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Found 8 results

  1. Fan Art Made by me! (Renders made in Mine Imator, edited in PaintNet) ResourcePack Used: Slightly edited version of barebones!
  2. I usually make animations 10 seconds long so here's a collab to congratulate me Your entry has to be exactly 10 seconds long You can animate whatever you like You MUST include a watermark All submissions must be with YouTube's Guidelines Send the file through my discord ({BA}fearlessDreamer#1910) or an email blockyvids@outlook.com, make sure it's anonymous) Well that's it
  3. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?w9msj8bamij5abq
  4. I have Made something cool this time! Here is a download and video of what it is:https://www.mediafire.com/?9tm7s826astv37b (btw it's a tf2 dance that I tried to mimic)
  5. ok so, i am planning to do a webcomic using mine-imator, the comic's name is in the title but it would change,it would be about antiques armbands that gives powers to his carriers, any armband controls his own element like fire, water, DEATH, etc. in the history, my oc finds the death armband and becomes a villian, then, my friends oc's would fight, or join me, while i try to discover the secrets of the armbands. tell me, what do you think about the history?
  6. Hey Guys! Im Here today To tell You That If you need your skin Rigged for you Next Animation, I'll Do it!! Post Code Below like this: IGN: Features: (Excluding Fingers) Do you Want Teeth? Done! Thanks! Im Out! Peace out Doods
  7. This is my Ben 10 rig. Textures and Skins of all Ben 10 series yet are included. Picture: HOW TO USE TEXTURES OF OMNITRIX: IMPORTANT!: If yo want to use the Ultimatrix, uncheck the film-tape thingy for "Ultimatrix bottom", "Omnitrix Side", and "Omnitrix Bottom", THEN, switch the alpha on all (sides #3 and 4, bottom #2) of those to 100%. OMNITRIX TIME OUT FACES: Download: http://host-a.net/u/natemonster321/My_Ben_10_rig.zip To-Do List: Fix Omniverse Omnitrix texture. Can't be done. Add Ben 10 Alien Pack. HELP NEEDED!3 aliens done. Change textures (except for skins) to HD.Working on it! pic of Alien Pack: 3D omnitrix that was on the aliens also comes with the alien pack. Download for alien pack: http://host-a.net/u/natemonster321/Alien_Pack.zip
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