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How to install Mine-Imator on Linux (PlayOnLinux method)

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This is a tutorial on installing Mine-Imator on Linux.


1. Install Play On Linux. For Ubuntu, open Software center and install Play On Linux or run command 

sudo apt install playonlinux


2. Open Play On Linux and press "Install". There is a text in bottom left corner "Install a non-listed program". Click it. 


3. You have to Install a program in a new virtual drive. Give it a name. Select install some libraries. Press next and select 32 bit windows installation.


4. Select POL_INSTALL_directx9, POL_INSTALL_dotnet40, POL_INSTALL_dxdiag, POL_INSTALL_dxfullsetup, POL_INSTALL_ffdshow, POL_INSTALL_VideoDriver and POL_INSTALL_xvid. Download Mine-Imator from here and select the file in Play On Linux Setup. Follow the installation in Mine-Imator setup program. Make sure you don't have Launch Mine-Imator checked! 


That's it! You might get error in installing libraries but just ignore it. Atleast works for me. Then you have working Mine-Imator on Linux. I don't guarantee this works. Use at your own risk!

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I tried this for the latest prerelease.
The 1.1.0 pre-release 3.
I get this crash-error

Win32 function failed: HRESULT: 0x8007000e

call: at line 221 in file \Graphics_DisplayM.cpp

I am running Linux Mint 18.

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For your information, I got Mine-imator working on Linux now.
I forgotten the exact details of how I got it running, so this is not a guide, but rather a description of my setup.
If I do come up with a guide, I will make my own thread for it.

So, I am currently running Mine-imator version 1.2.0, using Lutris version 0.4.18.
It is running on a seperate 64-bit wine prefix, using wine version staging-3.18-86_64, and uses DXVK version 0.52

I don't remember what tricks I did to get it working, but it is. Let me know if this helps anyone.

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