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  2. Long time no see, eh?

    1. Nicolasev


      ye I come back to the software every now and then :)

  3. I went to the poll with the intention of saying it was good...rip
  4. Apparently Minecraft Java snapshots and Bedrock betas are going to be done in sync now. I mean whatever, great. I care more that they release updates in sync really.

  5. I still use my old windows 7 from 2009.
  6. Batman sometimes batman sometimes Bruce Wayne.All time orphan

  7. Today
  8. I love the panda in the background eating the bamboo.
  9. Ian_The_One


    he means theese
  10. idk i just made it glow
  11. TexasTony04


    I don't really understand the whole discord invite thing and how that works, but my name is TexasTony04, like it is for everything. for the Mineimator forums server
  12. Joseph177


    what is your hashtag and your name
  13. why is the cylinder glowing?
  14. Models: great Posing: okay
  15. I wanted to create some .json models so I made a cow cart with the collar & chains and a hat for steve. oh and if you want a .json model ask me I might make I had fun making those
  16. my dude out here using windows 7 in 2019
  17. Um woops sorry didn't mean to do that um i can't fix it on phoen aaaaaa how do fix this can't fine how were i go to hide rjjrbrfjfodkdcidndndjfjfnfjnf
  18. Quick question: Why the double post?
  19. https://streamable.com/03rka So i disided to have ago at the 30 minute render challenge add made time lapes while i was at it.
  20. good but the flares are too much. also the lighting isn't great on the Character
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