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  1. I was bored so I counted... or calculated the amount of Pixels on a Minecraft skin, not the pixels of the file pixel size, but the literal amount of pixels in a skin, here are the results:

    • Head: 384
    • Arm: 224
    • Arm: 224
    • Body 448
    • Leg: 224
    • Leg: 224

    All: 1,728
    All + Overlay: 3,456

    File Pixel size: 4,096
    Empty Pixels: 640


    And when I do count the minimum amount of Pixels I do in a year... well, it be 1,261,440 Pixels since I do literally a skin a day since a year, but since I also make other textures and I edit Images and Renders often by hand, Pixel by Pixel so its almost about 2.5 Million Pixels... Well I guess that's something...

    1. CanIIA


      Oh gosh, you work so hard!

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