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  1. an Upcoming Improved Barrett 98B Model animation. This gun model is from The Voxelated Armory. For more information, go to YouTube.
  2. I'm writing something taking place in the MCSM world with new characters and it's own unique story. I really don't want to give too much away, so here's a simple layout which doesn't include the Villain's backstory, but basically the villain https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sekzrUzD3_8vwFcelD16giNQ8uM281UGMCbqbhiNcQ8/edit?usp=sharing My mom is a professional writer, so these early drafts of just basic ideas will become more fleshed out. I haven't written down quite a lot of the ideas and concepts I've had. But I think I fully understand the main characters now, and that's the fi
  3. Trying to made a stormy scene, made a full animation instead
  4. Here's an animation i made from my supernatural collaboration entry. While making the collab, a story pop out of my mind. I thought it's worth giving it a shot. I used all the tips and advice everyone had given me from my past animations. Hopefully you guys would like it, i really enjoyed making it for the past 2 weeks. I'll be expecting you guys to give out some more tips and advice like last time, it really helped me a lot. Apology and excuses for the lack of scenery, my potato laptop has no graphics card and It lags when i added a big scenery.
  5. An upcoming redesigned M9 pistol test animation. For more information, go to YouTube. This gun rig model is voxel-based model.
  6. it gets better after 1 minute
  7. Not even an hour later and another face rig is out! I'm not sure if many of these rigs are out but I thought that the last face rig would work well on a villager. So here it is: So yeah... Hope you like it Thanks for viewing and as always, more to come! -Please give me credit in your art, video or description.
  8. Beast vijay minecraft version animation by mr best Watch now and subscribe my channel for more animation videos ..plss subscribe Download this gun rig Thank you so much.....
  9. KGF 2 Teaser remake animation (minecraft version) A Mine imator animation Please watch and like,share And subscribe my channel for more animation videos.. Pls subscribe..
  10. This is my old gun animation collection since before 2020. For more information, go to YouTube. List of old animation:
  11. an Test animation of upcoming M79 grenade launcher rig for Mine-Imator Weapon Rig Pack. For more information, go to Youtube. In my imagination, I added a scene in which the launcher is fired close to the ground.
  12. It's been a long journey as a trailer creator. As a final goodbye I have released my entire Mine-imator collection. All assets I've acquired and custom animations + project files. Collection Includes: Personal Project Files Scenes Models Cycles Rigs Animated Rigs Settings Exclusive Inside Info
  13. Using the Old Logo design, I created a Productions Intro Like Marvel or Lionsgate to make something very unique to Mine-Imator. Once I get an Idea on how to use the new logo, I will make a new Productions Intro like Marvel. | Download Link Below | | Click on Image| ||| Be sure to credit me by using this Link in Description of your Videos. |||
  14. Hello everybody !!! I'm from GVMluccaMovies YouTube Channel. Today I want to show you guys the Trailer of my newest Minecraft Animation, which took me few years to completed it: SKYFALL: VENGEANCE !!! SKYFALL: VENGEANCE has a continued story of SKYFALL: THE ENCOUNTER which was published a few years ago. You cound find SKYFALL: THE ENCOUNTER here: And now it's time for the trailer of SKYFALL: VENGEANCE. I hope you guys enjoy it, and the movie will be on air soon !!!
  15. I had loads of fun making this one, a few learning curves along the way. I can't seem to stop the light flickering, any ideas? Update: Fixed the audio, music was too low, outdoor ambience was too high & I tightened up the music sync from the truck driving by. If anyone is looking for the credits they're in the video description.
  16. Mindcontrolled Trailer! Watch and enjoy! what was your part that you liked?
  17. Train Cart rig by @JasmineChimes Bird pack by @Anthony's Rigs Help with lighting - @Tim_adventurer
  18. Hey, so it's been a while since I posted something here, but here's a new animation of mine. Based on the short trailer from Monsters Inc. Credits for each rig and assets can be found in the description of the video on YouTube.
  19. Bill Wurtz's latest music video "Here comes the sun" animated in 3D. Me somewhat knowing how to animate in 3D decided to make a video of this after my work. I used Mine-imator is animate the whole project. It took well over a week with 99% of animation and 1% editing. Took me forever, but I hope you enjoy this 4-minute content.
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