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  1. Another year almost completed, it gives weird feelings, eh ? What could i say more other than : Merry Christmas to every Minecrafters here !
  2. I'm not saying it's not art, I'm saying i want to set it on fire ! -Dedicated to a great duo of my childhood.
  3. Sometimes i feel alone. I feel like i'm not interesting or fun to be with. I know that its normal, that it's not uncommon. But i don't know how to directly talk about that to my relatives.
  4. I've noticed the Race of the year thing a few days ago, then why we don't bring attention to The sideshow? Made this since @Shoony and I joined around the same time in the forums and we've made quite a reputation in here. (also this is not a war declaration, just some thing i wanted to brought up lol, we are in good terms) also Thx for @Fox Miner for indirectly giving me the idea for this Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye
  5. Steve is trying to make everyone understand something. But what is it ?
  6. You just arrived into this world. You know almost nothing, not even who you are. But there is two things you know... Mining and Crafting.
  7. A partner till the end of the match So, first post here in a long time, i guess is good to clean up the dust. If you want to see or download the Mini sentry model, click HERE any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  8. It was just a normal day in the village.. Until Villager n°14.. Showed his complete distaste for our laws.
  9. Steve did something wrong ?
  10. The only thing standing between the bed and them. Based on some playing sessions of bedwars in hypixel with some other dudes (btw i'm going 4 of these, this is the first one) Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  11. What a chance, you found Iron at the entrace of a cave ! Let's mine in quick before something happens..
  12. After many hours of attemps, i finally managed to get that promotional light effect !
  13. Just remade my first poster ever made using Mine-Imator with the skill i gathered since then !
  14. I have nothing to post here so... here: have a Meet the heavy in minecraft teaser: It might take a few weeks to finish this so: be prepared i guess. (and yea i was procrastinating the whole week i didn't posted anything) Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  15. Those lands aren't located anywhere in your world. That Fortress is filled with countless of monsters. This place is not Hell. It is your Hell.
  16. The only one that can outsmart bullet BLU team version: Any type of feedback is welcome (only demoman left) goodbye.
  17. The cruel and childish mumbling pyromaniac Also, now with a BLU team version! Any type of feedback is welcome (Only 2 classes left for full render!) Goodbye
  18. The guy you can't avoid shooting at you Any type of feedback is welcome. Goodbye.
  19. "It costs $400000 dollars to fire this weapon, for twelve seconds." Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  20. Almost 9 years of exploring, it is the first time you see a cave like this one. I'd say that it looks very strange, but you keep thinking it will be fun to explore. I respect that, but don't forget to be quiet. It might be listening to us... Sorry for being gone, by the way.
  21. You don't know who built them, you don't know why they were built. All you know is that you aren't strong enough to fight whatever is in there. Luckily that woman seems crazy enough to go with you.
  22. Didn't have any inspiration for a wallpaper today, so instead i did some renders !
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