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  1. Mcmojang Style PBR
  2. I posted the short version of this video on the forum. But since I love this animation so much, I am sharing it again because it is an HD version.
  3. Was testing the new Mine-imator Update and I got carried away
  4. FEAR ME IF YOU DARE!!! For you didn't know I open shop commission at Fiverr!! Have a look if you're interesting to my artworks~ http://www.fiverr.com/norpp_ Thankyou^^ @norpdesign
  5. Basically the title! very weird showcase of the no bends!!! export the zip, and press CTRL + I to import these guys into your scene DOWNLOAD it works by setting the maximum bend size to 0.01, which makes the bends barely visible .
  6. Iani

    Warden Rig

    This is my first rig, So i have to make an awesome rig Anyway this is my own Warden rig, The advantage is:They have rotateable rib, Glow Part, And they have 2 skin, Bare bones and default Disadvantage:This rig is not bendable:( This is the rig preview And this is the render i made using this rig You can download it here:) https://www.mediafire.com/file/bw77tlghsvnmvy5/Iani%27s_Warden_Rig.zip/file You don't have to credit me, But if you want it's ok:) So that's is my first rig, If you like it, Thankyou!! Bye-bye:) And oh yeah maybe later i will improve this rig because the rib is broken
  7. It's a Bit Cloudy Right Now.. hopefully the sun will continue to shine Farmer | Norp2k22 Free Wallpaper for y'all Link: https://imgur.com/a/khmQJH0 DISCLAIMER NOT FOR SALE! For you didn't know I open shop commission at Fiverr Have a look if you're interesting to my artworks http://www.fiverr.com/norpp_ Thankyou^^
  8. Hey Alex Whatcu doin? Garden | Norp2k22
  9. Warped Forest Home of the Enderman Nether | norp2k21. Fast Practice. Just testing some lighting how Warped Forest look like, hehe.
  10. Commission Artwork So this is are some Commission Artwork that I made. Alexsmith410 | Promotional Artwork Merceron | Playing Hard Darkchroma1 |Leprechaun with 3 Cats Justusbr | CoupleDucks Internetbaguett | End War For you didn't know, I open Shop at Fiverr, you can check it if you're interesting: http://www.fiverr.com/norpp_
  11. So... my "first" McMojang render using bending, so... I personally don't like bending, so here is a bendingless version! 1 Upvote = 1 No-bending fan!
  12. It's me again, EntiBrine303! Today, I'm releasing a modelpack. It contains: Their features: Here we see a fisherman from the plains being protected by an iron golem and a warden attacking them. Download!
  13. "In a cave, far from anything else, there are ancient ruins of old, lost cities. It has a dark secret and no adventurer came back from there. Terrifying creatures roam around, overgrown by dark, slime-like stuff. One creature seems to be made by a ancient group of builders that also built this cities to protect the dimension the dark slime came from. They are hidden underground and can't be killed. The only way to get away from it is the portal that leads to the dark dimension, where nothing is right..."
  14. Steve & Alex just defended a village from a raid. https://imgur.com/a/2UbqYou Rigs by EntiBrine303
  15. Fan Art Made by me! (Renders made in Mine Imator, edited in PaintNet) ResourcePack Used: Slightly edited version of barebones!
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