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Found 9 results

  1. this is a real WIP, soon im gonna add cars, a bus (thanks @EnderSculptor) Spider-Man is played by @OzFalcon and enjoy! (The web swinging took forever )
  2. Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Rig, Skin and Animation by TempusWare. Map by Blip Noir: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/city-of-newisle-v-07032015-solo-modern-build/
  3. Just a short animation I made. I use a more frame by frame technique, I'm more used to that being a 2D animator. Here's one I did testing a gun item I made. Basic slingshot web thing I did. I had another version where I animated the webs, but It's too much work to upload again given my slow upload speeds. Another spidey one... That's all for now folks. A demo of the landing animation. Took some advice and tried to go smoother. I'm still using 15 FPS and a frame by frame technique for the character animations All Skins were created by me, for me alone. All animation work was done in the comunity build, no editing was done. All animated in tempo 15. I don't know what the usual standard is, but 15 fits into 30FPS the smoothest when doing these frame by frame things. ALSO If a mod could teach me how to do spoilers if needed... that'd be great. I'm not used to this forum, hence why I came in a few months ago and just started asking for stuff, I'm not used to being a nobody. I used to be well known on WTFTeam, and Shuniu.
  4. So, I just watched the Spider-Man homecoming trailer, and saw the last scene. Iron Man, and Spider-Man both going off somewhere. Yay. @Cube Productions will probably still make a better wallpaper than me though. sadly this is always going to be the truth.
  5. I decided to use an old Venom skin and a really cool new skin I found and put them in with Spider-Man! It's not the best, but I do enjoy making these renders... The images are really blurry here, so you will need to click on them to see them better...
  6. Just a little render using an old Spider-Man skin I found on my computer, some Mine-Imator scenery, and some block scaling, and you got a cool Spider-Man render!
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