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  1. my first 4K render feed would be much appreciated
  2. Credits: @jakubg1 for his skin @Phyre for her skin @Hozq for smooth steve/alex model @SKIBBZ for the face rig @TNTRaptor for rendering this Now to say this: Jakub was like a friend to me. He's always friendly and awesome, like many other users in this server. I heard he's gone through nasty stuff in Discord and been banned because of pedophillia, and I messaged him about that thing. He admitted he's been careless, but now he's more cautious. Therefore, he said he has planned leaving the MI community for life since the rendering and animating is beginning to bore him. T
  3. Here is some Renders i did trying to make a moon dark/Moody renders Vanny rig by me and @Phyre Glitchtrap rig by @anima cryses Map by me
  4. @Phyre for tutoring me and being a epic friend!
  5. Sorry if it's dark, you might wanna turn up the brightness. Ever since I've seen 9redwoods 2D wallpaper, I wanna try myself! Let me know what you think!
  6. It was night. The forest steadily groans with rustling bushes and tumbling logs, and the flowers pitched themselves to sleep. The wind soothes the ears of Nick, who's outside by his father's mansion with his cigar, and he patiently walks around. Quiet, he thought. Too quiet. He had been outside here for almost an hour, and his friend hasn't arrived at all. Plucking his IPhone out of his pocket, he dialed his friend's number, and raised it to his left ear. "Yo Max, where you been? I can't keep on standing around much longer, the pizza's get-", and he was cutted by some crackling noise. More lik
  7. Credits goes to: @Ystijger for original Withered Mike Me for removed parts and retexturing(idk if i should be, but i 'created' Ignited Mike) @Phyre for editing the render for the glitchy glow Edit: btw, idk why it’s dark on mobile, so turn on brightness a lot, idk why it’s dark, I rose the lights
  8. without image editing: Credit: Conquest-reforged, Post+Greyxed, The end is extremely dark, Last day
  9. Another maximum quality render, and I loved this outcome. The credits goes to: @Hozq for inspiration of his "some highway render idk". Give him a applause. @Ghatos for the infamous muscle car, also one of my favorite cars. @Dawid24M for his police cars. Nice details, mate! @Phyre for tutoring me on some lighting, and scene of this render. @Frost for tutoring me on DoF(yeah, I got some troubles which is best). Ladies and Users, may I present you: FAST AND FURIOUS
  10. Here's my lamest I MEAN latest wallpaper
  11. I am reporting a problem. For some time I have problems with rendering 4K video animation in .mp4 format before I could render freely, but with the download of the new version my imator starts to be bothersome. I am reporting a problem. For some time I have problems with rendering 4K video animation in .mp4 format before I could render freely, but with the download of the new version my Mine-imator starts to be bothersome.
  12. Halloween or not, I posted this to match my first pixel weapon: Deathtoller. It was a pain, but the school computer managed to up to maximum quality of it. Constructive criticism are always welcome. Don't forget, I made this to show my weapon, not the theme please don't say it's not even halloween
  13. This was a project took longer than I intended it to take. Added as much as I could and had to optimize a bit before Mine-imator would give up. I made all models and used JosSamLoh's displacement map illusion on the ground to add depth and 3D realism. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: The render shown above is the last render of the project that Mine-imator would render before crashing.
  14. The Spinosaurus rig goes to MaskedIndominus, he's found in SharpWind's Discord Server if you want the rig. Hope this brightens your day. :3
  15. Credits goes to: Me- for the weapon, skin and background, and a couple of camera effects @ShotUAnimations for the assist for more lighting fixes and camera renew(oof)
  16. made this because i was bored also i love mornings
  17. my son stupid
  18. my attempt at isometric attempt 2
  19. i hate my posing
  20. CC appreciated
  21. CC appreciated
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