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Mine-imator 1.2.8

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Nimi The developer of Mine-Imator have you ever thought of the coding that goes behind the keyframes? Well, I have a seriously good idea for the keyframes and how they are handled. Actually can you answer this first, how are the Keyframes handled in Mine-imator? And then answer this How can Mine-imator handle the keyframes differently to improve over all animations? Sorry lots of questions, But do you think you could recreate mine-imator in a different coding program? You could call it "Mine-imator pro" and it could be recreated in different programs I'll suggest some that could be used to recreate it Python, Unity, Unreal engine and Eclipse those are some programs I have tried out and I think the recreation of mine-imator would be fantastic! Thanks for reading this. ありがとごじますにとって読むているこれ。grasias para leerando ese. I speak 3 languages English, Spanish, and Japanese. 

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