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Yo, here's my rig for Metal Gear Solid 3's Naked Snake/My personal character rig since that's my Minecraft skin. 

It comes with a gun holster containing a socom, a socom in Snake's left hand, a knife holster with Snake's knife in it, and knives in both of his hands. I put knives in the holster and hands so there would be less fiddling with parenting and such. Anyways here are some pictures.








and the download link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/j1c1hk4m5n0fwv7/snake_rig.rar/file

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2 hours ago, 9redwoods said:

The gun and knife holsters have absolutely no texture. I suggest using modelbench to create textured cubes easily.


Thanks for the criticism, I decided to update it


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