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Found 12 results

  1. It's my last Mine-imator thing I was ever doing. I'm permanently moving to Blender. However I'm not leaving the forums, I'll still be active. I have something to tell you about the future of my animation hobby, but not now. See the gif first. Sorry for bad quality, but the original GIF had such a big size. Now onto my future.
  2. Diamond4luck

    Bow Shooting

    I just learned about GUIs and bow shooting, so I made a test animation and before I knew it, I made myself another animation...
  3. If you haven't unsubscribed yet, you probably will now!
  4. Hello again guys, this time, i'm here for show to you my new rigs. Almost all of it is from Naruto. Hoppe you enjoy and like Trailer Kunai Shuriken Download: Fast Shuriken Download: Small Shuriken Download: Default Shuriken Download: Large Fury Shuriken Download: Don't forgget to click in +1
  5. Ghost Studios

    [HD] Goin' Loud

    Just a little sumthin' I made. Sorry for no 2K or 4K. My computer REALLY doesn't like me today. Anyways. Enjoy!
  6. ImmersiveGaming

    Run and Gun

    This is just a test animation. My first ever. Criticism and tips welcome. Not sure how to add the video to the post, so click the link above. Gun model by Bandy Third
  7. DigitalEvorian

    Pixel art: OC Edward (Gun Shooting Test)

    Version 1.0 Version 2.0 (sligthly redone) and here's the first test whit my new pixel art character. it's infinite ammo for some reason?. well great, keep shootin!
  8. Yuri Extreme

    Portal Turret Rig !

    Now iam maked a more advanced rig, using blocks ! its tricky! , 1 hour for made completely! Hey ! download link its were :
  9. Hey guys, you can download all the schematics I used in this animation : Here's the download link :
  10. Heya guys, I got a suggestion to make a cooler and much easier shooting animation. Instead of having three different items, there should be only one bow but with a sort of bendable string. The more you move it backwards, the more someone is pulling on it! What do you think?