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  1. I have to remade face rig since its awful sometimes ,_,
  2. So this is my Third Rendering. Hope What I do is good Enough. Yeah Hope No more Ignorant. Amen.
  3. Showcase All Of My Rigs. SAOMR. Disclaimer! I recomended You To Turn Off Night Mode,So You'll see the Actual Colors of this Image.Well Here's Is All Of My RIGS That I ever created: Who is in Here? Well here it is:Syarah,Adril,Ilham AKA LacaMenDRY,Akmal,Sadam,Arif,Syawindri. that was the list of the character that are in this Picture. I am using a combination Between RedOrange,And BluCyan.So What do ya Guys Think? Good,Nice,Awesome,Fantastic,Amazing?
  4. I don't know why my Guy is Flying Out From Audi A9 Car. I just Randomly Pose it until it looks like THIS!: All Properties On This Image Is 100% Originally By Me,So No credit bruh.. Of course not.. Sorry if My Joke is not funny. Because Malay,And Indo is the most I Understanding,Instead Of English. Not very much though. Properties On this Image: AUDI A9. CyberDrone. Cyberpad. Micro-Chips,Or Motherboard I don't Know. Saw Launcher. And 20th LacaMenDRY RIG. I don't know if this Image Was Interesting To ya Guys Or not.
  5. A 4K Jungle Cinematic Picture. What do ya Guys Thing? What I need to Fix? Let me know,I want to Improve My Lighting,And Cinematography Skills.
  6. Among us project, coming soon... Credits to: NMS Human model by NinjaMasterScotty! SFR V.7 face rig by skibbz
  7. Mega custom fnaf set coming soon.... no this is not a teaser of an animation
  8. and closer shot:
  9. Credits: Desert eagle by crustyjpeg NMS Human model by NinjaMasterScotty!
  10. Render from recent test ?
  11. This is a test for lighting and Mine-imator visuals. I know the outside is dark oof. Credits to @Keep on Chucking for his tips on the visuals @anima cryses for his Springbonnie rig
  12. Halloween is my favorite holiday to celebrate, since I love its theme, and since then, an idea popped up to have a group-up render of Halloween! Here are my friends and I enjoying our stay in a haunted forest :0 Credits: Me for doing idea setup, initial lighting, modifying rigs, and also a knife at Dragon's right side @9redwoodsfor his mega Halloween rig pack. Loved his use of pumpkins along with candy bags with witch hat and cauldron. Very epic, bro @anima crysesfor rendering it out in 4K and remaking the lighting. Peace, bro. @Phyre for her skin. Her skin made me thought of her as a witch ? @ShotU for his female skin and female base for him and Phyre(don't get confused, it's just genderbend) @DragonPixel for his skin and rig. @Floofy for his original skin, that I have modified his into Jason Floofies. He gonna kill me oop This is my mega Halloween render, and I am quite proud of Anima and myself on doing this. Happy Spooktober, treaters!
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