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Found 25 results

  1. They are rage, brutal without mercy. But you will be something worse. Kill and Destroy, until it's empty Even the nether it self will be pissed it's pants when Nether Slayer come back from death and the second coming nether slayer is YOU well actually nether slayer is nice guy If you liked what i made follow me to see more COOL stuff also subscribe to my channel please ;-; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnxB_rG2oF9Rv8PuH-c0-sQ?view_as=subscriber GET THE NETHER SLAYER POWER ARMOR HERE http://www.mediafire.com/file/79k39yp797kgfyw/nether Slayer.zip Also don't forgot the leave BIG FAT THUMPS UP [isn't it very badass power armor .o.] p.s the super shotgun not included so get it here https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/profile/36242-soldiergg1/
  2. Had this idea while listening to Panic! At The Disco. Well, hope you like this one! http://www.mediafire.com/file/0mft78d25wwg3f3/SuitMan+Rig.zip WARNING: Bends are glitched, so look out for that!
  3. Watch how i do rigs: May pinoy ba dito at may encantadiks ba dito,ito ay para sayo ;):
  4. So, Yeah! I Created this suit prototype that don't look very good...(for me) i mean... it looks pretty bad for me now... But i think with more work this suit will look AMAZING! maybe... but this is the suit! (for now) ("look/s" count x4) Here's the Image! I think it looks... ok... (i guess) So! say what you think about it in comments! (always sorry for bad english!)
  5. only made for destruction. Very aggresive suit. Wing opened. Back(wing closed) Back(Wing opened) Pose.Means nothing lol Yuo can unwear the helmet :33
  6. I requested a suit from Azgreth a little while ago, and he made it :'D yesiputunnecessaryeffectsonit
  7. yeah >_> coz i lost all my rig files =w=a then i decided to made this any name suggestion? i'm running out of ideas lel
  8. I made my OC Rig during test season in korea suit+faceical rigIt can use fingers,eyeballs,mouth and....um.... yeah,that's it. plus...using this rig."I'll active this f**king C4!!" -2015/5/14 south korea republic
  9. *Yaaawns* finally its done!!! The weapon is Spear Sword Also i added better fingers and arms to my rig!!
  10. I wanted to recreate the iron man suitcase suit seen in iron man 2: This is what I got:
  11. SUITS FOR EVERYONE! I'LL MAKE A SUIT FOR YOUR MINECRAFT CHARACTER! FORM: SKIN:[LINK/"IN SIG"] COLOR: [JACKET - PANTS - TIE] ANY DETAILS:[YOU NAME IT] PICTURES: BALLA DJDJ QUEUE: kellyeverangel Bisharp Amumu Caeden117 Animator_of_Awesmeness MegaCraft Deminu TheRageMinecraft Aronan MineRocker Allemn89 Ao kuchiku-kan DETAILS: sorry if suit does not deliver on time, we're having some problems. thanks for waiting leave a like if you like Terms and conditions by getting a suit you agree to be in a picture of you in your suit in the "pictures" section.
  12. im curently creating some suits, i love technic more than magic. sooooo...... im working on them, i will try to add one every day but.... you know, school..... scout suit: http://imgur.com/1tBQkrd download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ky9dte8q7fda5u/suits%201.mproj?dl=0
  13. Geezus krizt this was HARD... I need to stop challening me with stuff like samus... She is so Pretty Hard... I need something easier, so i'm going to draw anyone that is willing to be drawn in the comments And i would appreiciare some feedback and some tips perhaps.
  14. hello guys :'3 well, cause i have a new PC today and,, my old data can't be saved TwT yep, my old war suit can't be restored... then i decided to made this >:DD Still 60% tho X'D i'll finish it in 4 days
  15. well as i promised here's the Rig Pack -Azgreth's War Suit- Pict How to change the neon Glow hope you like it
  16. I created a new version of my normal skin. It's me wearing a suit! WARNING: Image is large
  17. toaster3

    Iron man rig! :D

    This is my iron man rig.... It's design is based on the mk-42 suit in Iron man 3. I did not create the suit, but did make some major modifications to the face, and the rig work is entirely my own... I had to create 7 different instances of the suit, then parent a part of each suit to a specific part of the person... the person was completely mine, and I have also added repulsors on the hands and feet... enjoy (each bit can be snapped on or off, allowing for awesome sequences when he puts on the suit) (Suit has most of the parts on now, and the repulsors are clearly visible) (Suit is now flying and being awesome ) Leave a rep if you liked it... Took me a very long time to make maybe after I'm done the animation I'll post a download link.
  18. heres some of the suits i made for people: form: skin: color: details/extra things(optional): thanks for clickin' in the topic and remember to smash dat +1 button
  19. Hello all, I have created a full-body rig for you to use; a Business Suit. You don't have to provide serious credit, just a name somewhere. It includes the rig itself, some templates, and a set of sound effects. If you use any of the foley sounds, open the credits readme file for any people who require credit. That is not optional since those are not my sounds. The rig features mainly a suit character with a chest that looks like a real suit, aswell as a moving tie. This is subject to upgrade though, so stay tuned. Download HOW-TO USE YOUR OWN SKIN: If you want your own skin for use in the rig, open up the template_simplier.png file and your own skin in an image editor. The template I gave you shows the only parts you need to copy from your skin. Copy and paste the areas in the correct locations. Then save it as a new .png skin. Save it somewhere you can remember it, because you will need it. Open up mine-imator and load the rig. Then click on the character 'Suit' and replace the skin used with your skin. That should do the trick. If all else fails or you have any questions, contact me. PS: I won't do the process for you if you were to contact me. Don't even try.
  20. https://www.youtube....WtXdC5kZysoBpbg this time it is a litte bit longer then the last one fom me. Thanks to Azgreth21 and pls leave a like. Last aniamtion:https://www.youtube....WtXdC5kZysoBpbg
  21. The Hazardous Environment Suit or known as HEV was the iconic suit from the game Half-Life. This is the suit from Half-Life 2 and the episodes and was upgraded from the original game by Isaac Kleiner. A durable suit which can absorb a ton of damage and survive multiple fractures. The suit however does not have bendable legs due to the schematics not being able to lock onto shoulders and legs. It comes with sounds from Half-Life but give credit to Valve if you ever use them. Download Edit: An update for this will be released fixing the broken shoulders and the legs will also be bendable.
  22. Basicly what I'm doing is making suits or Assassin skins for people... Heres the list I made Suits: 1.BOOM 2. The kiddo 3. Me 4.woflile 5.BlackCrept 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Assassins: 1.Me 2.BOOM 3.seblexia 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Come on peeps! Get more rolling! I'll add more then 10 when it reaches that! And I'll make something special when both reach 10
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2b51JbwMPU&feature=c4-overview&list=UUuAeP2w8WtXdC5kZysoBpbg this time it is a litte bit longer then the last one fom me. Thanks to Azgreth21 and pls leave a like. Last aniamtion:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ig_jzFcCZso&list=UUuAeP2w8WtXdC5kZysoBpbg
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