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  1. News about medieval fantasy animation, |Dark Order| is revealed! hi! Every single person! This seems to be the last one after my last update My team and I are hard at work making and perfecting the first episode of our first product Medieval fantasy animation. -- Dark Order Here are some models to show! (Not the model in the first episode! Because our story is complete! So I made some characters and creatures that would appear in later episodes.) If you like it, please leave me a "like"! I hope you like these models! These are just a few! Or check out our trailer on YouTube! Leave your suggestions and comments! Our team will thank you very much!
  2. Its just a test , nothing more. took 3 hours to finished- tell me your opinion. SP_A
  3. *Also u can use for wallpaper lol*
  4. download:https://imgur.com/gallery/pdaLWkn Animation by me Why did Mojang never update 2.0 with so many updates?
  5. a HK417A2 battle rifle animation. This gun model is a variant of HK417, with Sand and Tan colors applied. Sounds from Call of Duty, YouTube, and other sources. Some sounds were edited with audacity. For more information, go to YouTube.
  6. Well, another one out! Btw the guy in the left is @Mr M3m3~Chan, not part of the fam but I decided to add him as an additional character. Enjoy FMF member: @kazooha
  7. :] Maybe I won't be able to make one per day, but I'm trying Hope you like it! people in this vid: @Fox Miner @CanIIA , shadow mode
  8. an Practice/Test animation about Female character walk cycle. In the end part, Skeleton suddenly runs and beats her. Credits
  9. Hi! I'm new here at the forum and, for now, I would be happy if you guys could check out my new short film "Animalia: Attack Attempt" made by me using Mine-Imator <3. It has English captions. Synopsis: In a world where there was a civilization called "Civilização de Gandalf", Pingo, the primer-minister, needed to face constantly a rebel group which threatened the integrity of his civilization. Little did he know, what was waiting for him.
  10. You can download this model in my previous post.
  11. FN SCAR-L by @crustyjpeg this animation was supposed to be done years ago, but i'm being lazy like hell, so it got deplay until today, so now, here we are The FN Scar-L animation.
  12. a Simple intro animation will be used for The Voxelated Armory videos about Guides, Tutorials, Demonstrations, and etc.
  13. I tried to make a Bunny Dance keyframe for Mine-Imator and I would like to share this. Hope you guys like it Example Animation: Youtube: Download Keyframe here (Already include with tutorial video): https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8bdin3hni7z94/Bunny_Dance_by_ArqAliski
  14. Wall-E and his roach pal Hal spend Christmas together. This was a fun little bit to make, and I've been meaning to put out some stuff with the Wall-E model since I just finished the tread rigging.
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