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Modelbench 1.1.5

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1 hour ago, Dai90 said:

I can learn how to use it but when i download it i just get a zip file and i don't know what to do with it?

that is normal you right click the zip (like always with zip or rar files) and you extract it. you should use winrar for the best experience

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On 4/28/2021 at 5:32 PM, Cbr 2011 said:

that is normal you right click the zip (like with zip or rar files) and you extract it. you should use winrar for the best experience

thank you but i'll use 7-zip instead

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I found a way to break the application, i tried forming the 3d plain to be from an image i drew up, it was the front view of a hair piece and it freezes and lags the whole application to the point where i cant use it anymore. I found it funny but im also a bit sad i cant use my custom hair piece qwq.

idk if it will load but heres an image of the Hair piece for better look


If theres a possible fix can someone help me?

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I made a futuristic vehicle model and saved it.

Now it has been only 12 minutes,and they are not what I saw before...


Why are these parts broken?

If you look at the arrow, you can see a space,but the block is matched above. This is one part,and there is no plane in this model.

The parts in the circle were all matched to the other part, and they are now like this.


The confusing thing is these are one part,and they look two or more.


If you look closely, this is just one part,and it has a big cut in it.

Pls help me do sth with this. I need this for the weekend.



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hey guys I have 2 questions 

1- can I export models to a json file for making a 3D texturepack in model bench?

2- is it possible to sunk a single pixel in a single cubic block model? (for example add a 16*16*16 cube and put diamond ore texture on it then sunk the blue pixels a little?)

I apologize for any possible spelling mistakes

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On 1/12/2020 at 12:00 PM, Nimi said:





Download 1.1.5

Version 1.1.5, 2023.02.28, changes:

This patch focuses on parity with Mine-imator 2.0's interface and feature changes. Due to changes with the GameMaker, Modelbench is only available for 64-bit Windows computers.

Full patch notes available below:

  Hide contents


  • Added 'zoom' and 'pan' buttons for viewport.
  • Added support for 'end_offset' in model files.
  • Added planar scaling tools.
  • Added support for common textbox shortcuts:
    • Home/End key support to jump between the start/end of lines.
    • Word skipping. (Ctrl + Left/Right)


  • Updated icon.
  • Updated interface to be consistent with Mine-imator 2.0.
  • Changed "Modeling" mode viewport gradients.
  • UV editor can be moved.
  • Added pixel guides for viewport ground.
  • Improved viewport shading.
  • Improved .obj exporting speeds.
  • List of elements is now slimmer.
  • Updated credits.
  • Overhauled shortcuts system to match Mine-imator's new shortcuts system.
  • Renamed 'brightness' to 'emissive'.


  • Removed warnings regarding invalid/duplicate names. These changes only affect when loading the model into Mine-imator.
    •  Empty model name will be saved as "New model".
    •  Parts without a name will saved as "New part".
    •  Duplicate parts will be given a number suffix.
  • Twitter links for Nimi and Voxy and the donate button in the 'About' popup.


  • Fixed UVs for 3D planes.
  • Fixed rename crash.
  • Fixed undo re-parenting hiding elements.


Version 1.1.4, 2021.02.12, changes:

This patch focuses on bugfixes.

Full patch notes available below:

  Reveal hidden contents


  • Improved mouse wrapping in viewport.
  • Shortcut bar no longer grows in height.


  • Fixed pixels shifting in saved textures.
  • Fixed "Save as" not working if you choose to save the current model.
  • Model file name not appearing in window caption if model name field is empty.
  • Fixed .mtl files not saving for .obj exporting.


Version 1.1.3, 2021.01.16, changes:

This patch focuses on bugfixes and file dropping support.

Full patch notes available below:

  Reveal hidden contents


  • Modelbench will open a model file if dropped on its program icon.
  • Model files can be loaded if Modelbench is set to open model files by default. (.mimodel, .mbbackup, .mbtemplate)
  • Files can now dragged and dropped onto the Modelbench window.
    • Works with multiple files.
    • Dropping an image file on a texture in the texture tab will replace it. (Modelbench will only load the one image file.)


  • Updated steve and alex templates.
  • Updated popup text when replacing a texture.


  • Fixed "Save as" shortcut resetting to "Save" shortcut.
  • Fixed "Save" shortcut setting being missing.
  • Fixed textures not loading correctly. (missing / -1x-1 resolution)
  • Fixed bug with certain characters in element names/model name breaking model file.


Version 1.1.2, 2020.09.02, changes:

This patch focuses on stability and fixes bugs related to controls.

Full patch notes available below:

  Reveal hidden contents


  • Length/Height settings swap positions based on "Z is up" setting.
  • Numerical values typed in text boxes will no longer snap, even if snapping is on. (Some components will still snap to integers.)
  • Added degree symbol to rotation values.
  • Wheel handles now snap to the first decimal when snapping isn't active.
  • Bend angle and bend angle range values now support decimals.
  • Fixed wheels and meters displaying zeros on value.
  • Updated "About" popup.


  • Fixed "Reset shortcut" action crash.
  • Fixed "New model (template)" hotkey component changing "New model" shortcut.
  • Fixed slow/snap shortcuts affecting textboxes.
  • Fixed changed shortcuts not loading.


Version 1.1.1, 2020.08.28, changes:

This release focuses on further improving the program's user interface and controls, based on user feedback.

Notable changes include:

?️ A new, context-sensitive actions bar at the bottom of the screen, which lists all the available commands and shortcuts.

↔️ The resize tool joins the modeling toolset, allowing you to resize shapes from the viewport.

?️ The camera controls now use the left mouse button by default, just like previous versions. A setting to change it back to the middle mouse button is also available.

? By popular demand, walk navigation has been brought back! While you can still access it by holding down the right mouse button, a handy button is also available in the viewport's toolbar.

? Various improvements to the user interface and experience.


Full patch notes available below:

  Reveal hidden contents


  • Added the "Resize" tool for shapes.
  • Added slow (Shift) and snap (Control) shortcuts when editing gizmos or components.
  • Added setting to switch viewport orbit/panning between left/middle mouse buttons.
  • Added right-click menu for viewports/UV editor.
    • Added "Reset view" action
  • Added "Rename" action to the right-click menu.
  • Added "New template model", "Save as", and "Rename" shortcuts.
  • Shift can now be used as a third key in shortcuts.
  • Added button to restore default shortcuts.
  • Added shortcut bar at bottom of window to show available shortcuts/actions.
  • Added "Reduced motion" setting. (Disables most animations in the interface.)


  • Reverted controls to be similar to version 1.0.1:
    • Left-click is now used for orbiting and panning.
    • Right-click is used for walk navigation.
  • Optimized model rendering.
  • Walk navigation can now be toggled on/off with "Shift + F". Doesn't require holding any buttons down.
  • Model and part names will now be pre-filled when created.
  • Renaming multiple elements will add a number suffix to prevent duplicate names.
  • An error icon will now appear in the hierarchy for part errors. Hovering will tell what the error is.
  • Updated preview scenery lighting and colors.
    • "The End" now uses background texture from Minecraft.
  • Shortcuts are now organized into different categories.
  • Snapping panel sizes now use the Control key, instead of Shift.
  • Renamed actions:
    • "Remove selection" -> "Delete"
    • "Duplicate selection" -> "Duplicate"
  • Improved wheel components' appearance.
  • Removed viewport group select (Barely used, couldn't be optimized.)
  • Removed "Remove element" action in the hierarchy right-click menu.


  • Fixed bend tool shortcut not saving/loading changes.
  • Fixed "Size" sliders being very slow.
  • Fixed Hide Front/Back options breaking plane meshes in .obj exporting.
  • Fixed "Shift + Right-click" not working for resetting bend tool gizmos.
  • Fixed element highlight showing in the viewport when an element isn't being hovered.


Version 1.1.0, 2020.08.16, changes:


  • Changed navigation controls:
    • Added panning (Shift + Press mouse wheel + Drag mouse)
    • Changed orbit control (Press mouse wheel + Drag mouse)
    • Removed first-person navigation
  • Added settings to top toolbar:
    • Absolute snapping
    • Enable/disable overlays (eg. Grid, gizmos, outlines..)
    • Wind settings
    • Viewport render options (Flat, shaded, and textured.)
    • Viewport shading options (Solid and textured modes only; Ambient occlusion & lighting)
    • Blocky bending
  •  Added bend tool, allows editing:
    • XYZ bend angles (Wheels)
    • Bend offset (Bend tool icon)
    • Bend size (Bend handles)
  • Added group-select. (Left-click + Drag mouse)
  • Added plane gizmos for the pivot, move, and multi-transform tool.
  • Added object panning for the pivot, move, and multi-transform tool. (Press and drag tool icon in the viewport.)
  • Added "New model" and "Import model" shortcuts. (Shift + "New model" shortcut will create a new model from a template.)
  •  Added snapping for XYZ scale viewport gizmo.
  • "Save model" shortcut + "Shift" saves the model as a copy.
  • Changed default snapping behavior in the viewport, value(s) now snap relative to the original value(s). (Absolute snapping reverts this.)
  • Gizmos now fade away at grazing angles.
  • Mouse position now wraps in viewport area when moving gizmos/navigating. (Also applies to UV editor.)
  • Lowered default snapping value when snapping is not enabled.


  • Added element search. (Moving elements in the hierarchy is disabled while active.)
  • Added highlight to elements in the viewport when hovering them in element list.
  • Added "locale" string for language files.
  • Language setting now uses given language name in included language files.
  • Element names can now be edited in the element list by double-clicking them.
  • Shortcuts are now displayed in the side menu.
  • File dialogs for importing a model and browsing templates now use correct captions.
  • Snackbars now fade when closed.
  • Model save errors are now combined into one notification.
  • Closing the menu or switching menu tabs now closes the "About" popup.
  • "Allow Minecraft skins" and "Hide shapes" settings now support undo/redo.
  • Updated error and accent colors.
  • Updated startup splash.
  • Updated icons.
  • Updated program icon.


  • Added .obj exporting.
    • There are a handful of restrictions due to the limitations of the format.
    • Added "Feature set" program setting to hide specific features in the interface, models will still be saved as .mimodel.
  • Duplicating parts will now add a duplicate suffix. (eg. (1), (2), etc.)


  • Fixed snackbar memory leak.
  • Fixed textbox click area for wheels.
  • Fixed viewport toolbars becoming opaque when the mouse is nearby while the side menu is open.
  • Fixed "Inherit bend angles" affecting parts with no bendable axes.
  • Fixed interface colors updating mid-frame.
  • Fixed model scale snapping while snapping is disabled.
  • Fixed model scale intensifying move gizmos.
  • Fixed size of pivot tool gizmos changing based on shape offset values.


Version 1.0.x:

  Reveal hidden contents


Download 1.0.1


Version 1.0.1, 2020.02.02, changes:


  • Added buttons in right-click menu for duplicating/deleting element selection.
  • Re-added "Save UV map" option for textures.
  • Added option in right-click menu to center a shape's pivot offset based on size.
  • Added "Adjust pivot on resizing" setting to enable/disable pivot adjusting when resizing shapes in the UV editor.
  • Added prompt asking if you want to save your current model before saving as a new model.


  • Improved rotation and scale editing with multiple elements selected.
  • Improved viewport controls with small viewport size.
  • Changed "Remove elements" shortcut to the delete key.
  • Updated icons and added divider at bottom of collapsible settings.
  • Renamed controls:
    •    "Delete element" -> "Remove element"
    •    "Duplicate elements" -> "Duplicate selection"
    •    "Remove elements" -> "Remove selection"
  • Split global snapping value into 4 categories:
    •    Position/ Pivot offset
    •    Rotation
    •    Scale/ Inflate
    •    UV position/ Size


  • Fixed mix color not saving correctly.
  • Fixed visible and lock settings not loading.
  • Fixed bending not saving correctly if only "X & Z" or only "Y & Z" axes were used.
  • Fixed changes made to recent model list not saving.
  • Fixed "#" creating new lines in text in the interface.

Version 1.0.0, 2020.01.12, changes (Since Beta 0.4.2):

Note: This version is a complete rewrite of the code, having no relation to what issues previous versions may have had.


  • Added "Inherit bend angles" for parts, affects the "Inherit bend" timeline setting in Mine-imator.
  • Added "Render depth" option, affects timeline setting in Mine-imator.
  • Added "Inflate" for shapes, expands/contracts corners of a shape by units.
  • Added "Bend" option for shapes, enabled by default.
  • Added "Face camera" option for shapes.
  • Added "Hover" option for shapes.
  • Added "Hide front" and "Hide back" options for planes and 3D planes.
  • Added locking for parts and shapes, locking a part affects their Mine-imator timeline.
  • Default bend angle limit now goes from -180, to 180 degrees.
  • Replaced "Direction" option with custom bend range options.
  • Shapes will now bend smoother based on their parts bend size.


  • Updated interface as part of the current rebrand.
  • Interface is setup similar to Mine-imator, allowing support for panel to be arranged and combined.
  • Added shape outlines in viewport.
  • Added right-click menu. (You'll find most "missing" options in it.)
  • Added "Darker" theme setting.
  • Added setting for SSAO in modeling viewport.
  • Added auto-scrolling when group selecting elements near top/bottom of panel.
  • Added FPS setting. (30 or 60.)
  • Added settings for custom controls.
  • Added "Smooth camera" setting.
  • Added "Blocky bending" setting. (Replaces old pinching setting.)
  • Added "Preview mode", allows for previewing your model with proper lighting.
  • Shapes can now be rearranged in parts.
  • Parts will now auto-expand when hovered over when moving elements.
  • Removed model creation process, any .mbtemplate, .mimodel, .mbbackup file can be used as a template for a new model.
  • Removed save prevention, models will save regardless of errors present.
  • Added Swedish translation by @Hozq.


  • Added pivot tool. (For editing pivot offset of a shape.)
  • Added scale tool.
  • Transform tool. (Contains gizmos for XYZ position, XYZ rotation, and XYZ scale.)
  • Changed how snapping works, now one setting that applies to most values.
  • Added "Slow shape generation" setting. (Helps for editing slow models, looks cool when open a model too.)
  • Added "Refresh textures on focus" setting. (Useful for editing textures while working a model.)
  • Added backups.
  • Changed UV editor shortcut to "Ctrl + E".


  • Fixed hierarchy sorting being offset.
  • Fixed crash when editing models that bend.
  • Fixed issues related to model loading/saving found in previous beta versions.
  • Fixed warnings preventing saving.
  • Fixed 3D planes not bending properly in most scenarios.


nice les gooo

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Ask the developer why 1.1.5 doesn't support Chinese Simplified,I tried translating a language file and it ended up in Modelbench 1.1.5 and he didn't recognize Chinese document translation

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On 3/4/2023 at 6:17 PM, wen said:

Ask the developer why 1.1.5 doesn't support Chinese Simplified,I tried translating a language file and it ended up in Modelbench 1.1.5 and he didn't recognize Chinese document translation




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