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Multiple Topic creators (Suggestion)

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This is a Suggestion for the Forums

What if you could add someone to your Topic that can moderate the Topic just as you, I think it would be a nice thing that you could do. For Collab's or for Topics that are planed to be longer active, like the Skin Maker Studios :smirk:


How would the Upvote thing work?
Well I thought, that both would earn the votes that the Topic gets, would be logical if you ask me.


  • Someone can add a Person to a Topic (Before being added there will come a request to the one person and he can Accept or Ignore the request.) 

  • That person that was added can also just jump out of the Topic

  • A Block Function so that you can block persons from adding you


Screenshot Suggestion:


Credits to @Jeo_Swift for using his Topic



I don't even know if this is possible, but it's just a Suggestion.

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