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Notch vs Herobrine

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Add some lighting (you can add some lightning, rain, stuff like that to make it more intense) herobrine could have bended legs and other stuff... Notch too, you can make this more darker and if you add light it should be more focused at herobrine and notch, you should add glowing eyes for herobrine and some monsters (zombies, creepers, skeletons,spiders etc.) the mansion could have lights in it, herobrine should be more at center and add some shadows...


Hope my critism helped!

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Okay, here I go (I'm terrible at criticism) :

Lighting, you need to work on lighting, try watching tutorials and you can even ask for help. The posing for Notch: It is... Im sorry, but its just terrible. The only thing that is moved is the arm and head. Herobrine's eyes need to be glowing. I'm not exactly sure how to do that, but again, watch tutorials or ask for help. Herobrine's posing: The legs and torso aren't moved at all, it looks the same with his head. 

Idea's for your next wallpaper: You can have Notch and Herobrine actually fighting, and use these tips from everyone. Try doing scenery tests. You can work on your posing by using one person, posing them, and not worrying about anybody else, you don't even have to do scenery. You can just remove the ground and the clouds, you can then change the color of the sky for a background.

Models: You can either ask someone to make a rig for you (nicely), or you can download somebody's template like Ken's Model Template. Don't forget to watch tutorials on how to use them. If you use a model with a face, don't forget to work on facial expressions. Don't just use the same expression each time, because it doesn't look good. 

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Honestly, this wallpaper kind of sucks.

The lighting needs to be improved dramatically. There is no lighting, and that makes the wallpaper quite boring. The posing is awful as well. Try adding small bends and making it more realistic, moving everything. You never touched the torso or legs, and the arms, legs, and body need to be bended slightly for it to look better. 

Herobrine's  eyes should be glowing. The camera needs better positioning, Herobrine should be closer to the camera. The camera itself needs work, and the camera features could be used to make this more intresting.

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