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Found 2101 results

  1. SilentGamerGirl

    Scythe Rig

    So, I`ve made a scythe rig. and thought i could maybe show it on here, its my first time makin a post on here, and im really scared i might get hate. But ya know what? wOteVar x` https://imgur.com/a/ODWD224 Link To The Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4jud5cyxwqhe7dg/Scythe_Rig_%28By_SilentGamerGirl%29.rar/file
  2. BloxTheRigger

    Phone Rig!

    Again, pretty Self-Explanatory: Hope you like Please give feedback Updates (Hopefully): (Anything else suggested) Thanks for viewing, and as always, more to come! -Please give credit in your video, art or description (or whatever else).
  3. so i chose to make another rig, and here you go! (pistols not mine) pics: download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9nk9jpbdyvaagdh/Rig.zip
  4. This time, the scary wallpaper. Including @ThatRobloxerGamerYT's Wendigo rig, I am now making a horror animation as first-person view, exploring the mysterious house, facing threats and unlogical pieces, but he finds himself being stalked.
  5. Hi, I created a simple model of ant with severals textures that you can use in Mine-imator. Screenshots : The download also contain a model for Techne. MCSkin3D can use this model that you can see with a texture in the program. Updated 12-01-2020 : - Adding a texture of second brown ant version. - Adding a darker texture of the red ant. - Adding a simple rig of ant nest. - Adding new example project for testing the animations of the model. New screenshots : Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/4t5sve7p1gbc86u/Ant_Model_Updated_2020-01-12.zip/file
  6. Thanks to @-StickyMations-, I was able to create this wallpaper, and @ShotUAnimations for the Lens Dirt textures. I must admit Cherno Alpha is one of the best badass Jaegers in PR movie, but if Sticky creates Titan Redeemer rig, he's God to me.
  7. Click to see the video Sorry, soon I will add English subtitles, not that it will make much difference unless you're subscribed to my YouTube channel. I will soon release a short film with this Enderman
  8. Rizbo

    Hytale Capes Rig! ✔

    Hytale Capes rig by:Rizbo Hello,MI Friends Im Rizbo back AgAiN!?! Im sorry but only one rig pack (kinda) today its for Mine Imator (obviously) feel free to use it for animations or renders or wha ever u want to make feel free to scale add something strecth what ever u want but please credit! IM A SUPERHERO NOW! Features: U can change it to any color . U cant bend. Now i know im sorry no bend i dont know how to make it but still is a cape its till cool ( i think i hope lel )these rigs are made for u and i hope u like it feedback will be appreciated! Really hope u like expect more Hytale rigs from me! It would mean a LOT if u Subscribe to my Youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhoGzKueAOPa3OfVbAhLQg?view_as=subscriber Thanks For Visiting and See u Till I Upload The Next Rig
  9. Hytale props rig by:Rizbo Hello,MI Friends Im Rizbo back again!! Its a Hytale Props rig for Mine Imator im sure its done feel free to use it for your animations but please credit and feedback if u dont like something! Here is a pic of the items and props: I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYYY! Thanks to MI Forums user ShinyGHASTTear for the Hytale Base Model! If u want to download the Model click the Download! Really hope u like expect more Hytale rigs from me! It would mean a LOT if u Subscribe to my Youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhoGzKueAOPa3OfVbAhLQg?view_as=subscriber Thanks For Visiting and See u Till I Upload The Next Rig
  10. click here to download the sonic rig https://www.mediafire.com/file/3wcyrp33rxshd7f/sonic.rar/file click here to down load the running sonic rig https://www.mediafire.com/file/6s6mc6e20bznxmg/sonic_(running).rar/file
  11. Want a security camera with unneccissarily realistic textures? Course you do! That's why I made one. I even added a working screen because I wanted to look so nice. Ok, so it's not "Minecraft-y". Textures are loaded in the folder, so you can change em if ya want. Please credit if using. (Would YOU want to take credit for this monstrosity?) As always, comments and jealousy are appreciated (cuz I got an ego) DOWNLOAD
  12. LIsPixel

    Lightsaber Tools

    So yeah here you go, i just make lightsaber tools. tools minecraft. and yeah i got this idea when i watching The animators vids, and yeah i make the first on Cinema 4.D Then, i make on Mine-Imator This trick took me 2 years, to make perfect inner glow, and outter glow. Using Mine-Imator Community Build by @Nimi I can make this. Well, in another methods you can edit on photoshop Make new layer, change the Normal to overlay then done. Well here you go the Spoiler and Image so yeah, you can now make it for animation, render, etc. what ever you want. oh yeah, if the colour saber doesn't change. Change the Render depth. to 3 > 7 > I recommended you to use Mine-Imator Community Build Latest Version by Nimi. Because if you using the Original Mine-Imator, the outer glow doesn't work. why? you need bloom And note, don't ever make the image or render transparent because the outter glow will be gone or hidden. Hope you guys like it. Try it, you can credit what ever you want, if you don't credit me no problem but pls don't sell this >_> Here the video that i got this idea. This video by NinjaCharlieT https://www.youtube.com/user/NinjaCharlieT/featured Download here http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/aYw1U0X1/file.html https://sellfy.com/p/EWwk/ thx you and Bye
  13. https://www.mediafire.com/file/dtt9hlxa2nm0esv/Part.zip/file This is my first version of Behemoth, twice as tall as Steve and has two defensive shields that can go by side AND in front. It equips Tsar, a deadly weapon that wields rockets that causes devastating explosions. Now, vote for another poll of Modelbench creation!
  14. Credits goes to LPD(dunno if that's the LPD in here from Discord, so I ain't pinging until I know for sure).
  15. ECM (Extrude Character Model) is a model that i made for my works. It's the first model i made finger rig and extrusion on all part (Except the body). And it look like this Features: - Auto 3D hat (Overlay only) - Wrists - Fingers - Extrusion (Old method) FRM (Facial Rig Model) FRM is the first time i make facial rig in Modelbench (Only eyes part and the rest are made in Mine Imator). I don't know what to talk about this rig. So, okay... Features: - Eye's edge color (Need to change the skin without eyes first) - Bended eyebrows - Lips (Color) - Tongue Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/clg3c4vc8q42h61/ECM_and_FRM.zip/file (Don't need to credit it but don't claim as yours)
  16. Lionnet

    SAO Augma Rig

    So I watched this Movie called "sword art online the movie: ordinal scale" and they had a Gear named "Augma" and I thought that it would be cool to make a rig... This is my first rig, so don't scream at my like a baby! So... AH! Pictures! So... uh... I need Dowload!!! So thanks for clicking on my post!
  17. ForgedAxe


    Hello! I have a bracelet rig for you It is my very first rig (please don't downvote if this is bad)
  18. yep... Change any color you want: and more... Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/ephez0g4d39x6s9/Furniture_by_XX_Relax_XX.rar/file
  19. SharpWind

    Sharp's Face Rig!

    I have made a FACIAL RIG for you to use if you guys want to use it in your animation! basically.... i'm not too good with words, i basically just wanted to paste the link to the video where you can find it Have fun!
  20. -=Fryz rig=- hope you like it! Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ekkp4m6aqazdqut/FryzBoneScythe.rar/file have fun ! OINK!
  21. Skyrim Daedric Sword MI version made using 1.2.5 version fo MI it has few parts and it has less lag easy to use and it was 100% pure MI organize parts I'am so very sad that I cant Share the armor its just so messy and it has so many parts Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/k9j7lkva67ue35l/Daepig_Sword.rar/file if you have any question about the rig just send me message ^_^ have fun! oink!
  22. F.t Darl Edited [F.t Mike Model] Skin : Mr.Darl F.t jaw : Mr.Darl Edit by : JohnTRm14 Added: Body Plates 2 Face Plates New Endo BUN BUN! And Mike lel So Here the Picture F.t darl with Bonbon Darl And this is the Open Plates Soooooooooooooo........................... U want it? DOWNLOAD NOW! http://www.mediafire.com/file/fnn6eewgeh23jpd/F.t Darl [F.t Mike style].rar
  23. Rig will much be appreciated since I am a new mine-imator. Please put the download in the desc. and remember "No Pic No Click!"
  24. MineRig

    smart phone rig

    Wait a minute this isn't a vehicle rig.... Introducing a phone rig i made a day ago Images Types of screens available DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/gbgkq51l2fa2oai/Cell_phone_updated.rar/file
  25. This is my Work in Progress Tripod rig This tripod is From The Jeff Wayne adaption (the musical version) Hope you like it!! anyway Here's some piccys
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