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Found 6 results

  1. I had a project where I had a custom Modelbench-made player model in the resources of the project. made some instances of that model (With downloaded skins), then attempted to delete the model from the resources tab which resulted in Mine-Imator crashing. Edit : It happened again but with a regular non-player model. Here is the error : Invalid id 122754 in CppProject::Asset::Find:86 Version: 2.0 Pre-release 5 (Windows 10 Version 2009)
  2. Jexiplier

    Mod Item's

    Hi, there is a mod that I really like, and I wanna know how to use it in my animation. Can someone help me on how to export its model I just want the furniture on the mod's and nothing else, but it seems like there is no current tutorial on this topic or I may just using the wrong keywords in searching.
  3. I made a simple resourcepack that makes the sun and moon 3D. it can be useful for more "realistic" but still default-looking animations, and you can even use the resourcepack in Minecraft for a nice touch! made with Mine-Imator https://www.mediafire.com/file/3103fcyr45scwhe/3D_sun_and_moon.zip/file the sun texture: the moon phases texture:
  4. This was not a problem with me until later on. Mine-imator is using up 90% of my CPU. I am using a 64bit Windows 8.1 Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Built-in NVIDA. I can't toggle the priority of the process. I am not sure if this is a graphics problem or that the latest update requires more usage. I discovered this as it slows down other graphics-powered image editors such as Paint.NET. This is regardless if my project's workspace is empty or not. Even rendering gets worse over time. I have over 600GB free space. If I can get answers as to why this is happening, that'd be wonderful thanks. This is an awesome program by the way. I am thinking of re-installing it but it will still be the same program. So I am simply guessing there's another cause.
  5. Disclaimer: I do not own any of these websites, or the content that produces them. If you have questions, ask those who are on the website or ask the owner him/herself. ÜberKiller: Judging by the title, this is an area of where you can find a lot of resources for your animations and videos of any kind. You can come here every once in a while to help you find that one sound you really need, or a certain effect you've been looking for. This list will remain free and will not have pirated things. The list will be updated every once in a while so check back every week for new websites added. An update log will be on the bottom for what websites I add. If you want to add any websites, be sure it fills quota: Quota: This quota is subject to change and can change due to any event in the past or future. These are ordered by what you may need, so sift in the correct category. Links marked in green mean the resource can be used freely. Links in red mean you will have to provide credit for use of the sounds. Links in orange mean some require credit and some do not. In the rigs section, there are multiple rigs for various uses. However, there are no duplicate rigs added. (Seriously, we have hundreds of Steve rigs.) Truckload of thanks to Ayhay for making the whole rig spreadsheet. His work will not go un-noticed as it is currently bigger than most links we have here. I will add to it and update it when I get a free chance. Current List of Rigs as of August 13th Stock Video: Vegasuar Free Page - Great quality effects/footage/templates for videos. Very narrow selection however. Video Effects: Detonation Films - Not everything is free, the link is to their free stuff list so you may search yourself. Contains mid-grade generic explosion and fire effects. Footage Crate - Contains a very broad area of things. It's mainly video effects, but it also has free sound effects and graphics too. Music/Score: Liquid Cinema - Seems these guys played naughty and don't have links. You can use it as a stepping stone, but remember, piracy is illegal. Incompetech - A vast library of score and music as far as the eyes see. Even the most popular of youtubers come here for music. TeknoAxe - A good selection of Techno and Metal score with some orchestral music included. The Secession Studios - A stellar quality of trailer score and movie score. A license is available for purchase, otherwise you just need to provide credit. Free Stock Music - An amazing selection of different and wide variety of film score to use. You will need to create an account though, but it's all well and good. mobygratis - The website functions in an odd manner, but you have to send for an application to use the music. Then in 24 hours you will be given the greenlight, or you will not be permitted to use the sounds. However the score selection is nearly endless so it is worth the reward. CC Archive - A list of hand-picked websites to get music under a creative commons license. This is where to get music, not score. Though this is a great stepping stone to find some good music. Sound Effects: Flash Kit - Contains generic effects for use in videos. Not everything is high quality, so at your own risk. Free Sound - Sound Effects made by users on the website. You will need to register a profile to use the website, but it's well worth it. Sound Bible - A whole website dumped with sound effects. Lots to choose from. The sources are rather questionable though, so be careful. Blink Farm - A bunch of high quality gun sound effects. Sound FX Center - Great - High quality sound effects for various uses. They even have video game sound effects. (the good ones!) Sweet Sound Effects - Free to use and good quality sound effects for a variety of uses. Media College - Released under creative commons, and most sound effects are pretty good for an Indie company. Sound Jay - Very good sound effects from this website, and most, if not all, are free. Lacks searching though. Sound Snap - The sounds on here can range from great to decent, so that's a good placement. Ordered in categories. FreeSFX - Great sound effects. High quality. But they limit your downloads. (Only 3 downloads per 3 mins) Findsounds - Basically a search engine for sounds. The quality is questionable, and some sounds aren't royalty free. Be sure to check the links provided. Sound Jax - Same as Findsounds, but with a bigger selection of sounds. Although they are citated. Terkoiz's Gift - A 160 mb bundle of sound effects from youtuber Terkoiz. The video description also includes a few other things.. Pepper's Old Sounds - This was released to Hyun's Dojo several years ago. They belong to the sound effect artist Dan Pepper. Free to use but do credit him if you would. That'd be nice. All: Cute Stock Footage - Contains a great selection of pretty much everything you'll need. There are some really great Royalty Free content here; you just need to wade through the other stuff first. Give Me Free Art - Fantastic selection of stock footage, art, backgrounds etc. Pretty much fine stuff for those looking for some stock video and other things. Youtube Audio Library - A search engine of sounds effects and music that's free to download. Can be sorted by it's filters for finer searching. D.I.Y. : Update Log:
  6. I'm not really good with schematics, so I can't help, but I noticed that, even though the schematics/textures are awesome, the resources sub-forum are mostly requests than resources itself, so I think David should make another category called "requests", just for organization's sake. What do you guys think?
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