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  1. Good new! It's been fixed. I went for help in the discord, and someone told me there was an folder I had to delete EDIT: Figure I'll let you know what I had to do <USER>/AppData/Roaming/Mine_imator The person told me to delete the map 'unzip' It stores loaded resource packs, and deleting it fixed the problem
  2. Did that changed in the 2 days I didn't worked on projects? It works fine for friends of mine. Can it be fixed on my end?
  3. So I asked a friend to test it out for me, same world I, same texture pack. It works perfectly fine for him
  4. No, not crashing. It just won't load in the textures. I do know I use packs for under 1.14, and I just noticed, any pack under 1.14 refuses to load. It still worked fine 2 days ago
  5. I use certain texture packs for certain parts of my projects, and some of time require optifine to work in Minecraft. Using those in Mine-Imator was never a problem. Animated blocks don't work on default, but it still looked good. Now Mine-Imator refuses to load them in, and only uses the latest pack I loaded it, even if it's from a different projects. I tried everything at this point, even deleting save worlds in Minecraft itself, and it still refuses. It this a problem on my end? Am I doomed to abandon my projects?
  6. Oof, that's a nasty fall. Love it. How did you do the blood though?
  7. I use different ones. Do I have to use packs for 1.13 and up? I could load in older ones before
  8. Loading in texture packs will crash Mineimator
  9. Thank you so much. I will enjoy it
  10. Anynone noticing that Enderman, ready to throw that block at Steve?
  11. Can I have this rig, please? It looks so amazing ?
  12. It's okay. At least I got an answer. Thanks for it :). UPDATE: For some reason I can't change it in the settings. I only have 1.13.1
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