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  1. just thought of some ideas: 1. make the color of the sheep changeable 2. add the option for faceless pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns (In the older version that had data values for blocks, if I set it to anything other than 0-3, the pumpkin would be faceless, please add the faceless option to the pumpkin list. 3. add structure blocks. 4. add the option to be able to connect fences, iron bars, glass panes, stained glass panes 5. add some stuff from (the minecraft edition that was previously called) pocket edition, such as the stonecutter, nether reactor core, glowing obsidian, 5. add the option to make flowing water/lava 6. speaking of lava, there's a bug that causes the "side" textures of lava to be shown in a weird way. (I'm not sure if the same thing happens for water) fix it please btw thanks for fixing the command blocks having the same texture on one side
  2. cs127

    Parrot Rig

    it's fixed now
  3. cs127

    "1.11: The Exploration Update" Rig Pack

    can you please make a 1.12 rig? i already made one with the new blocks and new color palette, but i can't make the illusioner and the parrots
  4. cs127

    "1.10: The Frostburn Update" Rig Pack

    please fix the polar bear as soon as possible plz plz plz also, i wanted to know how you make the cube's default name to be Magma Block, or anything else. and also, how do you pick a certain part of the block sheet to be the texture of the cube
  5. cs127

    "1.11: The Exploration Update" Rig Pack

    the only decorations for the llama are purple and silver! add the 14 other!
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