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  1. This method for a public rig: This method if you want only you to get the download link: Things I'm good at: Type anithing you want, I'll try my best on it. NOT COMMENT UNTIL I SAY SO
  2. Iani

    Warden Pack

    This is V2 of my Warden rig, I made this rig even crazier than the previous rig The feature: The minus of this rig: Some keyframe preview: You can download it here!! https://www.mediafire.com/file/r7fyt9had28bvl8/Warden_rig.zip/file You dont have to credit me ok:)
  3. Iani

    Warden Rig

    This is my first rig, So i have to make an awesome rig Anyway this is my own Warden rig, The advantage is:They have rotateable rib, Glow Part, And they have 2 skin, Bare bones and default Disadvantage:This rig is not bendable:( This is the rig preview And this is the render i made using this rig You can download it here:) https://www.mediafire.com/file/bw77tlghsvnmvy5/Iani%27s_Warden_Rig.zip/file You don't have to credit me, But if you want it's ok:) So that's is my first rig, If you like it, Thankyou!! Bye-bye:) And oh yeah maybe later i will improve this rig because the rib is broken
  4. As it all says in the title this will be my last EVER Mine-Imator creation and rig. I've now fully moved to Blender and since then have been loving it. I wanted to remake my rigs for a long time so I here are the remakes. As a parting gift I've released these. Renders: Features Include: Male and Female Verions Base Rig (Arms/Legs) Wrist/Ankle Toe Control Latest and updated version of SAFR Smooth and Gapped Teeth Singalized Texturing Pupil Control Nose and Ear presets (optional) Scale Friendly Animation Folders IK Mimic Thumb Fill Advanced Waist Control Optimization If there are any bugs please report to them via discord ShotUGaming#4662 Release video coming soon. If enough people request a alpha face rig version, another version will be made.
  5. I'm very proud... Yup... I made this btw ( ;
  6. I made a rig for a minecraft cape/elytra! You can make the cape or the elytra invisible if you only want the other thing. Picture cape: Picture Elytra: Download When you want to use it, notify me and give credits to me. If you have rig ideas for me, comment them and I will try my best on making it. If someone gives me a idea, he/she doesn't need to give credits to me. Hope you enjoy the rig!
  7. Painted in Gimp Glasses Made by Me Link to Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mka98o2pt9rqif7/Blue_Suit_PSY_Rig.rar/file
  8. I made a ,,better'' version of the classic steve model! This rig contains: -31 bendable hair parts -Fingers -3D clothes -Fully functional facerig -Normal steve model Download it now! Pic:
  9. Auto3DSkin V1.0 [By: SrT] Hello everyone. Hope you are having a nice day/afternoon/night. In previous posts you said that I am working on an Auto3DSkin Rig for Mine-Imator. And Today, I have finished said Rig and I can finally publish the Rig publicly for download. But first I would like to say a few things. What is Rig Auto3DSkin? Auto3DSkin Rigs are in simple words: "A Rig whose default skin can be changed and by doing so, the second skin layer is automatically placed in 3D". It could be explained in more detail, how such placement occurs and etc, but I'm not here for that. What are the characteristics of my Rig? The characteristics of my Rig are the following: The Rig is still in an early version and I plan to improve it from time to time. I would really appreciate it if people who use my Rig tell me what they think of it. Rabbits and opinions are welcome. The use of the Rig is completely free. My only request is that if possible, please give me credits With nothing more to add, I leave you with the Link of the existing versions of this Rig. Auto3DSkin V1.0 [By: SrT] [EnglishVersion] https://www.mediafire.com/file/umnjwgycgdg4m38/Auto3DSkin%5BV1%5D%5BBySrT%5D_%5BEnglishVersion%5D.rar/file Auto3DSkin V1.0 [By: SrT] [SpanishVersion] https://www.mediafire.com/file/ly93xa2z30u3mmm/Auto3DSkin%5BV1%5D%5BBySrT%5D_%5BSpanishVersion%5D.rar/file Thank you very much for reading this Post. Att: SrT
  10. A collection of rigs I've made and feel like sharing! If I make any more and want to share them publicly, I will update this post! PLEASE GIVE CREDIT IF USING THEM!! Just a link to this post works or any of my socials. IMPORTANT NOTES!!!! Some of these are made kinda weird and or old, so sorry if anything is done wrong or stupidly. Usually the complete rigs are .miproject files! Just load all the files you need until you find the right one. Jacks eyes, eyebrows, and nose colors are broken for some reason. Refreshing his model, jack.mimodel, in the Resources Tab will fix the issue! Check out the wallpapers I've used some of these rigs in! MCSM Style Mario & Luigi https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14CNYXAw08F_A_htldBKMoMnrJgEnFFHZ?usp=sharing LM1 Ghosts https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DYV0Jv7eLUjfUKE0XihwZ241J29vd6xW?usp=sharing LM1 Poltergust https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xwxT7sQLY4RDj5uq6vg1r6-Mc2CWHgFl?usp=sharing Roman https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dkMT60Jy8hAzSIZa_wmyKCs8kSg8fWD3?usp=sharing Glen https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VqZohU5ILkOlknZrh-unsb22x-pvSw0N?usp=sharing MCSM Style Creeper https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oAwSxarZ08t8mdsAsG_9C66YT9DvIte_?usp=sharing MCSM Jack Jacks eyes, eyebrows, and nose colors are broken for some reason. Refreshing his model, jack.mimodel, in the Resources Tab will fix the issue! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Df_AsdWnx9k0IgnzkSyoLUJ2KVVoM5AH?usp=sharing
  11. Hello everyone. I hope you are having a nice day/afternoon/night. My name is SrT, also known as Tulian. Today I'm here to show you a preview of the rig that I'm going to publish shortly. The Auto3DSkin V1.0 The Rig was made from scratch and has the following features 1_ Body divided into three for a comfortable bend and greater softness. 2_ Arms divided into three parts; Arm - Wrist - Hand. (Arm and wrist with flexion). 3_ Hand with fingers. (The hand can be hidden and revealed according to your preference.) 4_ Legs divided into leg and foot. (Both with separate fold) 5_ Front layer of the head with bend 6_ And more. That is all for now. Soon I will make a publication with the Rig fully described and with all the features it has. If you have any tips, recommendations or are interested in testing the Rig before publication, please comment or contact me. Have a nice day/afternoon/night.
  12. I made the red Amongus character! He can bend his body, his legs, his backpack and the eyerglass(for emotions). Pic: Download
  13. Entibrine303

    Baby rig!

    The Baby rig is ready! Download And, @9redwoods, please don't be angry because I used your model as a template.
  14. So... I made a new rig. It's a purple creature with black spikes on its back and head and long arms and legs. Picture: Download And it can bend... weird. See it bending like crazy!
  15. Two people voted for it in this post, so here is the download for the Glare model! Download
  16. BELOW IS AN ARTICLE I HAD POSTED: So, yeah, here's a Mamenchisaurus .mimodel for whoever wants it to use in Mine Imator. Is my first project, so I would be glad to read your reviews. Texture from yDino Craft. Couldn't find a photo online, so you can check out the original model at , from 9:03 to 9:31. (It's the blue sauropod.) Download .mimodel here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/69yyf1hle0uw5i4/mamenchisaurus.mimodel/file (Texture is here: https://www.mediafire.com/view/gtg1qvbux75a3mz/mamenquissauro_listra.png/file ) Thing is, something's wrongwith the bend modes and rigs of rotation. If you download it, you 'll understand what I mean. Please reply if you believe you can help me out. Oh Lord, I would wholeheartedly appreciate it!
  17. If you want the download, check the poll!
  18. The Moon annaunced in the Sun rig topic is DONE! He has the same features as Sun. Download
  19. The model I annaunced yesterday is done! Moondrop is following soon. Download! You can still send me rig ideas/wishes!
  20. I made a model for "The Amalgamation", Inspired from the Amalgamation from ZAMination. And I didn't really make everything, I used parts from models by other creators. Pic: Download Endo parts by Zyn Withered heads by Far.bod.2
  21. Warden - Minecraft My YouTube channel: GabrielDja My WebSite: GabrielDja Official To display the hidden faces: Import the model on Mine-Imator Select the model in the scene Go to graphics And activate "Activate hidden faces".
  22. It's not much, but...
  23. Hi, I'm back with a new rig! It is a minecraft character rig who wears a diamond armor! He can bend and you can change the skin! Pics: Download
  24. Entibrine303

    Kirby rig!

    Kirby rig . To make different emotions, make mouths/eyes that you don't want invisible. Pic with happy emotion: Download
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