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  1. I've been having this annoying problem for ages now and I can't find the solution, also tried rotating it differently to have the arm tilted while pointing forward. The problem here is that the Y-Axis doesn't rotate with the X-Axis. In particular, all I need to do is to rotate the Y-Axis (blue), the X-Axis (yellow) should be rotating with it. This get's even more annoying when Y is 90 and Z is -90 or about. The critical result means that Y AND Z will rotate the same way. The picture below shows the current setup I have where X is -82.5, Y is 0 and Z is 7.5. I really expect Y's rotation to stay relative so I can tilt it when it's angled. I have no problems with the 3 Axis directions with other objects. This bug appears to only apply to Body Parts.
  2. This is pretty much straight forward as a strong request for an update. If this was previously mentioned or was considered, please ignore this. Please edit the Armor Stand that has another variant. Keep the main variant, but the new one with arms. This is no joke, Minecraft actually has armor stands with arms. Adding arms in Minecraft is accessible with commands. Another armor stand feature is being child sized also via commands. Here's a quick picture I found as evidence. Please add the arms option/part?
  3. I have a project set to Taiga, I reopen Mineimator and go back to that project, the biome is still set to Taiga as expected but the colours start with plains until I click on a biome selection again. Expected behaviour: Reloading a project with a set biome automatically refreshes world colours. Problem: Reloading a project with a set biome uses plains colouring instead of the set biome. How to cause bug: Save a project with the biome set to anything other than plains, close Mineimator, reopen the project.
  4. I've worked out the problem. Turns out that it was an NVIDIA Graphics Driver update that had caused this. Switching to the Intel Graphics Driver for Mine-imator really helped. Can I suggest they work on an NVIDIA Graphics patch? "Did this only just start happening or has it been happening since you first got it?" Well, I had it for a long time, only earlier this week had it started to lag.
  5. This was not a problem with me until later on. Mine-imator is using up 90% of my CPU. I am using a 64bit Windows 8.1 Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Built-in NVIDA. I can't toggle the priority of the process. I am not sure if this is a graphics problem or that the latest update requires more usage. I discovered this as it slows down other graphics-powered image editors such as Paint.NET. This is regardless if my project's workspace is empty or not. Even rendering gets worse over time. I have over 600GB free space. If I can get answers as to why this is happening, that'd be wonderful thanks. This is an awesome program by the way. I am thinking of re-installing it but it will still be the same program. So I am simply guessing there's another cause.
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