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This is my first animation after a few months.

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Tranzit -

This project was rushed, I didn't wanna put too much effort in, but if I hopefully get alot of attention and viewers who want to see more, then I will continue this series.

I had limited motivation, I don't know how popular this will get, but if it gets some attention I will continue this series!

I hope you guys enjoy this, the audio wasn't by me, I just sourced random audio.

#animation #movie #short #story

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On 11/23/2023 at 1:29 PM, Pickyduck14 said:

I like the animation, But I Don't Get the plot much.

Thank you! I forgot to add a proper description. but the old man was just a "intro tease" the actually story starts with Cole, he is a undercover cop, he set up his friends that are dealers. one of them got away, and grazed cole, he is now in the hospital, but while waking up he realizes the world he once knew is gone, he keeps getting visions of the world being "normal" but then it transitions to how it really is.

Next episode will be more understanding, I rushed this project unfortunately.

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