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  1. 2 Cents : 1.Your movements (as said by @iSheep) were too sudden and too fast. 2.Your camera lacks some sort of dynamic movement. It's just from one angle to the next without any sort of transition. 3.Instead of jerky movements from place to place do a walk cycle to represent that the characters are actually living. With all the teleportation they look less natural and more robotic. 4.Don't rush, as it does looked rushed. Take your time and animate. Get examples and expand your knowledge.
  2. So I had a couple of ideas for Mine-Imator that I wanted to share... 1.Focus Button (F,NUMPAD or KeyCombo) to focus the perspective or camera view to the selected object(s). 2.UI Scaling. Scale the UI by percentage E.G 100% Scale, 50% scale and so forth. UI scaling helps people running on low resolutions (800,600) see things better and makes the UI less huge. Also helps with making an organized and flexible UI. 3.View Presets. Like front, back, left, right, up,down and so on. But no orthographic or parallel views, only in perspective. Tell me whatcha guys think.
  3. Epic, excellent job. I can feel the sheer epicness sinking in. It's painful but nice.
  4. CnC welcome. I'm not really a fan of the camera angles.
  5. Great job, nice and smooth. Don't really see any flaws. Where did you get the guns though?
  6. Le nootshot. Very funny though. Nice slow motion, but make sure the ball doesn't go through the floor.
  7. Those rigs are beast, they get me in the mood for Halloween. The lighting is somber and "devilish" as one might say. Excellent job!
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