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  1. I haven't been on the forums since last year April. Here's some cool renders I made.
  2. All models are made by myself.
  3. Steve did something wrong
  4. This is a thumbnail for a new video I am working on.
  5. This is a model I made trying to get better at ModelBench... I think I did ok... Here is what it looks like in ModelBench... Please let me know what you think... (Please)
  6. Hello! When I render an animation with an object, shadows appear as stripes in front of that same object and I don't have any other object that create a shadow (PrintScreen and Video underneath). I've already reviewed the definitions and haven't found a solution, could someone help me? Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1spMufwEBVj2y7xUzGKtVn22ZPNDgDicF/view?usp=sharing Problem: the mine-imator didn't choose the coorect graphic card
  7. WHY IS EVERYTHING MADE BY ME?!?! (Cuz nobody gives me anything) Btw if ya want any of the rigs I make.... Just ask and ill most likely give them to you... (But I doubt anybody would want them anyway)
  8. Hey guys, i' kinda new in using mine imator, even in making renders and animating, so, i tried to make a wallpaper with the little knowledge that i acquired during 24 hours, so, i made a mix with the ACMV3 Character Rig and used the facerig from the ANFR v1 rig, and there is the result, i think mixing the good points of two rigs was the best thing i've done. 4k Resolution 1080p Resolution 720p Resolution I mixed the ACMV3 Rig with the Facerig from the ANFR v1 Rig
  9. Springbonnie rig by @anima cryses, tile textures by me Enjoy the render yall
  10. Animatronic model by me, based on @anima crysesas he also did Bomber model as well the other arcade bases, while I did the Speed Demon textures, and the other one, including the set behind. Animatronic you see is made by me, the floating head is by Ahmed in discord as well the set. Shackles is made by me again, the set is by @JayHAnimationz Left rig is by @JayHAnimationzagain, while the right one is made by @viridi, you know whose set belongs to. Yep this is it. Enjoy the show once again
  11. Today, PAC-MAN turns 41, and so I put together this little render for the occasion. I know, it's vertical, but it isn't that bad, right? I'll look at making multiple renders like this, that are all vertical, then I'll attach them together to make one full render that shows several game anniversaries. I still have to do something for both Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man this year!
  12. I was about to render it but boom! Error I do not want to be warned again or be ban so here is the link: https://pastebin.com/Vap4HfHU
  13. I'm gonna put a compilation of images I made (I was going to make one topic for each image but I think its easier for you to see them all in one place) I used the Bare Bones texture pack for some of theese, I'll put the link down. Basalt Deltas Soul sand Valley Warped Forest Crimson Forest Bare Bones made by RobotPantaloons https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/bare-bones/
  14. is this too bright? please give me a suggestion to make it better
  15. This is is the peak of gaming. Not in graphics, not in fancy mechanics, but in experience. This is a time where gaming was more special, something more hard-earned. Oh, and just the fact that it's Pac-Man, and that overrides any of your opinions. I just got this rig into a presentable state last night, so I figured I'd go ahead and make something with it. The rig has some extra gimmicks that I'll show once I finish it up. For now, have some cozy Arcade Wallpapers!
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