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  1. πŸ›  ! Create Mod Rig Pack ! πŸ›  : Items so far : Tool - Box Clipboard Wrench Nixie Tube _________________________ What should I add next??? Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://crockettdyson.com/
  2. Why hello there ! It's been a long time since I've posted any models. Today I present you my second bed model pack ! Including a King-sized version as well as a Queen-sized one! This time around there's only one color/type, but you can easily open the model and replace the textures yourselves ! Enjoy DOWNLOAD HERE NOW Picture: for some reason I can't upload the queen sized version, but it's basically the same but like 10 pixels smaller
  3. Minecraft - Plush Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://crockettdyson.com
  4. So yesterday I made a model out of a random idea I had in my head and to be honest, it came out better than expected. Hopefully yous think the same as well as I'm really proud of it! I also made 2 renders of it as well, 1 of the renders can be used as a Mine-Imator Splash, so if you want to add it in, feel free to. -- F0rgxtten S0ul -- -- F0rgxtten S0ul W.I.P Screenshots -- ( Just incase yous want to see the progress of how I modelled it. ) And that's pretty much it! Tell me what you guys think of this model, I'm curious about your opinions on this fella.
  5. Hello! I made a wine glass model because nobody else has one! Reason being I have a render I'm working on, stay tuned... It comes solid white, you can change it to whatever color you want and turn the opacity down, I recommend using 30%. Here it is: DOWNLOAD ! So, as always, if you have ANY issues, please tell me. And, aswell, If you enjoy what I've made, please give me a upvote, but if not, give me a downvote and tell me how to improve in the future! And, also, I needed this glass for a little iddy-bitty project I'm working on; *This is the reference image, I will give a link to it, when the render is released in a couple days, not here, because if you see the reference image now, it ruins the surprise!* Enjoy the model and the sneak peak!
  6. !Frying Pan Rig! Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://crockettdyson.com/myrigs/
  7. !Window 95/98 Rig Pack! Visit my other rigs at crockettdyson.com
  8. I modified my keyboard rig because I added "English text & numbers"! I also changed each keycap to a "standard size" in reality. Let’s take a look at the keyboard I made using Modelbench, There is also a preview of lighting effects. Gray/Black Gray/White White/White White/Black Black/Black Black/White Use Only For [Mine-imator 2.0.2 up] or [Mine-imator 2.0.0 Pre-release 4] Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/891ke1ev8puepoa Please must tag author!!! Thanks!!! Tutorial It can CHANGE the LED color, If you ask me how to change the color, The following tutorial is my answer: Most unzip all files First! It is recommended to create a folder first. Change the LED Color Change Keyboard color
  9. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WINRAR IF YOU DON'T THEN CLICK THIS BELOW: WINRAR FNAF 3 Pictures: Here's more: PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING: Always give credit when using them in a video/picture/gif There is no moniter or camera , im sorry for that Customize the rig if you want but never claim it as YOU made it DOWNLOAD LINK: THANKS TO @Fox MinerFOR HELPING ME MAKE THIS RIG
  10. WinnythailandFX_Character_Model.png (current find site that allowed to host image rn pls help) Download Other Version WinnythailandFX's Character Model V2.1 (Dec 6, 2023) WinnythailandFX's Character Model V2 (April 20, 2023) [Closed] WinnythailandFX's Character Model V1.2 (Dec 6, 2023) WinnythailandFX's Character Model V1.1 (Feb 3, 2023) [Broken] WinnythailandFX's Character Model V1 (Nov 12, 2022) [Broken] Announcement i have plan to add facial rig into my model in next update, which it will be released on next year (2024) + with also other feature i plan as well so join my discord server for up-coming update to my model > https://discord.gg/FfrFtbdm5b - Compatible Mine-imator Version: β€’ Mine-imator 1.2.9 β€’ Any Modded Mine-imator 1.2.9+ β€’ Mine-imator 2.0 Pre-released 4 (Phase 1) β€’ Mine-imator 2.0.0 β€’ Any Modded Mine-imator 2.0.0+ - Description: a Cool Auto Extrude Character Model (whatever you called it) that can be made in under few min made by Orange Cat person, lol - Features: Fingers Blocky (Can be Toggle) Female Model (Include Model that Support 4px Classic Girl skin) Inverse Kinematics (Only for Mine-imator 2.0.0) Wrist & Ankle (Smooth bend) Can Toggle Jacket Layer - Questions Q: Can i modifying something into your Rig/Model? A: Sure, you can modifying something into my Rig/Model, if you want. so go ahead, [You]. go add something you want to add such as Hair, Facial Rig, whatever you want to add. longer as you don't claim my rig/model as yours Q: Why there is 4px Skin for Female A: Some people still used old classic Female 2012, so i decide to make one for people who still used 4px female skin, since no one making it (probably Due to alex model arm that look like more female i guess) - Update Patch Note 4 (Dec 6, 2023) Today is my birthday, and decide to update My model to fix bug with update download link discord > Mega.nz (note: had to update to google drive because someone can't access Mega.nz for some reason. - Dec 8, 2023) which is a site i use for 7 year now to host file download. so yeah (discord made a change where if you host files/image on anything on discord it will expired in few month which reasonable because hacker/scammer are use there to host malware) so yeah and also here patch log list i just fixed Fix Model where bottom texture didn't place correctly Fix Wrist & Ankle where it show backface texture Update to WinnythailandFX Character Model V1 to V1.2 to fix bottom extrude didn't place correctly Add new trailer Removed herobrine Preview Model (i still need to find new site host image pls help)
  11. News about medieval fantasy animation, |Dark Order| is revealed! hi! Every single person! This seems to be the last one after my last update My team and I are hard at work making and perfecting the first episode of our first product Medieval fantasy animation. -- Dark Order Here are some models to show! (Not the model in the first episode! Because our story is complete! So I made some characters and creatures that would appear in later episodes.) If you like it, please leave me a "like"! I hope you like these models! These are just a few! Or check out our trailer on YouTube! Leave your suggestions and comments! Our team will thank you very much!
  12. This is the official release of my siren control box, based off of the in real life Whelen Cencom Control Head! Here's a little test video! I am new at modeling, and I'm not that good at animation, so it might be better to use the model for yourself before judging it! If you have any suggestions, then go ahead and comment them! And if you have any issues, you can also ask, but I am not sure I will know the answer as I am still new to the modeling aspect of mine-imator. Well, you all are looking for the download, so here it is, BROKEN, SORRY FOR PROBLEMS Thank you for downloading! And its literally just a switch box, so don't bother crediting me. And note, that this can be used for whatever! It doesn't have to be a siren box, but that's what it was made as. If you want to know how to add textures to buttons, I have no idea, as I am still new to modeling, but I am sure somebody will figure it out! The way I worked around that issue was just use Mine-Imator's build in text and just scale it down to the button size, and it seemed to work. Again, suggestions are welcome, I am thinking of modeling a couple other siren boxes, but it could be up to you guys which ones.
  13. an Upcoming APB, FP6, and New sniper rifle model AW50(Victus XMR) Teasers from The Voxelated Armory. Stechkin APB: Reworked FP6 Shotgun: AW50(Victus XMR) Anti-materiel rifle: (with Pixelated textures)
  14. USTICA MADAM A4 UPDATE V5.0. Gonna be Public soon.... I was thinking to not post my final redesign model to the public until I make a music animation video that include the car in so it supprises the audience. But since I have short film project and school, I don't have time to make the music video so I choose to just post it now than never. And here is the render of the car that I made since 2020 till now 2023. ENJOY! (Keep in mind that this render is just a raw fast forward work render) I think this is the first car that would be fully customizable from paint job, wheels/tires, interior designs, addons, etc. And that's why I made each texture for body, interior, machine separately so it can be customized or just drag and drop the png files to the directory. There are also bunch of colors variation from default (Silver) to Red above. I'm sure it's not gonna be released to public right now but I think this year should be out for public. And here is the comparison of my car redesign from 2.0 below and 5.0 above:
  15. All toppins are placed in this pack (mushroom, cheese, tomato, sausage, pineapple). And , the cage ( we break to get toppins in the pizza tower game ) is placed in this pack with particle model by me DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IS5Zal6tZovwGhdESNUxqXMBFEMEmtQu/view?usp=drive_link
  16. This model was requested. It's basically a rip-off coke model. That's it. Feel free to download (p.s. you don't have to credit me, but it's appreciated. It's kinda a bad model anyways) Enjoy! Model Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/i36xu3lee893wkk/Cola.zip/file Image 1: https://imgur.com/QxDHCgM Image 2: https://imgur.com/FaRYQUL (DO NOT MESS UP THE TEXTURES. MAINLY THE STEEL TEXTURE. YOU MAY SCREW UP THE RIG) (Oh yeah I fixed imagur for me so no more reddit ig unless I feel like it idk)
  17. Don't Make Her Angry! Model - https://www.mediafire.com/file/5uqzq145h40cwxx/The_Queen_-_Orespawn.rar/file
  18. Glamrock Bonnie from fnaf security breach Ruin
  19. mixel version (OLD) pixel version (NEW) --[download link]-- https://www.mediafire.com/folder/v3x2nrs5yzbm9lg,camtkjka6eegzd0/shared
  20. He's cute (This is Keysha's genderbent character)
  21. an Upcoming Reworked Stechkin APS, Makarov, and New rifle model Howa Type 64 Teasers from The Voxelated Armory. Reworked Stechkin APS: Reworked Makarov Pistol: Howa Type 64 Rifle:
  22. hey, I started to like posting my own models on the forum so I'll share with you my latest one (I'm just starting to create models so they're not of the best quality) image: https://imgur.com/a/63SBHXI dowloand: https://www.mediafire.com/file/szwlk628a2zv1dq/Titanfall_an_apex_legends_-_grenade.zip/file completely free to use because for me it's not worth assigning copyright to such weak models BUT I tried
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