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Found 5 results

  1. I wonder why Mine-imator don't get paintings,item frame and otherthings like armors and lightning creeper,so I made this to get something in. Version 2 [2021/6/29] The update of armor Added features Characters Face rig for Human-like characters Idle hands for illagers Skin highlight for Spiders, Enderman, Ender dragon and Drowned Armor for Human-like characters (not support change skin) Special Blocks Item frames
  2. It's been a long journey as a trailer creator. As a final goodbye I have released my entire Mine-imator collection. All assets I've acquired and custom animations + project files. Collection Includes: Personal Project Files Scenes Models Cycles Rigs Animated Rigs Settings Exclusive Inside Info
  3. This assets will add all future in Minecraft 1.17 (21w03a) Cave And Cliff Update to Mine Imator How to import Extract file to Mine-imator/Data/Minecraft Open mine imator. Go setting and change Minecraft Version to "1.17 Test (21w03a)". After that Close the Program and Reopen Mine imator *** (You can replace file in %appdata%\Mine_imator\Minecraft_unzip ) *** Additions ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bl
  4. Can This forum have one more tab, like Showcase, but It's just for Assets, And Presets. -RIG. -Scenery. -Electronics. -Furniture. -Vehicles. -Weapons. etc. And it will be awesome because it has Thumbnail, so that's it.
  5. Because nobody likes seeing wallpapers with lazily posed characters in vast and boring grassy fields, I bring to you "How to Make Wallpapers Properly", a place where everyone can learn how to improve their Mine-imator creations. This collection of tips is mainly aimed at beginners, but I'm sure more experienced people might learn a trick or two! If there's a topic you'd like me to cover in future tips, please let me know! Enjoy!
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