rig, so SLAP THAT LIKE BUTTON! Exterior: Interior:
  14. CAR RIG! NO SCHEMATICS! Features: *Opening Doors *Lights and more .. Screenshots: Open Doors: Night Shots Daytime Shots Download Link: CLICK ME Subscribe me on Youtube! www.youtube.com/user/JkDragonDude +1rep
  15. So this car will be created after i finished my computer rig.. As i say.. This car is not an schematic! It's made in mine-imator.. This is inspired by Cinema 4D Minecraft Car Rigs.. So i hope i finish it very fast.. So please subscribe heheh.. Features: Opening Door Spinning Wheel Here's a preview of the unfinished one ...
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