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  1. Thanks for the answer ! it looks like the MI is being well optimized, this will help the animators a lot, so thanks would a system of render passes also help in the final rendering? I saw some people commenting about this on MI discord.
  2. We all know that new systems will come to MI 2.0, a new shadow method, Global illumination and other things already announced by Nimi, all this is amazing.. But I'm worried about how much MI might get lag and crashing with all new 2.0 systems because the program is limited to 32x and doesn't have multi-thread.. is there any chance of MI update to 64x and having Multi-thread system ? This would be very good, as few objects in the scene make the program to lag. About Multi-threading: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/native-gml-multithreading-in-gamemaker-no-dlls-netwo
  3. This animation was perfect! smooth movements and very good lighting ! ( will nimi implement and improve this specular light ( highlight ) and the reflections of this modified MI in MI 2.0 ??? I really want to use these specular effects, so I wanted to know about it ) sorry for my bad english.
  4. Is it possible to code a Gizmo in the Gamemaker where we can rotate the xyz axis at the same time? it would be better to rotate the objects. ( example gif i found ) https://imgur.com/a/2db3NXS Have a nice day and sorry for my bad english. ^^
  5. This scattering subsurface effect is amazing! it gives a depth to the sides of objects, can i get a good effect applying SSS in maps/schematics ? ( sorry for my bad english. )
  6. how beautiful! it would be more amazing if this effect were also in MI 1.3
  7. Yes! Anyway, I'm looking forward to 1.3.0 and the updates to come
  8. Thanks so much for the answer ! I always render in 4k, adding the Gaussian Blur effect in editing programs and then resizing to 1080p to remove the jagged edges/pixels, but the problem is that it's a pain to render in 4k because MI crashes often. so it would be great if Nimi could improve the AA, if possible. ^^
  9. is it possible to improve Anti-Aliasing? would the Gamemaker support this improvement? It's been a few years since I started using MI and I'm looking forward to an improvement for Anti-Aliasing ! Mine-imator is an amazing program and this improvement would make the rendering graphics even better.. (I created this account on this forum just to talk about it and sorry for my bad english) Have a nice day. ^^
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