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Task and Quest [Comic] Page 66-70 [FINAL]

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(sorry for the time gap between this and my last post)






Credits to the Rigs

BonkJobBot(Me)[Facial rig and gold bag rig,TV,Green lamp]


Daguex[Curtain,black laptop]


And with that,My comic "Tasks and Quests" is finish!!

I gotta say,I really liked that you readers enjoyed reading my comic.I work hard on this and my efforts paid off!

Some Post of the comic got alot of attention,some did not.But that's okay,I'm fine with that!

I might need to look for place to post my comic so it doesn't get drowned by recent topics.Is Deviantart Good enough?

Anyways,I really appreciate the feedback you guys give me for my comic! Thanks

Also,a little WIP for the my next comic...


Yes,I am working on the next comic.This time,Rovina taking the spotlight.

As well as adding speech bubbles,improved character design,lighting and extending the page form 6 to 8 pictures.

Who knows how long till the first page will be posted.....

[Your feedback and support is appreciated! Thanks!]

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