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  1. *The knee and elbow bend Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yd8V7EPGXG1KcXarrOmrYv9Gdl3O9zZq/view
  2. Download Here! (We Updated Model now, pls download new one, because old one was little broke and also don't forgot credit me lol) Description a Very Cool Auto Character Extrude (or whatever you called it) that can be made in 10 min lol by orange cat dude Features: - Can Toggle Layer Like Minecraft vanilla skin does! (yes there is feature where you can toggle your minecraft skin layer!) - Female Model Include + Support Classic Female Skin! (4px Female Skin) Update Patch Note 1: • Fixed "Steve" & "Alex" Model Leg (Pants Part) didn't bend along with Leg with some mistake image showcase bug here lol Images / Showcase
  3. InkyMaze

    Microphone Rig

    HI guys i made a microphone rig for mine imator , you can also rotate the mic Preview the rig Download Here
  4. mixel version (OLD) pixel version (NEW) --[download link]-- https://www.mediafire.com/folder/v3x2nrs5yzbm9lg,camtkjka6eegzd0/shared
  5. This a stylish and versatile sunglasses model that is perfect for use in Mine-imator animations. Whether you're creating a fun and upbeat music video or a dramatic short film, these sunglasses will add a touch of style and personality to your characters. With a sleek design and adjustable features, you can customize the look to match your project's style. Watch the video now to see the sunglasses model in action and take your Mine-imator animations to the next level! Watch the video , showcase Download Here
  6. This Teaser is Upcoming DP28 Machine Gun Model from The Voxelated Armory.
  7. I know it's not 2020 anymore, but yeah, anyway, here it is, The Among Us crewmate Mine-Imator model. It's a simple and cartoony model. Here, have a silly showcase render [ Download ] Features: Easily colorable! The glasses are bendable to give more emotion! Hands! (Sorry no fingers) You can change the color by changing the blend color of the crewmate, but make sure to disable color inheritance of the glasses (see this issue). When bending the glasses make sure to rotate them have the bend angle in the opposite direction (e.g., bend: 15°, rotate-z: -7.5°). btw this is my first (public) model, so what do you think? please give me feedback.
  8. When applying blend color to a model to Mine-Imator, Parts and shapes with inherit parent color option off in Modelbench inherit the model's blend color, which isn't supposed to happen. It works fine in Modelbench , this only happens in Mine-Imator. However, you can fix it by manually checking inherit color of the part off in Mine-Imator.
  9. This type of avatar I don't think I need to explain where it comes from. I made a minecraft version for a certain user (in the sense of making a thumbnail for a video) and now i decided to share it maybe someone will also want to do something with this model Character image view (imgur) ( i uploaded this image like this because i have problems with this "insert image from URL" ) Link to download model: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5cgq6dqbdihy5kj/BRUSH+CHARACTER.zip/file
  10. I had a project where I had a custom Modelbench-made player model in the resources of the project. made some instances of that model (With downloaded skins), then attempted to delete the model from the resources tab which resulted in Mine-Imator crashing. Edit : It happened again but with a regular non-player model. Here is the error : Invalid id 122754 in CppProject::Asset::Find:86 Version: 2.0 Pre-release 5 (Windows 10 Version 2009)
  11. Wall-E and his roach pal Hal spend Christmas together. This was a fun little bit to make, and I've been meaning to put out some stuff with the Wall-E model since I just finished the tread rigging.
  12. AIker

    VHS tape

    I made VHS tape model sorry, I can't load Image Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1tq0bbh0l09smc0/VHS_tape.zip/file
  13. Cute person with cute render Here is my progress making the render
  14. RED: BLU This pack inclued: Mini-Sentry Level 1 sentry Level 2 sentry Level 3 sentry + Rockets Dispenser Mini-Dispenser Teleporter Mini-Teleporter Tool box This Pack is also an updated version of all Sentry-gun model that i made 2 years ago here's a list of stuff that've updated: New Sentry-gun texture, BLU Team texture, Updated Level 3 Sentry look + rockets, +Updated Sentry-gun ammo belt look, Updated Sentry-gun barrels, Updated Mini-sentry headlight, Fixed some issues, Fixed level 2 + 3 Sentry wires does not look smoothly, Updated Dispenser and Mini-dispenser texture. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m4x3w89e9rmx6xc/Engineer_buildings.rar/file NOTE: 1.Do not repost this model 2.Remember to Credit when use (especially you twitter users) 3. Do not claim you made these.
  15. This Teaser is Upcoming DShK Heavy Machine Gun Model from The Voxelated Armory. When model is out, This model be will largest and most complex model of The Voxelated Armory Gun models.
  16. !!BEFORE DOWNLOADING!! Make sure you have WinRAR installed into your desktop so you can extract my Rig Pack files. >Click Here< to download WinRAR. So I've been working on this beauty for 3 days, it's taken 24 hours to complete and she's finally finished. So now everyone can use her in their animations / pictures now. Just make sure to credit me when in use, Have fun with the model! Hope to see you again soon.
  17. I made my own Sonic model! I wanted it to look like the Sonic from the new MC Bedrock DLC. ©background image It also has textures for: Download
  18. "In the Null Void, the Dimension Council's very own Warrior makes his Debut fighting off the Null Void Creatures to show his skills." The Rig Release of my OC Micheal Greenwood V.1 Rig Release in Description of the Video or here Click Here
  19. Note: @WinnythailandFX PC is broken due to the lightning that hit their house when due to the lightning it damaged his Powersupply until now they still have a storm, As his Friend I will post his work Model Chair here ===================================================================================================================== Hey you! yes you. are you looking this chair for your work like animation or renders that requires this chair for your schene to be fit? well Try Out My FOLDING CHAIR! its Free and STRONG like GOD DAMN BEDROCK and also it look Pretty Amazing As Well. DOWNLOAD NOW! FOR FREE!!! (no pay2win Required) Features! -Can Bend -Changed Color! (By Changing Textures) Chair GIF Winny & Chair Anime Chair Proof
  20. MURASAMA SWORD RIG Murasama Sword is made of 100% of the cube modelbench, don't get me wrong if the model is quite heavy because of the details. DOWNLOAD MODEL HERE note Q: what about credits A: I don't care use as you like
  21. There you have the download for the model I showed two days ago! It has custom models for controller, game and console and a pack with all of them in one model! You can change the game with the "Games" folder.(Only works if you use just the game because only there you have the "Select game" part!) Download! 1 Upvote = One retro fan!
  22. { Aayush Saji Model } Contains: This is all I have for v1 Upcoming for version 2 Thanks for @ShotU for the SAFR rig V4 Also thanks for @Bonnie animationfor how to import/export it to modelbench @Gaming dude called victor for the wrist tutorial his account is not here so here is his video Thanks for @Nurimator for the fingers @SharpWind for the 3d hair Vv Download vV https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YWJj00sNw9s0qGAKeBchBuUFIg3zdf1u/view?usp=sharing
  23. I'm repost here my nightmare puppet model and puppet model (just Mask)
  24. "In the Null Void, the Dimension Council's very own Warrior makes his Debut fighting off the Null Void Creatures to show his skills." The Rig Release of my OC Micheal Greenwood V.1 Rig Release in Description of the Video or here Click Here
  25. Auto3DSkin V1.0 [By: SrT] Hello everyone. Hope you are having a nice day/afternoon/night. In previous posts you said that I am working on an Auto3DSkin Rig for Mine-Imator. And Today, I have finished said Rig and I can finally publish the Rig publicly for download. But first I would like to say a few things. What is Rig Auto3DSkin? Auto3DSkin Rigs are in simple words: "A Rig whose default skin can be changed and by doing so, the second skin layer is automatically placed in 3D". It could be explained in more detail, how such placement occurs and etc, but I'm not here for that. What are the characteristics of my Rig? The characteristics of my Rig are the following: The Rig is still in an early version and I plan to improve it from time to time. I would really appreciate it if people who use my Rig tell me what they think of it. Rabbits and opinions are welcome. The use of the Rig is completely free. My only request is that if possible, please give me credits With nothing more to add, I leave you with the Link of the existing versions of this Rig. Auto3DSkin V1.0 [By: SrT] [EnglishVersion] https://www.mediafire.com/file/umnjwgycgdg4m38/Auto3DSkin%5BV1%5D%5BBySrT%5D_%5BEnglishVersion%5D.rar/file Auto3DSkin V1.0 [By: SrT] [SpanishVersion] https://www.mediafire.com/file/ly93xa2z30u3mmm/Auto3DSkin%5BV1%5D%5BBySrT%5D_%5BSpanishVersion%5D.rar/file Thank you very much for reading this Post. Att: SrT
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