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  1. Oi oi peeps, It's been awhile! I wanted to quickly show some models I've been working on for the past few months as I know you all love seeing them, so here's some of the models I've worked on so far! Also let me know what you think about them, I love hearing your compliments & what I can do to improve! -- Creepypasta Modelpack -- -- Improved FNAF2 Modelpack -- -- Improved TJOC Modelpack -- And that's pretty much it. I can't wait to continue on these Modelpacks & show more of my work & release them one day!
  2. I'm really excited to announce that my 'DOORS Modelpack' is now available for everyone to download! Hope you's enjoy the new Modelpack! (You can also vote for the next Modelpack I should make in the Description of the video!) Link to the 'DOORS Modelpack' Download: https://h4ppip33p.carrd.co/#doors-modelpack Enjoy!
  3. (fnaf sister location) control room map rig https://www.mediafire.com/file/b0pa1hux07zf828/control+room+2.zip/file
  4. Why hello there ! It's been a long time since I've posted any models. Today I present you my second bed model pack ! Including a King-sized version as well as a Queen-sized one! This time around there's only one color/type, but you can easily open the model and replace the textures yourselves ! Enjoy DOWNLOAD HERE NOW Picture: for some reason I can't upload the queen sized version, but it's basically the same but like 10 pixels smaller
  5. So yesterday I made a model out of a random idea I had in my head and to be honest, it came out better than expected. Hopefully yous think the same as well as I'm really proud of it! I also made 2 renders of it as well, 1 of the renders can be used as a Mine-Imator Splash, so if you want to add it in, feel free to. -- F0rgxtten S0ul -- -- F0rgxtten S0ul W.I.P Screenshots -- ( Just incase yous want to see the progress of how I modelled it. ) And that's pretty much it! Tell me what you guys think of this model, I'm curious about your opinions on this fella.
  6. I'm really excited to announce that my 'Improved FNAF Modelpack' is now available for everyone to download! Hope you's enjoy the new Modelpack! Link to the 'Improved FNAF Modelpack' Download: https://h4ppip33p.carrd.co/#improved-fnaf-modelpack Enjoy!
  7. Attack-5 is an upgraded version of Attack-2. This raid backpack has all the best qualities of its predecessors and has become the most balanced version of the “Attack”. Raid Backpack Attack-5 has three capacious compartments for a large number of equipment ranging from food ration and ammunition to a sleeping bag and a tent. The backpack consists of three compartments: two lateral utility and a large main one with a removable baffle. There is also a valve with additional sections that can be used as a hip bag, and on the outside there is a pouch with Molle for a food ration. The backpack has a removable belt with Molle for weight distribution to hips and a voluminous back with a ventilated mesh what enables it's using without body armor. The volume of the backpack is 60 liters. Made in : Modelbench Like pls
  8. hi! i'm currently trying to add InverseKinatics on a rig i'm making. so i have set the Point Offset & End values correcly i think. and when i add the model to MineImator, under the constrains section, the IK option dosen't appear. the model already has bend enabled. i also the arm model itself is devided into two Parts because it dosen't actually bend it's more like it rotates since the model is supposed to be a fnaf animatronic... i don't know if i'm doing something wrong here, any help? -Jose
  9. Modelo MXES v1 para meu imator Tenho muitos modelos que queria postar, e tentarei disponibilizar todos ao público download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lfg8qm7adbox1nf/MXESzip/file
  10. As 2 months go by, I've made some more models for 2 of my Modelpacks. Tell me what you guys think of these models. -- DOORS Modelpack -- -- Improved FNAF1 Modelpack -- & here's some links to the other models from these Modelpacks if you haven't seen them already:
  11. I successfully ran Modelbench using Wine on Arch Linux
  12. Where the heck do I get cylinder and circle in modelbench.. please the creator of mine-imator and modelbench , David Please please add circle and cylinder in modelbench.....
  13. If u r not Chinese. u can leave this topic. 这是Modelbench社区版的汉化版本 本人制作了标准版和抽象版的汉化 由于CE版本的Modelbench无需替换汉化文件,所以标准版的CE无需再次导入汉化 字体已经为你换好,我也会一并将换好文件名的全套字重思源黑体的ttf文件以及语言文件放在仓库 下载链接: 蓝奏云: 标准版:https://wwkw.lanzouj.com/iZLAi11ocnyb 抽象版:https://wwkw.lanzouj.com/ig2Re11ncrni GitHub:https://github.com/Steve41149/Modelbench-Community-Edition-Simplified-Chinese-Translate.git 由于本人是第一次使用GitHub,下载的位置是在release(发行版)中,还没熟练使用,非常抱歉 抽象版和标准版都在GitHub中
  14. 1 month later & I've made a couple more FNAF1 Models for my Improved FNAF1 Modelpack. Tell me what you guys think of these ones! -- More Improved FNAF1 Models -- If you haven't seen the first set of Improved FNAF1 Modelpack models I posted yet, here's the link to the page:
  15. Just want to show you guys the Improved FNAF1 Models I've made so far for the Improved FNAF1 Modelpack. I'm really proud of them & I think you'll really like them too! Think it might be one of my best Modelpacks so far. Tell me what you guys think, as I'm pretty curious of your opinions on these models. -- Improved FNAF1 Models --
  16. 2 sized Brownells BRN-180 upper receiver upper receiver, stock & magzine are fully made in modelbench download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rf60ne1xohti1pd/BRN180.z1p/file
  17. Isthay isyay ayay anguagelay ilefay atthat etslay ouyay erienceexpay Odelmay-enchbay ethay ayway ityay asway eantmay otay ebay. Ownloadday: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v150rjn0425cc0d/igpay_atinlay.mblanguage/file Otay useay isthay anguagelay: Indfay ouryay Odelmay-enchbay olderfay, ogay otay Ataday > Anguageslay, andyay agdray ethay ilefay intoyay isthay olderfay. Enthay, enopay Odelmay-enchbay, ogay otay ethay ainmay enumay, enopay ettingssay, enopay ethay Erfaceintay abtay, andyay electsay ethay Igpay Atinlay anguagelay. Ompatiblecay ithway Odelmay-enchbay 1.1.5.
  18. When applying blend color to a model to Mine-Imator, Parts and shapes with inherit parent color option off in Modelbench inherit the model's blend color, which isn't supposed to happen. It works fine in Modelbench , this only happens in Mine-Imator. However, you can fix it by manually checking inherit color of the part off in Mine-Imator.
  19. !!BEFORE DOWNLOADING!! Make sure you have WinRAR installed into your desktop so you can extract my Rig Pack files. >Click Here< to download WinRAR. So I've been working on this beauty for 3 days, it's taken 24 hours to complete and she's finally finished. So now everyone can use her in their animations / pictures now. Just make sure to credit me when in use, Have fun with the model! Hope to see you again soon.
  20. Test render, quite simple, as it was done in 5-10 minutes, the purpose of which was to test my DIFI RIG for errors, as a result of which I found small errors, in fact, which I will correct, I am satisfied with the result
  21. MURASAMA SWORD RIG Murasama Sword is made of 100% of the cube modelbench, don't get me wrong if the model is quite heavy because of the details. DOWNLOAD MODEL HERE note Q: what about credits A: I don't care use as you like
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