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  2. The reason I returned to mineimator lol
    To make dumb pictures of frens

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  4. Say “Gacha shorts” out loud and tell me it doesn’t sound wrong 

    1. ThatRobloxerGamerYT
    2. Fray


      When I say it, I hear “got ya shorts”

  5. The dudes in Hytale have necks I’m sold

  6. TheFastFilms

    screws with spotify in the backgrund

    He means is your hardware outdated. What is your graphics card?
  7. this was made by david


    1. Rollo


      it went viral oh my lanta 2.7 millions of views

  8. Thatguygamer134

    screws with spotify in the backgrund

    no its about 3 months
  9. OzFalcon

    screws with spotify in the backgrund

    probably just your computer. Is it quite old?
  10. You know what I'd love? If someone extended the last part of this so I could someday make an animation to go along with it: 


  11. Thatguygamer134

    Elemental Kingdoms

    Name: james Age: 17 Gender: maile Equipment: shadow sword and sythe Skills: teleportation,speed,invisibility Element Kingdom: darkness Appearance:
  12. okay so I have used mine-imator for a while now but every time I run it with another aplication my computer slows down very much please tell me if its just my end or something with the mine-imator systems
  13. So earlier today I had reached 50 subscribers (of course it’s not a lot but I still didn’t think my content was even that good) and so I decided to make an animated special as well the release of my rig!!! (I’m making V4 so ha) 

    So yay!!!

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    2. Fray
    3. Jar


      Even if it isnt much to others, its something that made you happy so that's awesome.

    4. Fray



  14. BenJamin9794

    Sunny shib needs help

    Fu󠂪ck you
  15. IraelianEnergy

    The View Is Always Better From The Trees

    Thank you for the advice, and the compliments!
  16. Rollo

    Master control of sound

    Maybe we could get something similar to the alpha slider for individual sound objects, and a master sound object to edit as well.
  17. DuallyElemental

    Master control of sound

    im pretty sure thats what editing software's are for
  18. oh wow i was wrong

    Your free trial of Sony Vegas 15 ends in 10 years.

  19. A way to mute everything, and have a fadder for every single audio track. Every editor has this.
  20. wip


  21. woah guys check it out, david made a mine-imator forum 

    this is so cool i cant wait to make new friends and share my animations

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    2. BaconSandwich


      Oh wow, it even has a section for non-Mine-Imator content! I can't wait to show off my Lego Minecraft builds to everyone! :D

    3. Ghatos


      Amazing! Can't wait to join!

    4. Fray


      This is so neat, I’m going to get my sister to join!!!

  22. Rollo

    Woopsie Doodle.

    I don't really understand what's happening in it but I think the editing is okay.
  23. 9redwoods

    It's cold.

  24. 9redwoods

    Some Room (Wallpaper)

    Some carpet
  25. 9redwoods

    heres my edited rig of the ultimate fad rig pack

    "let me upload the umage" People around here don't like fad. I suggest posting other things to not get negative rep.
  26. 9redwoods

    9Redwoods background (He doesn't us it though)

    Because of my pose and facial expression. Also, my eyes are flipped horizontally.
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