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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! After another three years of being completely MIA on these forums, I am back, with some stuff regarding my two MC OCs! To start - things have expanded into a full blown family, complete with a family photo that I will be using as my new profile banner. Take a look! Granted, the family photo in canon would probably be missing some folks - Slim (the Enderman) and Porky (the Piglin) aren't even related, Vale (nicknamed Hollow, just behind the front person to the right) would have long since passed before getting to see any of his sister (Holly, right of Vale)'s kids, and who even is that astronaut moron sitting dead center in front of the picture? (It's me. That's my persona.) Regardless, this was a good exercise in three-point lighting and the such and so. No bending was employed in the making of any of the poses to achieve a more Minecraft-y feel, all the female characters have a custom, more female-presenting model (which I may show off on its lonesome some time in the future), and I used a few of my own custom weapons, like the golden hammer Porky wields and the stone claymore embedded in the ground behind Vale! Please let me know what you all think. Thank you!
  2. Made this neat little image to test out a rig of my OC and to test out my Mine-Imator skills, among other things. Looks like Wally has herself in a pickle with a curious Enderman! He doesn't seem like all of the others, though. Wonder what's up with him...?
  3. I did this Today I present to you My take on the Female Rig/Template for Mine Imator I mapped it smartly so you guys wouldn't have to spend an hour taking your female skins and making them compatible, in short just use the default minecraft skin format. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MXlxiJG5PRx2erW2QAvBh-F4WNwBXQk5 Terms of Use: Credit if used Under no Circumstances, EVER, any NSFW, ya Hear! That stuff disgusts me to no end.
  4. Download Includes: One Female Rig, One Skin Download Features: New Mouth Controls, Wrists, Ankles, Adjusted Body Shape+Size, Adjusted Knee + Elbows, Poseable Pupils, More "Default" Eyebrows Download Link Please do not redistribute without credit. Note: The mouth controls are simple once you get to know them, but hard at first, this is to come as close as possible to match the smooth rounding in C 4D and Blender, there isnt really too much more too it, as the highlight of this rig is all about the new joints (As I haven't seen too many additional joint rigs) and controls. One more thing is that the rig is pretty customizeable, all you need to do is change the skin and recolor a few things. If you have problems, send a message!
  5. Pics: Female Rig Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qbb5j37s3abw7wk/Female+Rig.object (As you can see, I did absolutely nothing. )
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