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  1. This is a deactivated account. Thank you salty children of the F.A.D hatedom. I see that your work of making others feel bad about there work just to make you feel better about yourself payed off. Congratulations. Feel free to hate on this account because I will no longer be active and I will only be here to post opinions. Goodbye.

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    2. Dannyboi


      Who are you?

      Also, why is your signature like an essay about FAD?

    3. Pigeon_
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      Calling us a saltly children? How old are you 6?

      I'm 16 and I really do hate fad so learn some manner m8

  2. Mine Imator CB sound bug

  3. Mine Imator CB sound bug

    Alright so I'm using mine imator community build (YES I'VE GOTTEN THE NEWEST BUILD OF IT) and sound was working fine before but until today it stopped, I've tried MP3, Ogg, and wav. Still silence. Yes I have tried my speakers and headphones and they work on everything else. Someone please help. (And please don't just say you have the same problem because that doesn't help matters.)
  4. Sound not working?

  5. [1.0.6, Removed] Mine-imator Community Build

    Please to GOD Use something different then mediafire, mediafire is broken for me. Use mega or drop box please.
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