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  1. Trail & Tales update is already released, yet Mineimator did nothing at all I really want to animate something in a sakura forest.
  2. I would like someone to make me a road roller model like the one in JJBA's road roller da scene. Thanks in advance
  3. Hey fellas, It's a me. Ricky. I just stopped by to say hello and to tell y'all I'm going to start doing voice acting requests (I'm just waiting for soundproofing acoustic foam tilles I ordered, should be here pretty soon but if you don't mid some tiny background noise I'll do a request right away! ) Anyways I'll upload a 'trailler'/'snippet'/'test' (I really don't know how to call it) where I'll try showing my voice acting abilities. Now about the accents, Idk man just request an accent and I'll send you a test (I'll try speaking random stuff in that accent) to see if you like it Microphone : Condenser Microphone Specifications (I really don't know what this means and/or if it's important but here): Sensetivity: 25mV/Pa (-32±2dB) Equivalent Noiselevel: 14dBA Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz Signal to noise ratio: 70dB Output Impendance: 55Ω±30%(at 1kHz) If you don't know what any of this means but are interested in quality then all I can say it sounds good, not a lot of background noise when I edit the audio, I have a pop filter and it was 25$. (lol hope that helped) Anyways have a g'day. TRAILER/SNIPPET/TEST: Should be up tomorrow (sorry I'm 3 months late had some things to do and all hope you forgive me but oof was busy)
  4. I am taking requests of Wallpapers. Come join if you want! I'll be sure to use your skin if you want it used. @Cybernetic Cinema 4K: @SB7989 's 4K request. @Artamiel Crescent's Request
  5. Wrong House| Collab Hosted By | The Crying Squid dont forget to share this concept You are running on a grass plane, while the camera is in 2D perspective (much like urban run). You eventually enter a trough a door entering a house. This is where you decide the: action, what happends to you, and what ever you decide Example (My Collab) Click Participants Red = Working on Green = finished Orange = disqualified/needs change Currrent number of participants: 26 Current Status: Closed. Finish Your Collabs! (Collab must be finished before Feb. 10) Tromstep Super Gohan Gamer TheGolden-Animations Pokekights Antcioff Nicolasev alex2806 Animator Dark Naresee TheDroidMPD skibbz FancySkelle Kler Willesfilms PuddieTheKat Mine2 2 BlueYoshi68 superninja574 OfficialCUYT SevenCraft7 Fosni/Effusion DarkDragonPro DaveKick Pancakes Hero JosSamLoh Pixelrigs RULES (IMPORTANT)!!! let me know if you are making more than one collab. A max of 3 is allowed VIDEO LENGTH MUST BE 10-30 SEC YOUR OWN WATERMARK IS REQUIRED (MUST NOT FILL MORE THAN 2/9TH OF SCREEN MINIMUM VIDEO QUALITY 720P WITH 30 FPS OFFENSIVE, RACIST,SEXUAL CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED (NO EXCEPTIONS) NO FADE IN/FADE OUT IS ALLOWED DO NOT ADD MUSIC TO YOUR COLLAB Then I don't rly care if u cut ur guy apart with a chainsaw... IF YOU IN ANY WAY FAIL TO COMPLY TO THESE RULES YOU WILL DISQUALIFIED! How to participate 1 Send youtube name and notfication of entering to the following mail: thecryingsquidmsg@gmail.com 2 Once you have been confirmed and added to the collab you can start making your animation > Download Project Template < (you need it) 3 Link to your Collab video uploaded on youtube (send to thecryingsquidmsg@gmail.com) Have Fun Animating!
  6. I figured out how to do a bunch of item rigs. If anyone wants me to do furniture or an item rig I would be happy to help.
  7. I am now doing rigs for skins only. I am not that great at item rigs. I will post your rigs in the comment section of this topic. By the way, you don't have to give me credit.
  8. I need a voice actor for my new animation I am making. I need someone with a middle pitched voice.
  9. Hey y'all!! I'm Ghost Animations, and I've been animating for quite some time now, and I was going to start a YouTube Channel! So, that's not the point, though. The point is, is that I'm going to be taking rig requests, of anything! If you guys want some cool techy rigs, I'm your guy! PM me if you're interested. NOTE: I WILL NOT POST THE DOWNLOAD LINKS IN THE PMs! ONLY ON THIS PAGE, WILL I POST THE DOWNLOADS! Thanks! -Subscribe to me! From, Ghost Animations
  10. I'm taking rig requests! I am best at player rigs but i can do others too. Finished In progress Pending Heres some images of previous rigs. So yeah, request what you want i guess.
  11. If anyone needs a rig made i am the person to do it just post these details: Skin download: What to be rigged: Deadline?: I ONLY UPLOAD .MANI FILES. BU IF YOU WANT A DIFFERENT FILE FOR A NEWER VERSION OF MINE-IMATOR. My previous rig: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xsldnmkwet85x38/Slime_gamer_rig.mani
  12. Hi, I got mineimator a couple of days ago and created a couple of animations with no expressions, and I want to make one WITH expressions, but I dont know how to add movable eyes and mouth. My skin should already be available to everyone. If you need my username it is GummyJon. Please put a download to the rig down on the comments and I will follow you I would like either Brown or Black eyes. I will give you credit on my videos for making the rig for me. Thanks for reading this. PEACE!!
  13. Can someone make me just a simple facial rig? Something i'd like to also have on it is: 3D Hair & Hat (my headphones and glasses) 3D necklace Any other customization you think would look good I don't want a complicated facial rig. I want it to be easy to use.
  14. Hey guys.. Need ideas to render some f@d pics. ^^ You can send me photos for reference..
  15. Hey All! I decided to let you guys ask me to make some Wallpapers! So just tell me what you want made to exact details as in Scenery etc and i can do it
  16. Does anyone have the airplane crash survival map? The youtube links have been deleted so I am asking here if anybody has the map. Here's a pic: If anybody can help me I would be apreciated, thank you. And bye... for now.
  17. If anybody can do something that looks like this I would apreciate it. http://imgur.com/D6eKVvT
  18. have you read the title?....... comment EVERYTHING except......player rigs.......... nao.... please, my making rig thingy is low in my blood... im dying.
  19. Hello! Do you ever wanted to do animation you as assassins, but have not had their skins? Now you do not have to worry about! Can you give robes Ezio, Altair, and even Connor and Edward! Here is an example: Asassin Ezio Skin: Your Skin Another example: Asassin Altair Skin: Your skin (of course YOUR SKIN you send a picture of a skin p) Thank you for your attention!
  20. Hi! I wish to make a few wallpapers for you ... Here's how it should look like notification: Skin: What has to happen?: Extras (schematics, text, etc..) Here is an example Skin: Under the signature What has to happen?: Killing Creeper diamond sword Extras: Red Text on top: Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Here's my earlier work:
  21. I'm bored so I was thinking 'I might as well help people' and here this post was created. Working On: Diamond Gun Finished, working through Media fire Ruined Forest
  22. Hey guys! I just got bored, and I'm gonna take some rig request as long as I can do it, because I have school, but I'm gonna try my best.. so just post what rig you want me to do, and I'll try my best to do that, Tnx Guys! BYE!
  23. --WARNING: ONLY AVAILABLE IN MINE-IMATOR 0.7 DEMO-- Need a Scenery for your next video? Trying to find the right .schematic for your animations? Look no further! I TAKE ANY REQUESTS! I, ProjectHopeless, vow to help you find the right .schematic and .mani for your needs! All you need to do is comment down below about what you're looking for in your new animation! I can do a .schematic(s) and .mani on maps too! Please, feel free to let me know what you need, and DO NOT hold back on any details that might be useful. (Opening Chests, Moving animals, ect., ect.)
  24. Hello I am now doing requests! Please request something! You can request anything! I have only made one wallpaper before.
  25. Note: Production is temporarily stopped due to me falling ill. Ello guys! Welp, since I've made a few profile pics with MI Paint.NET and thought they turned out pretty good, I'd like to make some for you guys! A word of warning first: I procrastinate. So yours might get done late. Sooo here's the form! Form: (If you want an example, look at my, Akmalzonia, or BoogaHead's profile pic.) Or, if you really don't care what's in the profile picture, instead of a form, just put, 'Let your imagination fly!' Note: I will only do 5 people at a time. People I'm currently doing: 1. Xtermis 2. popgirl8 3. EnderSculptor 4. 5. Finished ones:
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