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  1. Miner-412

    Tec-9 Rig!

    i just got bored and i just wanted a tec 9 rig so i made it myself Download : https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8n7da7687ew5fc/Tec-9.rar?dl=0 Photo : https://imgur.com/6iFzBoL pls tell me if link breaks there is no other tec-9 rigs in the forum so this is probably the first tec 9 rig
  2. Hi guys! MinionMaster02 here and this is my new rig! But it's not just a rig. There is not one, not two, but THREE rigs in one pack! This rig pack is based off of the recent Godzilla movie only available on Netflix, "Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters". This pack includes, Godzilla Filius, Godzilla Earth, and of course the Servum! I spent a lot of time making these three rigs and I'll appreciate that you use these rigs and credit me, you don't have to do this but it'll be much appreciated. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the rigs I made! Take a look at the images of each and one of these rigs, use th
  3. This is process of making schematic-based gun or weapon rig for Mine-Imator Weapon Rig Pack. It's good to see as a tutorial. Please refer to the video for the making process. For more information, go to YouTube.
  4. MCAnimator3D

    Rig Pack

    This rig pack comes with 11 rigs included! I have been making a lot of rigs with Mine-Imator, so I decided that I should put them all in one project. Here are the features of each rig: Creeper- Movable pupils, CaptianSparklez design Skeleton- Movable pupils, mouth emotion, teeth, ability to close and open mouth Enderman- Movable pupils Villager- Movable eyebrows to give emotion, ability to close and open mouth, teeth Pig- Movable pupils, .schematic jaw included Cow- Movable pupils, .schematic jaw included Steve- Fingers (can't move though), movable pupils, closing eyes, closing mouth, te
  5. So I finished the rig pack that I announced last night, and it is free for everyone to use. As I said, it features most characters but not all. These are the face rigs featured, with details about each rig. These rigs were made in the mineimator community build, but it should work in all versions. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/616z93csw6uvt/Rigs Zombie Pigman- This rig features movable eyes and to create emotion. On the pigs face it features regular white eyeballs with black pupils, but on the zombie side I used hollow eye sockets to convey th
  6. It's been a long journey as a trailer creator. As a final goodbye I have released my entire Mine-imator collection. All assets I've acquired and custom animations + project files. Collection Includes: Personal Project Files Scenes Models Cycles Rigs Animated Rigs Settings Exclusive Inside Info
  7. I'll take literally any rig request and just reply the requests
  8. Random Weapons 3 new weapons have been added: Battle Axe 9mm Glock Pocket Knife Scythe Mace Ball Chain Baseball Bat Whip Crowbar (New) Fire Axe (New) M202A1 (New) You can now make your own skins to equip on your weapons, so go creative. (You don't have to credit me, but if you want to then feel free.) If you want all the weapons together then just download them here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1wpsbotwihgy6rv/L0n3lyCh1ld%27s_Weapons.rar/file Battle Axe 9mm Glock
  9. Realistic AK12 By : Daffa the One !!!!You need Mine Imator 1.1.0 (or higher)!!!! Info : *The Model Using JSON Mesh (reducing lag) *Easy to Use *Shoot if Play the Rig *3D Muzzleflash *Shooting Sound FX *5 Paint Texture Tools : [PC] *Mine Imator 1.1.2 (main tools) [PC] *Magica Voxel (for making the mesh) [PC] *Cubik Studio (for convert to JSON) [Android] *Pixly (for making blueprint) Support me and Up vote the Rig for more Rig ! >>>>DOWNLOAD HERE<<<< Next Rig >>>>> Scar-H (Json Mesh Rework)
  10. Hey, everyone! Yeh, I make rigs too ya know. Deal with it. So, if you don't have a player rig, I can make one for you! Just put in the username of your player And request features for your rig! Features Available: Eyes (Cone, Cylinder, or Cube) Eyebrows (Bend or no bend) Mouth Fingers - if yes, than hideable? Extruded parts Other parts of your skin you want 3D Your Username Oh, and btw, I can only rig your CURRENT Skin
  11. The Largest Weapon Rig Pack ever. Watch this video all the way to know weapon rigs in this pack. For more information, go to YouTube. This pack includes: Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Machine Pistols, Battle Rifles, Designated Marksman Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Anti-Material Rifles, Machine Guns, Pistols, Grenades, etc. This rig pack is voxel-based weapon rig pack. Download List of weapons: List of Equipments: Miscellaneous: Updates: Models are coming soon: Models will be redesigned: ※ Bold text = Models ar
  12. Went for something fairly simple, using a Freddy rig that I just finished. Springtrap was done by the talented @Mr. Darl, so all credit for that masterpiece goes to him. Nothing too fancy, just two fuzz lumpkins standing up against a black background. Oh well.
  13. Cbr 2011

    Cbr 2011 RIG!

    The Rig Of My Guy from C2A (Cbr 2011 Animations)! Give me credit If your Gonna Use It to Get my rig In your videos Or your DEAD Mine-Imator Video Test! Download Here UPDATES: Folders Fingers NOTICE: If you see any Issues Please... Please Email Me At cbrday11@gmail.com So I will fix it
  14. so this is just some things i made while i was bored so you can have them if you want there are fingers, and theres a finger hider if you want it non visible or not auto 3d rig obviously and you can add your own skins on them just make sure to put the front of the face in the top left corner for your texture, or if you dont wanna you can just use a regular texture and uhh yeah hope you enjoy the rig, but please credit me, it took awhile to make the female one for some reasons and if there are any problems just tell me ive seen a problem so take this one instead https
  15. Hello! You probably won't be reading this since you'll just be looking for the download link or pictures, but I'd just like to give credit to Carro1001 of Deviantart for her Sonic in Minecraft design. Now then, without further adieu, I present to you... ThatGuyBrian's Sonic The Hedgehog in Minecraft rig! Here's a quick little demo video showing the capabilities of the rig. Here's a list of features. Bendable/movable quills Articulate feet Controllable mouth and eyes Five fingers on both hands Gloves Eye reflection Tee
  16. 3D Mine Imator Rig/Model About A Girl Called Lily: This was an old model that i touched a bit to be ready for using,you can use it where you want and how you want . . . Enjoy and read also the txt file! http://www.mediafire.com/file/uq5t7byzuo5vok4/Mine_Imator_ReMake_Girl_V3.5_%28Summer%29_Her_Name_Is_Lily_.zip/file Here you can see a render that i did as an example:
  17. Image: download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h8pen95qs7j97a9/Mons+regen.rar/file Thank you
  18. Nimi

    Neko ears rigs

    So I made some Neko* ears. There are 3 kinds: brunette, blonde, and color-able(Red by default). Pictures: Download(Includes all three.): http://bit.ly/1L8ziQR *Neko is the Japanese word for cat, but it also relates to a fictional race of cat-like humanoids from Japanese culture. Don't forget to give credit if used.
  19. XXXTENTACION RIG COMES WITH: MOUTH EYES/PUPILS FINGERS HAIR RIG DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dbkqws9k0y6ja8r/XXXTentacion+Rig.miobject/file SORRY IF THERES NO PIC
  20. hey everyone... i added another baldi rig with the updated one. Plz don't send hate or whatever, so the rig comes with the red lips, bendable eyebrows, a updated ruler, Picture: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=rick+astley&docid=608043081455240360&mid=4E7B1C0F8E67E9F7B1364E7B1C0F8E67E9F7B136&view=detail&FORM=VIRE (dont press it ) Actual picture: http://www.mediafire.com/file/17h9brz7bz1wyq4/Baldi+image1.png/file Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dhfrnbd5tm7anb5/BaldiRig+{UPDATED].miobject/file Enjoy
  21. RIG COMES WITH: MOUTH AND EYES RULER IN LEFT HAND EYE LIDS TO BLINK Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kr3xezq5j8jt78m/Baldi+Rig.miobject/file Image: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5teuo2n2aqo6xga/Baldi+rig+image.png/file Plz follow and get me to 5K
  22. Hi, I'm a newcomer to the Mine Imator Forum, my name is Muhammad Zulfachrie Nasution. I am an Animation RIG Maker, and currently I am sharing "[Complete RIG Pack] Computer Full Pack [RIG] Minecraft [Download Mediafire] Here!" me to the public, please help us to build a more advanced studio with him, by subscribing to the official channel "Minecraft Animation Studios Indonesia" together with Patreon of the same name Download Link : (In Spoiler And Via Youtube) Thank's,please help me,Oke
  23. well , i might release the rig .tell me if you want
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