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Found 13 results

  1. This is actually a rig I made a long time ago but recently put into a render.
  2. _Credit For Alex's Mobs_ sbom_xela Carro3DSculpts _Alex's Mobs Mod Link_ https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/alexs-mobs _Credit For Alex's Mobs Rigpack_ Iani _Software Require_ Mine-imator Modelbench(Optional) _This Rigpack Contain_ _Armor_ _Block_ _Item_ _Miscellaneous_ Mob Fantasy Real Life _Painting_ _Shield_ _Download Link_ Download _Alex's Mobs Creator_ sbom_xela Curseforge Carro3DSculpts Twitter
  3. So My YouTube Channel is with cool ANIMATIONS yes Animations. Best Video: Public Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJL-HYwcrOwLx0GSl7Jh1-g
  4. You upload your mods (.jar, .zip) and you add the modded schematic. MI takes the textures/models from the mods and Bob's your uncle!
  5. Howdy y'all! it's been awhile since I've been on here hasn't it. Anyways, I was wondering if it was possible to use modes like Slabcraft, Stairecraft and Wallcraft in Mine-Imator? I ask this because i've got some tank's i'm building that use those three mods the complete them. I'm planing on using them for short video's and photographs.
  6. Hi, I am completly green, with little knowledge of how mine-imator works. I am considering to use it, but I am not sure. I have a minecraft world I wish to use in the animation, but it is running on a few mods, most importantly, are blocks made out of chisel and bits. Is it possible for Mime-imator to import chisel and bits blocks, and render them as they are in-game? if not, can any tools be used to replicate the blocks for the animator?
  7. so yeah...hi.....*dies from trying to say something* I have extracted the texture from the best mod ever "The Morph Mod"! by the best modder ever "Ichun"! (if you live in a rock next to a pineapple and never heard of the mod, it's a mod where killing a mob, including other modded creatures, you will turn into it with it's ability's and weaknesses.) now you may be wondering,WHAT IN THE NETHER IS THIS ABOMINATION?!?! That's the texture... although it looks like a mess, however when putting it on a texture, It will work with everything since it's just one big sheet!
  8. Seeing as mods for Mine-imator will probably start becoming popular, is there any chance we could have a new forum or subforum dedicated to mods? The 'Mine-imator discussion' forum does not seem like the right place for them.
  9. Is there any way to add modded blocks/mobs to mine-imator 1.0.0?
  10. welcome to MEGA MODED MINECRAFT this rp is based on the anime sword art online and the 1000's of mods that exist for minecraft. if you haveint sean sao i recommend you watch the first few episodes. story. At the year 2023. the year after the sao incident. Mojang and Oculus VR ware able to lunch a new version of the Oculus rift called O,R,V,R,H (Oculus rift virtual reality headset) for a exclusive version of moded minecraft known as mega moded minecraft (or M.M.M) that can only be played with ORVRH. However, thay needed to test out the game first so that that any bugs can be fixed. so that went to the mine imator forms and sent them a letter asking if thay woud help with testing the game. how ever when thay started playing M.M.M players found out that they can't find the log out button. shortly after, they ware all teleported to spawn. thay all saw a black figure in the sky. he said that he had traped them in the game buy removing the log out button. and the only whay to get out of the game was to defeat the most powerful bosses in mincrafta known as the realm lords, and if thay die in the game thay die in real life. now lets skip forward 1 month in advance. most of the players had forgotten about geting out of the game but some people still want to get out. thats ware you come in. rules. 1.no over powered weapons. 2.dont control other players 3.you may have up to 3 apps 4.no metagameing. 5.type SAO in "outer" to show you read the rules (note you can be a npc/mob if you want) app name: age( about 13 or more ) gender personality strengths weaknesses looks (this is a minecraft rp so try to get a mc skin for this) weapons items backstory outer one last thing have fun and if you have any questions pm me.
  11. About Wrong Section posts: Not sure if it was the Minecraft Forum I read this upon, but certainly I've read this on other forums. Don't be a Moderator and stay on topic. It's certainly friendly to point it out, however sometimes the OP does not take kindly to a normal member saying it (not saying Moderators are always listened to) however there are reasons there are Moderators. If you believe you're helping, I don't disagree however you can be a bigger help by Reporting the topic. If you don't know how to report, reference yourself to: Let me assure you, even if your post contains something like: It will be edited and if it just says something to do with 'wrong place' then it will be hidden. Please Lock: If the Moderators notice enough of your posts containing this then you will be warned.
  12. Hai i want to make custom thumbnails for videos for Mod reiviews.However i dont know how to add Mod Models into Mine-Imator.I heard something about a rig but i dont know wut that is.plz help thx!
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