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Found 2039 results

  1. MineRig

    smart phone rig

    Wait a minute this isn't a vehicle rig.... Introducing a phone rig i made a day ago Images Types of screens available DOWNLOAD
  2. jailrush

    XxJRushxX's Book Rig

    Made a Book Rig today. It's a minor rig because I've been drained of inspiration. So here's a rig to save everybody the hassle of using an enchantment table! Contains: -No wonky rotation! -User-friendly -3 Extra pages Download:
  3. ShinyGHASTTear

    HYRIG (Hytale Rig) W.I.P.

    Hello guys, Yanuar Mohendra is here! This time I want to tell you all about my latest work, that's HYRIG! (Hytale Rig Pack) This rig pack is still in progress and still far from done, but you can now test my hytale player base model and tell me if there's something wrong... it's the preview : It's just a little boy wearing his underwear, don't forget the bald head. If you want to download that base model, click the download button below! I'll always update this post and will make a new post for the complete rig (pack)... thanks to everyone who supported me, and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel Yanuar Mohendra XD . . . . . don't open
  4. HI EVERYBODY, if you're reading this, you probably are interested in my packs medieval rigs! In 4K Sword's Axe's Helmet's Shield's Picture's:
  5. Marten

    Steve hands rig (+1.0.0)

    Steve hands rig This if my first attempt at making hands, Hopefully they're not too bad. I will add my facial rig to it later to make a complete steve rig! Terms of use You're allowed to use it as long as you credit me for making the rig. You're not allowed to claim that you made it or was a part of it.
  6. ThiefPlayz735

    Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

    I made this Miles rig to the best of my ability. (My first rig,Fixed the download.)
  7. thatkidyt

    A burger

    Well i revisited the burger idea after like 3 years or something and yeah here it is Disclaimer For some reason the movement thing is at the center of the map keep that in mind idk how to fix that yet I really wanna go commit die (Its a joke moderators plz dont ban me)
  8. @Ludo Silver was my inspiration for the 1963 exterior, I just looked up images of the others, and edited the '63 from there I've uploaded my first pack! Said pack contains all the TARDISes you see in this GIF. Package Contents: 1963 1966 1970 1980 1996 2005 2010 2018 Download:
  9. AAC Honey Badger with 8 Paint (.mimodel) Voxel is boring. So, im back to Item Sheet Method but with Modelbench -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Gun Spec] Damage : Medium Bullet : .300 Black Out Fire Rate : 800 RPM Wieght : 2.8 Kg Category : PWD Rifle -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Info] *Made with Item Sheet and Modelbench (.mimodel) *Iron Sight can be Rotate if you Add some Attachment *The Stock can be extended *Low Laggness if you Duplicate the Model *For Mine Imator 1.1.4 >>>>>>>> Download Here <<<<<<<< ?Upvote or Comment for more Rig?
  10. Hello! Long time no see fellow mine imator users Although I may have been off of the forums for 2 years , but I haven't given up on Mine Imator , In fact , I think my skills improved Today I want to show you my redesing of Steve that I made , I was inspired by other channels like BlueMonkey and make my own desing , for my animations and renders. I tried to stray as much as possible of other Steve desing's without losing Og's Steve desing. I am working on Alex too. Here he is, please tell me In the comments your thoughts, and constructive critsicism is always welcome : Bye
  11. KeniisuCraft Animatronic Rig Pack: DOWNLOAD THE PACK RIGS: Springtrap: DONE! Phantom la Niña: COMING SOON Phantom BB: COMING SOON Phantom Francisco Pizzaro: DONE! Phantom Puppet: COMING SOON Phantom Mangle: COMING SOON Nightmare Mike: COMING SOON Nightmare Clyde: COMING SOON Nightmare la Niña: COMING SOON
  12. carter1122

    sonic rigs pack 1

    click here to download the sonic rig click here to down load the running sonic rig
  13. WitherCube


    2 days for this rig (It because i'm LAZY) Pleases leave a comment i really want to know what you guys think about it. DOWNLOAD
  14. Anthony's Rigs

    (Donkey Kong) King K. Rool rig

    I've been away for a while and I thought that I would come back with something special. I just played smash ultimate with a friend and thought I'd make a rig of my favorite character. Images: Features: Has bendable arms / legs Has bendable fingers / toes Has bendable cape Very easy to animate The crown, jaw, cape, eyes, and even the stomach are separate objects Eyes and gem glow in the dark Download: Here And as always, have fun!
  15. DizzyProductions

    Backpack Rig (My first rig)

    This is my first rig, thanks to @NietyFox for giving me help on how to rig! Download:
  16. XDani96

    EnderDragon-Rig new!

    I Can not find the normal model Ender Dragon And here I decided to put his version of the model Although the original version of the model was another author I just changed and koechto added. (Enjoy) (Наслаждайтесь)
  17. bubba

    Shantae WIP Rig

    WOW IT"S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I POSTED, HUH? *clears throat* Hey MI Forums! So recently, I've been playing Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, and I thought to myself... "man, shantae has a very interesting design." So I put that into Mine-imator... The Face rig can be downloaded from this link: Everything else is by me! The following are some things I know must be tweaked: The hair is a bit to short The chest seems weird to me, but maybe thats because its a Minecraft Character with... uh... protrusions The arms are going to be tweaked to have fingers Any CC is wanted!
  18. Agentsecret24

    Paul the Enderman V.2

    If you like what I do, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. Terms Of Service: 1. Credit if Used 2. No NSFW Download: Follow me! Twitter: Discord: Bandcamp: Music Credit: Outro: Track: NIVIRO - Diamond [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. H Free Download / Stream: If you make an Animation with this rig, please tag me. I would really like to see it.
  19. Cyprès

    Forest Golem V.1 & V.1.1 [Rig]

    Hello ! This is my first rig ! tell me what you think about it ^^ Credits : The wallpaper who inspired me : "Friendship" by Menace Using the vines texture of Mr. Cat's Golem : Fallen Leaves by ZZZZane : wallpaper edited with paint.NET Forest Golem rig by MrCreeper666 . All Trees Types : Little problem who can add difficulty to animate [fixed] : Coming soon in V.2 : - More models -resolution of bending and rotating problem -customisation Download V.1 : Download V.1.1 [fixed rotation&bending] : V.2 Update incoming : • 3 versions of the forest golem [in developpement] : - original version, including customisations (boughs, mushrooms, mouth maybe... ?) - custom texturepack version (with customisations added to the orginal, less 3D eyes and mouth) - an "easy bending" version proposed by Erum Games if you have some ideas for the customisation, leave a comment can credit me, but it's not an obligation (except if you repost it on another website)
  20. Doge Gaming

    Little Girl Rig

    Behold, my Child Girl Rig! Here's the download! This rig is a bit old but I want to release it to the public. I hope you enjoy! EDIT: Added pictures!
  21. Sergoshik

    Skeletron rig! [terraria]

    I have finished my mighty Skeletron rig (FINALY). It looks a little ugly, i tried. DOWNLOAD >>> <<< Aslo, i know than Wall of flesh is a pillar. And remember, tell me what shall i do next! [no moon lords or ocrams] don't claim as yours no credit needed if it used in animation or art.
  22. Zerghunter666

    Slimp Showcase (4K)

    Completely made by me. Simple humanoid rig I made from scratch that I call "Slimp." The rig was heavily inspired by UnmuteChannel's humanoid rig that he has made in the past. Added my own original look and made everything from scratch. Made within one sitting and is planned to be used in a big project in the future. Tell me what you think about it. Fun fact: I struggled for about 3 hours trying to get the fingers to work and look how I wanted them to.
  23. MostlyMinecraft

    electronic helmet thing I made awhile ago

    Today I will release a very strange looking helmet I made. I honestly don't know what it's supposed to be, it could be used for multiple things (like: mind control, Virtual Reality type of thing, brainwash, etc). But since I'll probably never use it and it's not the worst thing I've made (it's also nowhere never my best work either), I thought I'd release it because I don't have anything better to do with it. So have a really weird helmet thingy................ Lol [If pictures don't load, click the link] Picture (download is below pictures): Download:
  24. SKIBBZ

    SFR V.6 (Facial Rig)

    Here, have another update for that one face rig. This rigs intention is for overly expressive facial expressions but can also be used normally, too. The gif below provides some examples of overly exaggerated faces that you can make with the face rig. > Download Here < *For MI 1.2.1 or above* (if updates don't break the rig)
  25. apocablakz

    Guns Pack Rig V1

    The Pack of Guns, created by apocablakz, a package that brings five functional weapons, with recharging system, to make animations of the 21st century with updated weapons (sorry for the delay, but better late than never) Download Complete: Here Note:in the personalized descriptions, they bring a personalized link, where you can download the weapons separately Weapons Magnum .44 Spas 12 AK-47 Z93 Minigun I hope you liked it, one thing, they still do not have bullets, they will be finished for the next version. If you create an animation with these weapons pass me the link, to see it.