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Foxcorp Tech Market

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We Present the Foxcorp Tech Market, awesome devices and many more godets to come!







The Foxones, one of the smaller Items to buy, but still very effective and Stylish!




The main Product why we are here, our biggest success. No way to deny it! Just buy it!




  • Don't steal any parts or textures!

  • Don't upload a modified version for your own reputation!

  • Don't re-upload or re-sell this model for your own reputation!

  • No Crediting needed! Free to use (Crediting is only used to let others know where you have the rig from, so if someone asks, send them to the original topic and download)


  • Updates will appear every half a year or if requested.

  • Extra parts like: (SD and SIM) can be used on other models from the Foxcorp Tech Market



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Stock Refilled / Bug fixes to various Files
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On 3/21/2023 at 5:40 PM, Fover said:

sorry man i was joking :( i didn't think you'd be this mad

It wasn't in a bad tone was it? It was in no tone at all, why you think I am mad?

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On 3/22/2023 at 7:19 AM, Aayush Saji said:


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I mean fox. Idk, fox as a nickname feels weird

Can you make me a custom phone?

Nah, Fox is a great nickname, why should it be weird, literally everyone calls me that way.


And for now... The market does not make custome Phones

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