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The FoxMiner"S" - Teaser Trailer

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While walking in the forest, @SpideySpidery found a fox. yes, A Cute Normal Fox which, abnormally, wore a green coat. Or that's what he thought. But it was already too late. The fox had attacked.



Btw if you are Fox Miner or CanIIA. Just forget about the warnings, I made this for you! (Or maybe don't forget it. Just read it and see the video.)


The trailer is unavailable

The main animation:


FoxMiner: Fox Miner's and CanIIA's Skin







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On 9/17/2022 at 12:02 AM, SpideySpidery said:

SAD NEWS: I might have to change the music in the main video.. This music has copyright claim.

Copyright... This reminds me of a music video i wanted to make with a copyrighted song...

So what are you gonna do?

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On 9/17/2022 at 4:43 AM, SpideySpidery said:

imma go crazy with this cwopyright/noncoprigtjh stuff. I will be using Riptide by monstercat beacuse:

1. EthanAnimatez has used it.

2. It matches with the video story much better(not the lyrics, the tune)

A song by Monstercat, that's very cool!


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Oh I never got to comment, weird... I remember commenting on this... anyways;

WOW, you got my respect man, you made this really well, like of course there's always place for perfection, but I like how it turned out, though tell me, why is @CanIIA there too? How did you know that she's a fox miner too? Or EHM I i ameanr wait wat?! She's a fox miner? he... he... he...

Nvm yeah she is, but how she there? I Got no problem with that, but I am just courious!

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