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Found 15 results

  1. Ey, so, yeah, I think I uploaded my previous post in a bad time given that most of the active people here live in the west. So, here, some sort of promo screenshot of a scenery! If you wanna have your character in the animation, just go - - > click here < - - pls? BTW for those who saw the previous topic: couldn't find a good enough desert map, so we're going urban.
  2. Another wallpaper. Done in less than 5 hours. And it's pretty lame. But, meh, practice. Also, it's kinda a promotion for that Call to War thing, which will probably come in a year or so. (don't mind the tail rotor) Imgur Album (has 1k version) Credits Piegon99 - UH-60 Black Hawk THEJESTER & 30+ other people - Greenfield City Me - Soldier, Vest, Goggles, & M4
  3. Just a couple tests and stuff I wanted to make. Sample, in case the other spoiler's contents are too big. Here: I'm having problems with blocks directly facing the sun (can be seen in pic 3). Haven't tested it with other sources of light, though. So if anyone can help me out, please do. I'm using the latest community build. Credits M4A1, Soldier skin, Tactical vest & Helmet - Me Humvee - Piegon99 Volumetric cloud rig - Keep on Chuckling Taliban skin - catmelonhat AK47 - Planetminecraft (NauticalNonsense) City - Planetminecraft (EndermansEnd)
  4. Intro: Hey guys! Pvt Coleman here for another rig. Images: Info: This here is a generic tactical vest. It has panels with webbing so you can attach some pouches and stuff into it. As of now, I have three pouches as a supplement to the rig. I'm planning to add more stuff, like more pouches, a name tag (or something), a flag thing, and more. Download: Notice: The download is compressed, so you're gonna need winrar or 7zip for it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/tgeu6640894l6eu/Personal+Equipment+Finalized.rar Credit Pls. credit if you're gonna use it in your animation.
  5. Jpman11

    Jp's Sword V2

    Hey everyone! I made this cool sword for anyone to use. If you decide to use this, YOU MUST credit me. --- Here's some pictures: http://imgur.com/PjPLFbt http://imgur.com/fPaFSge http://imgur.com/kD8Fg6k http://imgur.com/JM6Ygg4 http://imgur.com/QgBpSp8 http://imgur.com/Jp1xkxi http://imgur.com/MmrgH1j http://imgur.com/IrjcvIi http://imgur.com/TZyJDid http://imgur.com/ihfTCgJ (Sorry I couldn't put them directly on the thread. Imgur doesn't want to work with me today :/) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d4ak0b2d85lvq41/Jp's+Sword+V2.mproj
  6. Hi there! Does anyone know if or when Mine-Imator will be getting the new mobs, blocks, and items of the 1.9 Update? All answers are appreciated.
  7. Worked sometime in Animating rather then rigging during the night,Because I LOVE Animating,Anyway tell me what your think,I am Aware of a few improvements like blood not having to be Explosions,But the real idea in the making was the running,That And I wanted to Showcase my OC Lazick a bit L: (RUN!)
  8. Finally... After 2 days of work, I've created my own armor !! Here I present you... Features: Gallery: Download link? eeeh Here, Clickety-Click! Please rate and comment about this rig =D
  9. (In all pictures, I'm either the monkey or the one with the black clothes (Kirito)) You can click on them to download the full 1920x1080 wallpaper. The one I just made, chilling on the beach: Cake in the face: A girl lying in a flower field: One I made for a community: Three girls chilling at the water: A love couple: Two tigers back-flipping at a lake: Victorious battle (made for someones birthday): Dark Villager: An ocelot with epic depth of field blur: Everything not done in Mine-I-Mator was photoshopped using Paint.net. Except for the sun effects. I only used the program Photoshop to add the sun effects
  10. Throne of Combat is a comic series with custom skins, weapons, armor, and scenes which follows the apprentices of master weapon specialists and their training and fighting. Read the comic to find out what happens that breaks their peace and gives them something to fight for without the help of their masters. Please note that if you click on a picture, it will grow to a much larger size. This thread will be updated with every new page of the comic, so check back often! I will also speak in chat when more is posted, so that is a good place to be for all the updates! Wallpapers will also be posted here in their own section. Chapter 1:
  11. Hello! This is an animation I made. I was testing with 2D action animations. And this guy must be hungry. Do I count as a decent animator yet ? Oh and I'm srry about the crop. And if it has blur. Its Windows Live Movie Maker's fault.
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