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  1. from left to right my sister, me and my mother
  2. just like with earlier rate it from 1 to 10 crucifixes, radio, candle and flashlight by @Fox Miner(i'm beta tester[thanks man]) ghost model by me facial rig by @SoundsDotZip
  3. WHY IS EVERYTHING MADE BY ME?!?! (Cuz nobody gives me anything) Btw if ya want any of the rigs I make.... Just ask and ill most likely give them to you... (But I doubt anybody would want them anyway)
  4. another form of my mother :3
  5. You know the feeling when you look inside an enderman's eyes? I think thats what your vision should look like while you watch inside them... Playing around with the camera settings.
  6. So... my "first" McMojang render using bending, so... I personally don't like bending, so here is a bendingless version! 1 Upvote = 1 No-bending fan!
  7. Pheolix Battle Vehicle (Phoenix) Left Arm |first time posting here|
  8. Pov:U about to beat first level of Super Mario Bros.... AFTER 1326 TRIES.
  9. "In a cave, far from anything else, there are ancient ruins of old, lost cities. It has a dark secret and no adventurer came back from there. Terrifying creatures roam around, overgrown by dark, slime-like stuff. One creature seems to be made by a ancient group of builders that also built this cities to protect the dimension the dark slime came from. They are hidden underground and can't be killed. The only way to get away from it is the portal that leads to the dark dimension, where nothing is right..."
  10. This render was created sometime back in late 2020, for Korbscraft's help page on it's website. (View Archive)
  11. This is a remake of an old render I did back in 2019/2020 Old Render:
  12. "This was a epic fight! But it was also dangerous because the blazes were STRONG. But we managed to get enough blaze rods!"
  13. "Wow, it's pretty hot in here! Anyways, we're now in the NETHER! So, here's what we spotted in the distance: 1. Bastion 2. Nether fortress 3. Warped forest I don't know where to go. We need Eyes of ender for the end portal, and we have sources for both materials here. But we could get better loot in a bastion..."
  14. "THIS was COOL! I was like: "Water there, Lava here..." And then this COOL jump! And Alex was like: "Swoosh, shwoosh... diamond here, iron there..." And now we have the equipment we need!"
  15. "Now look at THAT stuff! Three Iron, Two diamonds and a TNT block! (We also found an iron chestplate, so Alex' armor is now completed.) I think, we should make an iron pickaxe and a diamond sword."
  16. "we found a treasure! Okay, Alex found it, all I did was looking at a map and being confused about the symbols on it. But hey, I think we found something BIG!"
  17. "Dear diary, I made a diamond sword with the two diamonds I found! We also had enough iron to make a full set of iron armor and we shared it."
  18. "We found a blacksmith and the chest was filled with... a DIAMOND! Now I have two and that means I can make a diamond sword! I just hope no one watched it..."
  19. "We found a cat and it's so CUTE! His name is Jimmy and he will never be leaving us on our adventure!"
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