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Found 9 results

  1. Hello forums! I'm back again. Just gonna drop these here and be on my way.
  2. My Funtime Freddo and Fozy Animatronics. I had to spell the names like this because they get changed if I spell em the right way.
  3. I am back! With more adventure animatronic rigs! Including: Freddie F0xy Ch1ca Withered Ch1ca Withered Bunny Pictures! Leave which animatronic you want next! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/y4ww480hc6xfxef/Adventure_Animatronics_Pack_1_by_Supah.exe.rar
  4. I am new here, and I came to present my project "fad 2 animatronics rigs" is virtually a copy of Steve rigs, but with the skins of animatronics, the project now has the animatronic have eyes and eyebrows for messing the will, more improvements are coming, and also there is much here on the site that I do not know how to write that has spoiler, but not knowing how to put more on his side, still learning a lot here. Images: necessary __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ http://www.mediafire.com/download/tg4fk3b1vmjzv2w/RIG%27S+fad2.zip <<< DOWNLOAD
  5. i made these images when the internet was out i only had a teen looking purple guy and the ignited animatronics so ya and i suck at mine-imater just started the windows one i used the crappy mac one for months so i got a little hang of the good windows one. shes always watching and staring at you when you dont know it. purple teen you cant hide from Mike, well he found ya you ready for Mike? Francisco Pizzaro does not like that um.... lights out!
  6. Android Rig 2.0 Compatibility update Sorry for making a whole new post just for this, but the other post was just junk. Hello again and welcome TO MY LAIIIR. Well, there we go.... It's my rig. Use fully editable item sheet, that means YOU CAN RETEXTURE IT TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU Download soon ! Still have to add a Plug so it'll be 100% scientifically accurate and explainable. And some 3D stuff, why not. I figured out how to do. Don't forget to if you do, and most of all, stay awesome ;D Download ! Read the How-To Carefully ! Don't open the File directly !
  7. I am currently working on some animatronics! I will upload a pack for every 5 animatronics (I won't do them all)(No toy animatronics, except Mangle) Pack 1: -Francisco Pizzaro -Withered Clyde -Withered la NiƱa - Don't know yet - Don't know yet You can tell me which ones you guys want first For now have a sneak peek [Imgur](http://i.imgur.com/eEaMVsc.jpg)
  8. So I'm looking for a f@d tablet for Mine-imator you know the thing you hold to look into the camera? Can Someone Make it or is there somewhere i can find it?
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