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  1. yeah, I guess You are right !! Sorry for my temper
  2. Yeah, I guess that's fair .. but if they are so good on MI, why they are so harsh to peple that (in this moment at least) is not that good ??
  3. Thanks Mercury, I aprecciate your nice reply .. and just a couple of days ago I have watched a the AMONG US video from Ghostblock, and yes, the video is funny and the sound is awesome .. I will try learn from his technique and try to improve my skills and (maybe) made better videos ... Thanks again man, stay cool ! and for the haters out there ... well, I just check some of the Youtube profiles and OMG !! Come on people, all you have done is some Minecraft/Mine-Imator boring videos with 50 o 60 views in a couple of years, LOL !! I prefer to be a youtuber who made cringe Monster School videos and having 30 million views/month (like Platabush, for example) and NOT to be a nobody with a couple of boring videos with 50 views in .. forever !! but what woould I know !!
  4. Here is my first animation made with Mine-imator .. Sorry that Monster School is not liked around here, I think that is due to many low-quality animation outthere and the cringe style of many videos. Give a small change to this small animation, it is supposed to be fun .. nothing else !! Thanks in advance !
  5. Uh ! I didn't know about that dislike, Thanks for the feedback anyway !
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