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  2. how the heck it could handle glowed things
  3. Thanks, Ember! I love it! That's the point.
  4. Do you have discord? Because mediafire isn't a great way to share an image.
  5. Today
  6. Remember me? Lol.


    ItzDJCrafter66...yeah that dude.

  7. *Computer Crashed, ARE YOU MADE TO CHARGE THIS?!?* Btw wow +1
  8. Terraria Rig Pack: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/74899-terraria-rig-pack/ So ye guys... Here's statue Front 3D Elements and stuff: I hope you will enjoy this small decoration Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/84lxix5p665k674/Bunny+Statue.rar Quick Info: Statues that i'll do today will be (and one of your choice otherwise i wouldn't make poll lol)
  9. Should I keep using Mine-Imator?

    1. Ghatos


      Do what you want

    2. jakubg1


      I think, yes.

  10. look at that, i did it again, 212 days, over a year. gg.

  11. Bwag9pR.png

    Yeah the Armory links are dead. I'm looking into the issue for all five of you who want it fixed.

    1. √úberKiller




      The following was sent to my inbox well over a year ago.


      This extends to any file I have ever uploaded using Dropbox. This means all files are lost to time, and there isn't much I can do now.
      I have however sent out an email requesting access to the account again. I'm not expecting much, but there's still a small shred of hope if you have it.


      Until next time fellas.

  12. I'm a Joker main now in Smash bros 


    I'm going to quit Richter from now

  13. Don’t you just hate it when your mom smokes  while you and here and your developing lungs are in the same confined car space while she listens to depressing music?


    tbh when she got sick from smoking too much I thought she would stop but nooooooo

  14. Thats some Awesome mecha its Brings back the awesomeness of that Mech in Pacific Rim
  15. just some character rig i finish this day (many things did this whole 2 months and likely busy those months dont have such free time to do the character so i pause for while

     and now no more things to do so yeah i continue to do thin pal )

    Name:Jonathan Brandenburg (Entity Hunter)










    And NightFall( its Weapon Can transform into 3 varriants)

    Long Sword












  16. What makes me sad is that sahnz animation only has about700 subs.
  17. But like, let’s face it, who is actually a flat earther?

    no sarcasm, no lies

  18. Looks like this is the Minecraft movie. 


    1. Dr. Nexil

      Dr. Nexil

      It's even delayed like the actual movie

    2. Rawami


      It's a ad for a texture pack lol.


      Edit: Ok it's really for a texture pack (I didn't see it fully)

  19. what did i miss while i dissipated for like a week

  20. Have you ever heard a French man sing an English song with rap in it? I have. (He sung in English)

    Nothing wrong with this, I just think... idk ūü§Ē¬†

    1. WAZZL3


      Was it lil pump, never mind he speaks cancer cells


  21. i just printed 24 pages worth of memes for the piano
    oh boy

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