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  1. How to saved an keyframes like .miframes file in min-imator.
  2. Me the rig of black plasma studios and zamination please i have been looking for that and the best female rig then
  3. Sorry because im busy i really don't have time to do this but while im waiting i will do my task and make it finish so i will wait others to come and discuss about this rig stuff i will be back soon as possible.
  4. But it is allowed i saw the one copy there rig in mineimator.
  5. Yeah i know there from blender but what i want is to you know copyright the rigs i watch there video that is allow to copyright there rigs the video is from the director of black plasma studios
  6. Can you zip archive and upload to google drive, mediafire and dropbox?
  7. Guys im new here pls help me and if you help me i really appreciated pls guys submit your rigs in here thanks or teach me
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