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Found 13 results

  1. If you remember rock bands from the early 2000s, you'd understand the title without needing an explanation. Corner Street was a band name I came up with when I was talking with an old friend. =P Guitar and Drums by @CoLahaust, rubble by @SKIBBZ, ACM 3.0 by @SoundsDotZip. Feat. @Hagus (I hope I tagged those right goodnight)
  2. "You might want to see a doctor. Your face is bleeding." Tug got a redesign. Credit: @Ethanial for sending me the song and helping me come up with the title, @9redwoods for criticism, and @Batman4014 for the bat rig.
  3. skins used: me, Hozq, RandomJeremy, Fray, TheJeweledWolf, Ghatos, Sharpwind credits: mbanders for the trashcan model thanks Sharpwind who help me a lot for the lighting and the ambient
  4. credits: endersculptor for the weapons piegon99 for the car
  5. credits: facial rig by hozq
  6. It's been a while since I've done this... Decided to try out the new Pre-Release and make one of those "realistic" wallpapers I used to make. I'm a bit rusty but I think I did well in this one Full Image Download
  7. It's The Last Day on Earth. The Planet is uninhabitable, one settlement now remains with the last few people on Earth, these are the unlucky ones who didn't get the chance to escape to another planet, so they live here until their resources finally run out.... Made With Mine-Imator: Community Build. Took around 3/4 hours to make. Use this wherever and however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks! ;3 ====================================================================================================== Previous Wallpaper:
  8. unedited edited credits: @Piegon99 for the weapons SKIBBZ for the fox rig
  9. I haven't made a wallpaper in a while... So I decided to make a wallpaper, but without editing it in any way shape or form in any other program. Everything that you see was made in MI (community build) and nothing else. (except the watermark, that was added in paint.net but nothing else was changed). Spent around 4~ hours on this. Wallpaper [4K]: Feel free to use this wallpaper wherever, just don't claim it as your own, thanks! ;3
  10. Hi,I'm back with a new wallpaper,it's my first edited walpaper. Tell me what do you think. unedited edited
  11. r "Alright, so my character lives over there, and this place is that and that. Just have to think about it a bit." Thanks to @Holy Knight for his rig.
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