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How to revert latest Mine-imator to previous Minecraft version?


So I have a whole ton of schematics and worlds from Minecraft 1.8 and earlier. Seeing as how I don't play any Minecraft version after 1.8 I don't see a point in taking the effort of loading and re-saving everything in 1.12.

I see there's the "/data/Minecraft/1.12.1.zip" file and I want to create one for Minecraft 1.8. I've tried extracting the assets folder out of the 1.8 jar file but it didn't work without a proper .midata file. Can someone explain to me how to create .zip and .midata files required to load stuff from previous Minecraft versions? I'm honestly surprised no one's already asked this or uploaded the proper files, unless I just couldn't find it via Google and forum searches.

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Go into Minecraft 1.12, join the world you want to upload, exit, and it’ll work. I think that’s the only way. Or maybe you don’t even have do do that and you can import it in without changing the version.

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