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Well well, it's my first time posting here in a while. I hope everyone here has been doing pretty good!

Any who, onto the render:



My main inspiration for this was the recently revealed redesign of Batgirl for the current run of Nightwing and the upcoming Fear State event in DC Comics. While I don't really keep up with the comics themselves, I really liked the design so much I had to do a (hopefully) awesome render of it!





Texture Pack:
    (8x8) Rodrigo's Pack: https://rodrigo-al.jimdofree.com/texture-packs/8x8-rodrigo-s-pack/

    Gotham City (Unfinished): https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecraft-arkham-knight-gotham-city-project/

Special Thanks to @Keep on Chucking for his tutorial on realistic rain: 


As always, Constructive Criticism is always appreciated! (I could use it for this one, since this is one of, if not my most ambitious render.

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I love this simplistic / comic rendering style, it reminds me of the video game "Batman: The Telltale Series" mixed with "Minecraft: Story Mode".

I don't have to say much about your work, so I'll just say only that it would have been much better to make the background behind Batgirl darker and increase the brightness of the rain to create a sense of depth exposing the character more. The lightning-bolt is a little too close, I think you should needed to removed it completely or repositioned further away because it is a bit confusing over there. But your work it's still very cool and tasty to watch despite my little judgment / critique.

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