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  1. done just credit me okay http://www.mediafire.com/folder/gmf96sy1kfc9u2p,1095ybx5gyrdiqx/shared
  2. BulBash

    AN/PVS-31A (RIG)

    AN/PVS-31A Hello everyone! I'm return Like pls
  3. ☎! Rotary - Phone !☎ Credit to: (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/blockfront-world-war-ii)
  4. Version 3.0 (Beta) QOL Animations Update + small bug Fixed! Download Other Version Version 3 (Beta) ! This version may had some bugs so make sure to make report and also feedback then ! WinnythailandFX's Character Model V3 Beta 1 (May 26, 2024) Version 2 WinnythailandFX's Character Model V2.2 (Feb 27, 2024) WinnythailandFX's Character Model V2.1 (Dec 6, 2023) [Closed] WinnythailandFX's Character Model V2 (April 20, 2023) [Closed] Version 1 WinnythailandFX's Character Model V1.2 (Dec 6, 2023) WinnythailandFX's Character Model V1.1 (Feb 3, 2023) [Broken] WinnythailandFX's Character Model V1 (Nov 12, 2022) [Broken] Announcement hmm.. might bring back old features and with some new testing that (might) gonna make you interesting hmm... Discord.gg/WinnythailandFX Compatible Mine-imator Version: • Mine-imator 1.2.6 - 1.2.9 • Mine-imator 2.0.0 Pre-released 4 • Mine-imator 2.0.0 - 2.0.2 • (Any) Modded Mine-imator+ Compatible Modelbench Version: • Modelbench 1.1.4 • Modelbench 1.1.5 (Not recommend, because due to memory leak but why not try this version ➔ Click me here) • (Any) Modded Modelbench+ ➥ (Modelbench Communtiy Build by Swooplezz) Features: Fingers Blocky (can toggleable) Female Models (+Inculde 4px arm support) Inverse Kinematics (Only 2.0 and up to newer version) Smooth wrist & ankle bend Can toggle any layer skin like in-game minecraft! Advanced Control (Extra Rotation, etc) Facial rig (coming soon) Adds-on (coming soon) Mores? May not inculde herobrine Questions [FAQ] 1. can i edit/modifying or add something into your model/rig? - sure, you can. if you want to add like hair bendable, jacket, etc, go ahead, (or fixed something that i didn't encounter) and i dont really mind longer as you dont claim as yours 2. can i borrow some part from model (fingers, body, etc) - of course you can, plus maybe u try learn something from my model 3. Why there 4px arm female? - For people who make female skin with 4px arm Patch notes - Update Patch Note 6 (May 25, 2024) (May 26, 2024) [QOL Animations Updates + Small bug fixed] Another tottaly small updates, nothing new or add yet, but i made some changes to model when come to animating, which should make your animating become more efficiently and easier (maybe) for your big and small project hope it helps! Fixed missed tiny offset bottom hat & ankle edge extrude Fixed backface texture Fixed *ahem* Incorret female body part texture (Ari) Add more toggleable jacket part on side, bottom, and top (current only Steve, Efe had this feature add later next update) Add more extra control on body/torso and heads Add Extra Thumb Bend Adjust umm... female body part *sigh* (Alex, Ari) Rename some body names parts Add support (Almost) any .miframes (or any keyframes) long as follow default mine-imator human model body part name and same go as Pose features on Mine-imator 2.0.1 Update Efe default skin Update preview images Rewrite this entire post for better word something idk... Herobrine removed for a 5th time and mores? - Update Patch Note 5 (Feb 27, 2024) Small update to fix misplace extrude edge. which it should be fixed on previous update, but forgot and missed it somehow idk why and also discord seems patched images hosting on direct message so guess i gonna find new site to images now (update i found it lol) but at least download link still work, it just image didnt show up anyways - Update Patch Note 4 (Dec 6, 2023) [Birthday Update] Today is my birthday, and decide to update my model to fix bug with update download link discord > google drive because discord made a change where if you host files/image on anything on discord it will expired in few month which is reasonable because hacker/scammer use there to host malware files and also here a update patch notes - Update Patch Note 3 (April 20, 2023) - Update Patch Note 2 (April 17, 2023) [Inverse Kinematics Updates + Bug Fixed!] - Update Patch Note 1 (Feb 3, 2023) opss. idk just upvote my post pls
  5. ~Staff~ (Credit goes to https://www.youtube.com/@DanielKrafft)
  6. !Glass! :UPDATE: Sorry everybody for the long pause, But I've been working my new OC for the past couple of weeks. I'm currently working on other important things as new website. More information will come soon on the website. Anyways, hope you enjoy the new model and keep stay 'n awesome!
  7. alejan345


    MANKIND IS DEAD BLOOD IS FUEL HELL IS FULL here is a model i made of V1 of ultrakill, this is my first time modeling and making the texture from scratch so expect texture errors also there's the revolver(marksman and piercer) and the coin https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WsYRhVBDfuoNra0N3YwQ9xQvC8Ovi7Rh/view?usp=sharing
  8. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE WINRAR IF YOU DON'T THEN CLICK THIS BELOW: WINRAR FNAF 3 Pictures: Here's more: PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING: Always give credit when using them in a video/picture/gif There is no moniter or camera , im sorry for that Customize the rig if you want but never claim it as YOU made it DOWNLOAD LINK: THANKS TO @Fox MinerFOR HELPING ME MAKE THIS RIG
  9. an Upcoming Three WW2 pistol model(Walther P38, Tokarev TT33, Nambu Type 14) Teasers from The Voxelated Armory. Walther P38: Tokarev TT33: Nambu Type 14:
  10. Chocolate - Bar Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://www.crockettdyson.com/
  11. line

    5 Swords (Models)

    Picture: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/-8wgo4OoXL_Pmw Download: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/OhSheUaeMUVpFg
  12. A while ago I made a wolf model and today I want to share it with you, this model has different details such as: a jointed mouth with tongue, joint in the ears, joint in the upper and lower part of the torso. If you use this model in any animation, please give me credit :3 link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RulT-QEWopnTkZtFiazlIOZAyf0hSAlQ/view?usp=sharing postscript: if you want to use the model but with another skin, you will have to modify the skin a little since the upper part of the torso requires extra skin and the normal wolf skins do not have this by default and it has to be added so that The model with the skin does not have a bug, would you like me to show you in another post how to do it?
  13. Mug Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://www.crockettdyson.com/
  14. I'm making an amp suit based on James Cameron's Avatar movie, the model is finished but it needs the metallic texture and I don't know how to give it texture. What do you think of the model? :3
  15. Chef - Hat v1.1 Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://www.crockettdyson.com/
  16. 🛠 ! Create Mod Rig Pack ! 🛠 : Items so far : Tool - Box Clipboard Wrench Nixie Tube _________________________ What should I add next??? Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://crockettdyson.com/
  17. Why hello there ! It's been a long time since I've posted any models. Today I present you my second bed model pack ! Including a King-sized version as well as a Queen-sized one! This time around there's only one color/type, but you can easily open the model and replace the textures yourselves ! Enjoy DOWNLOAD HERE NOW Picture: for some reason I can't upload the queen sized version, but it's basically the same but like 10 pixels smaller
  18. Minecraft - Plush Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://crockettdyson.com
  19. So yesterday I made a model out of a random idea I had in my head and to be honest, it came out better than expected. Hopefully yous think the same as well as I'm really proud of it! I also made 2 renders of it as well, 1 of the renders can be used as a Mine-Imator Splash, so if you want to add it in, feel free to. -- F0rgxtten S0ul -- -- F0rgxtten S0ul W.I.P Screenshots -- ( Just incase yous want to see the progress of how I modelled it. ) And that's pretty much it! Tell me what you guys think of this model, I'm curious about your opinions on this fella.
  20. Hello! I made a wine glass model because nobody else has one! Reason being I have a render I'm working on, stay tuned... It comes solid white, you can change it to whatever color you want and turn the opacity down, I recommend using 30%. Here it is: DOWNLOAD ! So, as always, if you have ANY issues, please tell me. And, aswell, If you enjoy what I've made, please give me a upvote, but if not, give me a downvote and tell me how to improve in the future! And, also, I needed this glass for a little iddy-bitty project I'm working on; *This is the reference image, I will give a link to it, when the render is released in a couple days, not here, because if you see the reference image now, it ruins the surprise!* Enjoy the model and the sneak peak!
  21. !Frying Pan Rig! Wanna find more of my rigs? Visit my website https://crockettdyson.com/myrigs/
  22. !Window 95/98 Rig Pack! Visit my other rigs at crockettdyson.com
  23. I modified my keyboard rig because I added "English text & numbers"! I also changed each keycap to a "standard size" in reality. Let’s take a look at the keyboard I made using Modelbench, There is also a preview of lighting effects. Gray/Black Gray/White White/White White/Black Black/Black Black/White Use Only For [Mine-imator 2.0.2 up] or [Mine-imator 2.0.0 Pre-release 4] Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/891ke1ev8puepoa Please must tag author!!! Thanks!!! Tutorial It can CHANGE the LED color, If you ask me how to change the color, The following tutorial is my answer: Most unzip all files First! It is recommended to create a folder first. Change the LED Color Change Keyboard color
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