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  2. Make sure the keyframes you want to save are part of the same model , meaning no parented objects ect
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  4. Okay there are just sometimes when I SIMPLY CANNOT DO IT When I select the keyframes I want the save button just turns grey
  5. u dont need to go ham and spam its unrealistic my boy, its supposed to be
  6. Thats what im actually bothered when i finished exporting, it moves back and fourth too much tbh. Thanks for your criticism
  7. I cant import it to mine imator. Help? yea me too
  8. This is bait.

    1. Swift


      This is even more bait.

  9. What could possibly go wrong? To Be Continued theme start's playing...
  10. "What could possibly go wrong?" *Thanos snaps*
  11. Hey. This new Tug is HOT.
  12. WAZZL3

    Meme Dump

    so, yeah, see you at kahoot tonight? https://imgur.com/0FHXbnXhttps
  13. Yesterday
  14. If there's anyone who play Minecraft Bedrock and is in 1.12 beta, I made an addon.


  15. Try overlapping the keyframes a bit more. The movements went back and fourth a bit too much imo.
  16. what can possibly go wrong! everything
  17. "What could possibly go wrong" after 5 secs
  18. Until I can get a reliable way to make it into comic form, I'm going back to the old way. This is the official start of Chapter 2, taking place after the events of Party Crashers.
  19. np m8, always glad to help as well as someone had to do it one day i guess
  20. Anyone have a .miframes file of the (once was) Fortnite default dance?

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