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  1. (fnaf sister location) control room map rig https://www.mediafire.com/file/b0pa1hux07zf828/control+room+2.zip/file
  2. Guys I am very happy to announce the next version of my OG sunglasses rig DOWNLOAD LINK IS IN THE DESCRIPTION OF VIDEO
  3. Guys the Sunglasses rig 2.0 is out now Showcase (Download link in Youtube video description):
  4. that's all, that's all this render but I think I'll keep making renders to be able to improve the lighting, well, I hope you like the render can you also give me some rendering tips to improve the image quality
  5. InkyMaze

    Microphone Rig

    HI guys i made a microphone rig for mine imator , you can also rotate the mic Preview the rig Download Here
  6. This a stylish and versatile sunglasses model that is perfect for use in Mine-imator animations. Whether you're creating a fun and upbeat music video or a dramatic short film, these sunglasses will add a touch of style and personality to your characters. With a sleek design and adjustable features, you can customize the look to match your project's style. Watch the video now to see the sunglasses model in action and take your Mine-imator animations to the next level! Watch the video , showcase Download Here
  7. I hope mine-imator can add Middle Click control just like Modelbench and Blender.
  8. já faz muito tempo mas agora você pode baixar meu modelo boxy boo que é para o meu imator, aproveite e bom ano novo but I will make another update of the model where its teeth are smaller and its size is reduced
  9. Guys, i've been use mine-imator for 6 years!! and this is the first animation that i spend my all skill to make it please rate my animation and show me anything wrong on it, i hope u guys love it Thanks
  10. well, I always wanted to make this kind of model, because I really like anime and how it is evolving more and more with each chapter of the manga, I planned to make a model of one of the best villains in history
  11. i being want to use the new features really bad, but i have to wait. i was thinking that can you download "beta" version of mine imator? That the question, if so how?. Thank for your time ;D.
  12. So mine imator 2.0 is coming! And it showcased some of Its features. Then I found out that mine imator is made with a weak game engine. Soo my suggestions are 1. Change the game engine yes, mine imator is made with a weak game engine, so I suggest take mine imator and put it to another game engine (which is high quality) like unreal engine or unity. It is fairly possible as in gta trioligy definitive edition, they just took the game from the game engine then imported it into unreal engine 5. Advantages: * With this we can have more advance lighting like in blender and can make more advanced animations * It will be very useful that in a weak game engine it takes soo much time to load. Others are faster so it would be very greatful. 2. Able to make folders in library tab This feature would be very useful as when we load the fnaf sl rigs from darl. The library tab is so full So we should be able to make folders in the library to make it just a folder and make it neat. Advantages: * We can keep the library clean and delete anything in the folder which will perish the items in the folder. * I think we can avoid lags. 3. Texture maker mode Texture making is very hard. There is no other websites that can make mine imator textures (unless you can make it) If we can add it in mine imator It would be very nice to make maps meaningful. I made an example which they can use as reference (please don't tell that this is terrible as I am not an artist) they can do it as a website or in mine imator Advantages: * We can make a specific map and then texture it to look like it is an accurate map * We can make many maps for example fnaf, poppy playtime, etc 4. Being able to delete textures So you accidentaly added a texture which you didn't wanted and you aren't able to remove it. This is a problem also for me while I was making glamrock bonnie and foxy fnaf sb by retexturing freddy and roxxane. This is what others will do If they didn't know about modelbench. Advantages: * Can delete texture which we don't want * Useful for making models in mine imator. 5. Able to change dimensions. Some people want this feature in which we can toggle between 3d and 2d. We can make it like we are playing 2d game. Advantages: * no such advantages as this is a suggestion 6. Able to make custom keyframes This could be very useful for blender users as we can't make custom keyframe in mine imator as always here is an example And we should be able to toggle back to normal and to the blender keyframe mode Advantage: * Useful for blender users. So these were my ideas for mine imator 2.0 Wait this isn't over yet......... I have ideas for modelbench also!!!!! 1. Add circle Please add curves to modelbench as it is useful to make realistic models. 2. Add a feature which help us to make textures We are not able to make textures so we should be able to make textures in modelbench like blockbench or elso everyone will start using blockbench with mine imator export plugin. So these are my suggestions for mine imator and modelbench I request they would happen. Also subscribe my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWN4KoM1Kkl6wzrTyrz-xg
  13. blob model test it's just a test of my new model blob do fnaf security breach
  14. Specter

    Rounded Cube RIG

    IT'S ALL SET, JUST CHANGE THE COLOR https://ibb.co/TvppkLZ https://ibb.co/HTgx2wX https://ibb.co/Qrt0Psf Download : https://mega.nz/file/3x4AmDRC#QUotMg45UX39M0wu-EO8AleH74g87-pPynubkZZ0j2Y
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