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Found 1996 results

  1. This is my version of a humanized female Ender Dragon Time Made: 2 days. **Will Soon Probably be Updating if I want to update it** Drawing Verison will be on the bottom Front View Back View Extra Views + Addons Chinese Dragon Tattoo - Glows in the dark. Claw View - Bendable Feet to follow the foot movement. Horns
  2. XxMattewxX

    Preview character v1.0

    This is a preview of my Skin. Download:[Fix]
  3. Kylebirch

    Glock rig

    This is something that i had made a while back but never uploaded. so here it is. no need for credit but do tag me so i can see what you make with it Download:
  4. Daffa_the_One

    Nerf Retaliator

    Nerf Retaliator Nerf Retaliator with 21 Meter long Shoot 12 Shoot Magazine Detail Model with Item sheet Lagless With 4 Color(paint) >>>Download<<<
  5. Addictivemelon

    Bread rigs

    Bread rigs made by AddictiveMelon Props that this rig includes: Baguette whole/slice Normal loaf/white bread/toast Pretzel Bun Bagel Models made with Cubik Studio
  6. Xeather

    A Phone [Beta V1]

    Color 1 - Red Color 2 - White Color 3 - Black Download [Beta V1]:[Beta+V1)
  7. Bat Rax

    Herobrine + Halloween Version

    Herobrine + Halloween Version Pictures Herobrine Futures : Glowing Eyes Halloween Version Futures : Glowing Eyes Smoking Hands Download Link [ ]
  8. PixelVGaming

    MugMan RIG!

    Looking for MUGMAN? Use this one! Hey guys so I know in the "Cuphead RIG" Page I said I will make an Mugman Model tomorrow [THINK] I got a little too bored so I thought I will make 1 MORE! So I am lucky I am not tired today But yeah I hope you enjoy this RIG! You can start animating! Straw/Eyes/Move Pupils/Blink/Resize the mouth (You can do that on CUPHEAD too)/Move teeth/Move Mouth/ Resize eyes/Color the eyes/AND MORE! Grab the RIG now! And remember I didn't use any rigs of the others. I just went to and I got an MUGMAN skin and did the head but I used Sharp's RIG t make the face CREDITS: Sharp's Face Rig Anyways enough typing or talking whatever Here is the RIG! \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ Mugman/Mediafire/Link: File size: 66.86 KB (.MIOBJ) - PIXELVGAMING MUGMAN RIG!
  9. Bat Rax

    Basic Steve Rig

    Basic Steve Rig Download : Futures: Eyes Lips Tongue Teeth ------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to my YouTube Channel it's Free Now
  10. PixelVGaming

    Cuphead RIG!

    Looking for a Cuphead RIG? Here is one! Eyes/Blink Mouth/Smile/Frown/Move Teeth!/Move Tongue!/Move Pupils/Eyebrows!/Straw! Start Animating! This is my first RIG and I think I did a pretty good job for my first time I hope you like it! Mugman coming soon I think tomorrow! Link/MediaFire/Cuphead!: File size: 67.19 KB (.MIOBJ)
  11. PixelVGaming

    How do i post something.

    I just started this "Mine-Imator" Account and I don't know how to post something I been searching for a post thing for an hour! So please help me! That would be great!
  12. Herobette

    Queen Rosalie [Rig]

    Human Form (I retextured the eye to my design. ^^) Back View Brine [Herobrine] Form Extra Views: Ring and Cloth Time Taken: 5 hours. This rig is private. Do not ask for the rig. Thank you. Drawing Of Rosalie: I sadly did not draw her disguise outfit since I have to make the skin. But Here's Rosalie! *She has a ring on her finger because, in my backstory, she is married to Herobrine.* [Keep in mind. This is my version of Herobrine, not the canon character that Mojang made] ^u^ I am super proud of this rig as well. The cloth is the new thing I tried for once!
  13. Xeather

    Atari 2600 Rig v2

    -Atari 2600 v1 -Download v1: -Atari 2600 v2 (Don't Resize It Because This Can Cause For The Atari Rig A Lot Of Parts Changing Scale) -Download v2:
  14. A timelapse of the Monk's TARDIS as seen in the 1965 episode, The Time Meddler. Download:'
  15. A timelapse of the Floral TARDIS as inspired by the Dalek Mod which will be shut down soon. Download:
  16. Raph Crafter

    Super Mario Bros Rig

    Hi there! Today i will show you a new super mario bros rig! It's my very first rig that I share to the Mine-Imator Community! I hope you will like it! I would like you to do not reupload my rig and tell that you make it! thanks! So here's some Screenshots : I hope u like it! I make this rig for one of my futurs animations because i didn't find another rig that looks good! So bye! Have a great day
  17. KoolProductions

    KoolkidAKs Herobrine Rig With Shining Eyes

    Herobrine Rig By KoolkidAK32 Download : Pics:
  18. A timelaspe of the Statenhiem Remote as used by the Rani in the 1985 Doctor Who episode 'The Mark of the Rani' Download:
  19. A timelapse of a 6.5 mm Carcano rifle which, if you remember your history, was used on November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas, Texas to assasinate the 34th president of the US, John F. Kennedy. I will use this in an upcoming animation too. Download:
  20. Dan The Bunny

    7723 from "NEXT GEN" Rig WIP

    Hey everyone! I recently started rigging 7723 from "Next Gen" (By recently I mean a couple weeks ago) This movie came out on Netflix awhile back, I personally REALLY enjoyed this moved and I wanted to rig 7723. So I did just that. I have almost finished with this thing, the only thing that needs to be rigged or....done, is his back. Front Here is the front of the rig, I have spent SO LONG working on this thing, I hope that i get good feedback from it. Side Here is the side of the rig, not much to see except the actual rig. I added a couple things of my own like the glowing green in the joints. I think it fits really well. Back Here is the back, now I think you see why I still need to rig the back....but hey, not that far til' it's done. I also need to make the inside of the thing so it doesn't look hollow. Well, that's my 7723 rig so far, I am EXTREMELY happy it turned out so well, I hope all of you are too! Thanks for....reading? xP ~ Dan
  21. Herobette

    Anti Glitch [Oc Rig]

    Here's my OC, Anti Glitch She did have an old outfit but it was hard to rig since I am not professional rigger soooo Yeah! I am really proud of the results of this rig!
  22. WitherCube


    2 days for this rig (It because i'm LAZY) Pleases leave a comment i really want to know what you guys think about it.
  23. Herobette

    Mister Dark [Rig - OC]

    Finally made a rig of my OC, Mister Dark Here's His Reference (I left out the cloak) I am proud of this rig!
  24. MineRig

    Dodge Charger Rig ( pre-release )

    Today i bring you guys a pre release of the Dodge Charger rig hope u like it!! Also criticism is appreciated, tell me what to add to this rig to improve it. * Please note this rig is not 100% finished * IMAGES I really want to know what u guys will create with this rig Updates coming soon. DOWNLOAD
  25. This is my first public rig - Sans From Undertale, with a bone. For variety, I made two language versions, English and Polish. Skin used in rig: Download! — English Version Download! — Polish Version Enjoy!